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Plasma 5.7.2 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.7.2 Complete Changelog


  • Fixed kde4 compilation. Commit.
  • Sync SH_Widget_Animate with internal "enable animations" option. Commit.
  • Fixed tab order. Commit. Fixes bug #365603


  • Don't ignore error notification. Commit.
  • Don't use qobject_cast when destroying for a look-up. Commit.

Plasma Addons


  • Properly get error message for eglInitialize. Commit.
  • [platforms/x11] Add more warning on failure to create EGL context. Commit.
  • [platforms/drm] Add better warnings in DrmBuffer if things fail. Commit.
  • [platforms/fbdev] Handle error conditions more gracefully. Commit.
  • Call QCoreApplication::exit instead of stdlib exit to terminate if platform fails. Commit.
  • [platforms/drm] Properly handle case that mapping the blank buffer fails. Commit. Fixes bug #365242
  • [platforms/fbdev] Properly detect a BGR image format. Commit. Fixes bug #365243


  • Properly propagate animation config changed events. Commit.
  • Sync SH_Widget_Animate with internal "enable animations" option. Commit. Fixes bug #365628

Plasma Desktop

Plasma Workspace

  • Switching activity while creating it from PlasmaScript. Commit.
  • ScriptEngine exports the list of activities known to Plasma. Commit.
  • Removed unused getter for KActivities::Controller. Commit.
  • No need to keep both Consumer and Controller around. Commit.
  • Removing the Activity wrapper class from the Shell. Commit.
  • Removing dead code - activity-event-handling private slots. Commit.
  • The connection to a lambda should get disconnected when the shell is deleted. Commit.
  • Memory-optimizing Activity object not to keep duplicate data. Commit.
  • Don't try to recycle activities. Commit.
  • No reason for KActivities::Consumer when we already have a Controller. Commit.
  • [System Tray] Animate only the icon. Commit.
  • [System Tray] Round item size to icon size. Commit.
  • Actually connect the filter bar in holidays plugin. Commit.
  • Convert all state checks to KWindowInfo::hasState(). Commit.
  • Adjust indices in manual sort map by removal delta after removal, not leading up to it. Commit. Fixes bug #365173
  • Move formerly launcher-backed window tasks out of launcher area on launcher removal. Commit. See bug #365617
  • Fix edge case with launchInPlace + SortManual + group. Commit. See bug #365617
  • Fix warning. Commit.
  • Create a containment per screen on activity creation. Commit.
  • Fix startup-to-window matchup based on AppName. Commit.

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