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Plasma 5.7.1 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.7.1 Complete Changelog


  • Fix icon type assignment in toolbars to re-enable disabled icons. Thanks Craig for finding and fixing. Commit.

Breeze Plymouth

  • Some style cleanup. Commit.
  • Prevent background paint problems on some nvidia systems. Commit.
  • Expand test to replicate what packagekit does for updating. Commit.
  • Fix spinner height and y to resolve broken layout chain. Commit. Fixes bug #365169
  • Fix style. Commit.

Gamma Monitor Calibration Tool

  • Cmake: look for and use explictly used frameworks. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded KDialog usage. Commit.



Plasma Desktop

  • Remove debug. Commit.
  • Fix window preview activation/close button for single-window tooltips. Commit. Fixes bug #365227
  • [Task Manager] Reject wheel event if switching windows by mouse wheel is disabled. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • Fix microphone increase/decrease volume actions. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Consider the primary screen as default screen. Commit.
  • [System Tray] Adjust shortcut column width if shortcut changes. Commit.
  • Don't recurse. Commit.
  • Return LegacyWinIdList for groups in final proxy sort order. Commit. Fixes bug #365181
  • Avoid side-channeling through shared static source models. Commit. Fixes bug #365011
  • Make the systray work with scripting shell again. Commit.
  • [System Tray] Use TableView viewport to determin column width. Commit. Fixes bug #365099
  • [System Tray] Increase maximum icon size. Commit. Fixes bug #364431
  • [Digital Clock] Hide agenda if no calendar event plugins are enabled. Commit. Fixes bug #364455
  • Fix files/folders in desktop not opening with right click context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #364530

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