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Plasma 5.6.5 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.6.5 Complete Changelog


  • Don't let the delegate overflow the view. Commit.
  • Make sure we don't show in the carousel elements that aren't available. Commit. Fixes bug #363029
  • Restore the initial page after loading is over. Commit. Fixes bug #363432
  • When packagekit reports a message, print it on the console. Commit.
  • Include the actual error message in the error messagebox. Commit.
  • Every time we stop fetching, sync m_packages and m_updatingPackages. Commit.
  • Fetch updates after un/installing packages. Commit. Fixes bug #362818


  • Create ~/.local/share/mime/packages/ if it doesn't exist. Commit. Fixes bug #356237. Code review #128055

Plasma Addons

  • Remove pointless layout. Commit.
  • Shows a trace when the url value is wrong. Commit.
  • Don't consider idle every time the window is hidden. Commit.


  • [autotests/wayland] Try to make PointerInputTest::testMouseActionActiveWindow more robust. Commit.
  • Destroy decoration when DecorationBridge is destroyed. Commit.
  • [decorations] Don't recreate Renderer once the Compositor is destroyed. Commit.
  • Destroy ShellClient when the SurfaceInterface gets destroyed. Commit.
  • Be sure isCurrentTab returns true. Commit. Code review #127985
  • Delay maximize button click to next event cycle. Commit. Fixes bug #362772


  • [Milou] Take label height into account for delegate height. Commit. Fixes bug #352696

Plasma Desktop

  • [Panel Configuration] Disallow pressing Escape whilst manipulating panel. Commit.
  • [Kickoff] Use a single MouseArea for opening user manager. Commit. Fixes bug #363528
  • [Panel Configuration] Close when pressing Escape. Commit.
  • [Desktop Toolbox] Close toolbox popup before triggering action. Commit. Fixes bug #363161
  • [taskmanager plugin] Dismiss context menu when associated window is closed. Commit. Code review #128030. See bug #362713
  • [taskmanager plugin] Prevent from dereferencing dangling pointer. Commit. Code review #128021
  • Fix opening recent docs on newer KF5. Commit. Fixes bug #363337
  • Fix building on Linux with clang/libc++. Commit.
  • [taskmanager] Fixing typos. Commit. Code review #127753
  • Cleanup and fixup KConfig handling for componentchooser. Commit. Code review #127918
  • Clear error string on refresh. Commit. Fixes bug #363112
  • Fix icon never turning visible when transitioning from startup. Commit. Fixes bug #362957


  • Set KFileDialog overwrite option for saving to follow the Qt option. Commit. Code review #127944. Fixes bug #360666

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Applet: disable dynamic sorting while password dialog is displayed. Commit. Fixes bug #362700

Plasma Workspace

  • Force focus to the panel on AcceptingInputStatus. Commit. Fixes bug #364276
  • Fix installation of the notification applet library. Commit.
  • [Icon Widget] Don't use plasma theme for icon. Commit.
  • [PanelView] Fix auto hide. Commit. Fixes bug #362105
  • [KSplashQML] Don't wait for KWin to start on Wayland. Commit.
  • Battery icon no longer errorneously reports an empty battery if computer has none. Commit. See bug #362924
  • Don't read empty icons from config-stored launcher URL. Commit. See bug #362957

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