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Plasma 5.6.3 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.6.3 Complete Changelog


  • Restore adapter powered state after 1s delay. Commit. Fixes bug #357720


  • Hide 0 rating. Commit.
  • Properly report information on non-found ratings. Commit.
  • Use actual installation information to infer popularity. Commit.
  • Fix how we maintain the resources model sorted. Commit.
  • Remove Rating::rating ambiguity. Commit.
  • Expose the rating count on the ResourcesModel. Commit.
  • Account for components having no package as installation candidate. Commit.

Plasma Addons

  • [Weather] Fix: do not open browser url on clicking area left to credit line. Commit.
  • [Weather] do not allow in NotificationArea, broken in Plasma 5.6. Commit.
  • [Weather] Fix: do not trigger wrong timeout message on location selection. Commit.
  • [libplasmaweather] add workaround for crash risk with empty associatedAppUrls. Commit.
  • [Weather] Fix: prevent credit line being drawn outside widget borders. Commit.
  • [libplasmaweather] Do not set an empty url as associated application url. Commit.
  • Add i18n() to a UI facing string. Commit.
  • Fix typo in string. Commit.
  • Fix null values in currency conversion. Commit.


  • Extract strings from ui files to make the kcm fully translated. Commit.


  • [client] Fix FakeInput::requestPointerAxis. Commit.


  • [autotests] Only start Xwayland if compositor created a scene. Commit.
  • Only start Xwayland server if Compositor created a Scene. Commit.
  • Fix crash on repainting an invalid sizes decoration. Commit. Fixes bug #361551


  • Verify rotation when updating screen size in XRandR backend. Commit. Fixes bug #356228


  • [KSysGuardProcessList] Don't forward keys with modifiers (except shift) to the search field. Commit. Fixes bug #335177

Plasma Desktop

  • Make sure desktop toolbox has integer and even size. Commit.
  • Fix hover effect on desktop in pager. Commit. Fixes bug #361392

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Applet: do not hardcode width for password field. Commit. Fixes bug #361812
  • Right-align labels in IPv4/IPv6 dialogs. Commit. Code review #127643
  • Mark placeholder strings as non translatable. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

Plasma Workspace

  • Close popup upon item select. Commit. Fixes bug #361629
  • TaskManager: Group tasks when losing demands attention state. Commit.
  • [weather bbcukmet] Add missing "thick cloud", improve some cloud mapping. Commit.
  • Guard KPluginInfo access. Commit. Fixes bug #360927

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