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Plasma 5.6.2 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.6.2 Complete Changelog




  • [autotests] Use DMZ-White as cursor theme. Commit.



  • Add isQtQuickControl function and make it work with Qt 5.7. Commit. Code review #127533

Plasma Desktop

  • Fix typo in c9e6dd77591511185ac3161474d1ca1a0c1f52db. Commit.
  • Break if xcb_connection has error in record event handling. Commit.
  • Revert "TaskManager: Force grouping for Icons-Only Task Manager". Commit. Fixes bug #361172
  • Avoid dead loop for xcb_poll_for_reply if xcb connection is dead. Commit.
  • Guard round this delegate getting deleted during menu exec. Commit. Fixes bug #360711

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Update tooltip when connection name gets changed. Commit. Fixes bug #361348
  • Improve tooltip displaying current active connections. Commit. Fixes bug #360668
  • Editor: fix indexing for 802-1x authentication. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

Plasma Workspace

  • [weather bbcukmet] Readd bbcukmet ion to build & install. Commit.
  • [weather bbcukmet] Update Credit. Commit.
  • [weather bbcukmet] Fix for crash bug #332392 and error handling improvements. Commit.
  • [weather bbcukmet] Trivial fix for the "clear sky" typo. Commit.
  • [weather bbcukmet] Handle cases where min. or max. temperatures are not reported. Commit.
  • [weather bbcukmet] Update to BBC's new json-based search and modified xml. Commit. Fixes bug #330773
  • [Weather] Remove no longer used custom DataEngineConsumer class. Commit.
  • [Weather dataengine] Do not install CamelCase forward header Ion for now. Commit.
  • Don't crash on launchers with sorting disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #361166
  • [calendar] Fix calendar applet not clearing selection when hiding. Commit. Code review #127456. Fixes bug #360683

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