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Plasma 5.5.4 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.5.4 Complete Changelog


  • Check whether parent has altered background to decide of tabbar's background in document mode. Commit.
  • - better handling of custom property for isMenuTitle. Commit.
  • Moved all abstract scrollarea polishing to polishScrollArea. Commit.
  • - Removed palette helper. Commit. Fixes bug #356561. Fixes bug #356343



  • Use KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain. Commit.


  • Make the translators tab of the About dialog appear. Commit.


  • Make the translators tab of the About dialog appear. Commit.


  • Update the version number of org_kde_plasma_surface to 2. Commit. Code review #126819. Fixes bug #358136


  • Use new Qt flag to disable high DPI scaling on X. Commit. Fixes bug #357896. Code review #126810
  • Skip SWAP_BEHAVIOR_PRESERVED for supportsBufferAge. Commit. Fixes bug #356992
  • [backends/drm] Set mode when changing from/to a gbm buffer. Commit. Fixes bug #357543

Plasma Desktop

  • Cancel window highlight when opening the context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #353096
  • Fix font preview colors. Commit. Fixes bug #336089. Code review #126713
  • Fix shrinking panel on top/left/right edge. Commit. Code review #126743. Fixes bug #357835
  • Resolve focus fighting between search field and grid. Commit. Fixes bug #357821
  • [Task Manager] Don't show on which virtual desktop a window is on if there is just one. Commit. Code review #126669
  • Add missing appletInterface prop. Commit. Fixes bug #357638
  • Fix inconsistent margins, add missing listview margin, drop non-scalable measurements. Commit.
  • Fix favorites scripting in Kickoff. Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Workaround broken bindings when enabling/disabling devices using rfkill. Commit. Code review #126795. Fixes bug #358028
  • Make sure we show correct icon when a VPN connection with type of generic gets default route. Commit. Code review #126714. Fixes bug #357816

Plasma SDK

  • Remove Encoding keys from .desktop files. Commit.
  • Fix crash. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Check client geom exists in clicks. Commit. Code review #
  • [notifications] Replace the icon on the button to expand the running job. Commit. Fixes bug #358282
  • Keep disabling Qt's high DPI when on Qt 5.6. Commit. See bug #357896
  • [KSMServer] Dismiss logout dialog when clicking outside. Commit. Code review #124586. Fixes bug #357143
  • [notifications] Force the max height of the text item to be 0 when no text. Commit.
  • [notifications] Also place the popup directly without animation if y == 0. Commit.
  • [notifications] Place the popup directly when it is displayed. Commit. Code review #126668
  • Make the translators tab in the about dialog appear. Commit.
  • Fix double-click in Widget Explorer not running config initialization scripts. Commit.
  • Check for null geometry in client window. Commit. Fixes bug #355463
  • [Device Notifier] Improve legibility of device status label. Commit.
  • [notifications] Ensure the applet gets correct screen geometry when loaded. Commit. Fixes bug #357652
  • [notifications] Replace the mainItem's Layout.max/minWidth with fixed width. Commit.
  • [notifications] Ensure the screen position selector works after state change. Commit.


  • Properly set modality on AuthDialog. Commit.


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