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Plasma 5.5.1 complete changelog

Plasma 5.5.1 complete changelog


  • Cleanup shadowhelper's widget registration logic. Commit. Fixes bug #356625

Breeze GTK

  • Relicence to LGPL 2.1+ for consistency with the rest of the repo. Commit.


  • Update reviewboardrc. Commit.
  • Prevent notifier from crashing when process was not initialized yet. Commit. Code review #126341
  • App notifier is crashing right now. build a test around it. Commit.
  • Update notifier metadata.desktop. Commit. Fixes bug #356568

Plasma Addons

  • [Color Picker] Fix grabbing color in multi screen environment. Commit. Fixes bug #356464
  • [User Switcher plasmoid] Encapsulate delegate highlight :). Commit.


  • [backends/fbdev] Support framebuffers with different color depths. Commit. Code review #126262. Fixes bug #355569
  • Unblock signals in child processes. Commit. Fixes bug #356580. Code review #126361
  • [wayland] Forward error channel of launched processes. Commit.
  • Ensure to cancel animation on p-re-invocation. Commit. Fixes bug #356381. Code review #126277
  • Avoid pointless kbd grab on moveresize. Commit. Code review #126266


  • Cleanup shadowhelper's widget registration logic. Commit. Fixes bug #356625

Plasma Desktop

  • [CompactApplet] Hack to force focus on expanded representation. Commit. Code review #126292
  • Don't size placeholder for handle when handle is not shown (e.g. on drag from frame deadspace). Commit.
  • Use gridUnit. Commit.
  • Fix cell size not scaling on hidpi systems. Commit.
  • Fix applet handle not scaling on hidpi systems. Commit.
  • [Keyboard KCM] Use getShortText for OSD as well. Commit. Code review #126333
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Make sure press-and-hold isn't triggered during DND inside of (and never leaving) Folder View. Commit. Fixes bug #356582
  • KCM Removable Devices: Fix enabling ui elements when changing global enabled setting. Commit. Code review #126337
  • Make drag pixmap scale and fix hotspot. Commit.
  • [Kickoff] Go to Favorites when adding one. Commit. Code review #126280
  • Map to source row. Commit.
  • Filter out invalid apps. Commit. Fixes bug #353182
  • Fix migration of multiple favorites. Commit. Fixes bug #356398
  • Kick in small screen mode on 1600x900 (née vertically small screens) as well. Commit. Fixes bug #354283
  • Don't access the wrong applet. Commit. Fixes bug #355628
  • Improve preferred geometry calculation. Commit. Fixes bug #356287
  • Make Key_Escape abort search first again. Commit.
  • Rewrite Appdash key handling. Commit. Fixes bug #352416. Fixes bug #354754. Fixes bug #356269
  • Fix 'Show Original File'. Commit. Fixes bug #350517
  • Fix Ark D-Bus invocation for extract drops. Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

Plasma Workspace

  • [notifications] Remove some useless debug output. Commit.
  • Mitigate failed icon grabbing in xembed-sni-proxy. Commit. Fixes bug #355684. Code review #126336
  • [System Tray] Explicitly forward key events to expanded task. Commit. Code review #126293
  • [Clipboard Plasmoid] Fix import to use StandardKey. Commit. Code review #126294
  • If the user runs failsafe mode, use software rendering in QtQuick. Commit. Code review #126205
  • Move shutdown scripts into ksmserver cleanup. Commit. Fixes bug #356190. Code review #126268
  • [notifications] Fix default notification position setting. Commit. See bug #356461
  • Make "comment" section of the timezones configuration searchable. Commit. Fixes bug #354238. Code review #126302
  • [notifications] Move reading globalConfig() from ctor to init(). Commit. Fixes bug #356419
  • [notifications] Check if the popup is visible before updating its geometry. Commit. Fixes bug #356402


  • [XRandRBrightness] Cache XCB connection in variable. Commit.
  • [XRandRBrightness] Don't call for xrandr if it's not available. Commit. Code review #126146. Fixes bug #352462

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