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Plasma 5.3.1 complete changelog

Plasma 5.3.1 complete changelog


  • Fileitemactionplugin: Don't use blocking DBus calls. Commit. Fixes bug #347113
  • Applet: Fix showing incorrect device name in connect failed notification. Commit.
  • Update pin-code-database.xml. Commit.


  • Don't ignore interface name in DBus properties changed signal. Commit.


  • Cleanup tests in scrollarea event filter. Commit. Fixes bug #347971
  • Default to Qt::AlignVCenter (instead of Qt::AlignTop) when vertical alignment flag is not set. Commit. See bug #346679
  • Make sure iconSize is valid before rendering. Commit.
  • Sanitize button positioning. Commit.
  • Pass iconSize as button's parameter rather than trying to calculate it from geometry and offset. Commit.
  • Implement SH_ItemView_ActivateItemOnSingleClick in kde4. Commit.
  • Build on ARM. Commit.

Plasma Addons

  • DateTimeRunner: Fix off by 1 error. Commit. Fixes bug #346021
  • Kimpanel: fix window position when coordinate is outside screen. Commit.


  • Extract messages from Modules/base into the catalog kcminfo. Commit. Code review #123864

KIO Extras

  • Don't mangle UDS_TARGET_URL to UDS_LOCAL_PATH in UDSEntries. Commit. Code review #123781



  • Handle backend being deleted during GetConfigOperation. Commit. Fixes bug #347626. Code review #123860
  • BackendLauncher: delete and unload backends before returning from main(). Commit.
  • XRandR: use intermediate screen size when applying config. Commit.
  • Fix crash introduced in previous commit. Commit.
  • Fix potential crash when running ConfigOperation in exec() mode. Commit. Fixes bug #346575


  • Make sure the apt notifier gets initialized. Commit.
  • --debug. Commit.
  • Polish Discover menu configuration. Commit.
  • Improve display of the update button. Commit. Fixes bug #343210
  • Use proper icon to identify updates. Commit.
  • Only emit about found updates when they change. Commit. See bug #346622


  • Default to Qt::AlignVCenter (instead of Qt::AlignTop) when vertical alignment flag is not set CCBUG: 346679. Commit.
  • Fix popup menu items getting stray highlighted. Commit. Fixes bug #332377. Code review #123807
  • Implement SH_ItemView_ActivateItemOnSingleClick. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • Require xorg-evdev >= Commit.
  • Fix translation of strings in kcm/touchpad.kcfg. Commit.
  • Fix toolbox positioning. Commit. Fixes bug #347857
  • Abort window highlight effect before launching present windows. Commit. Fixes bug #347395
  • Remove redundant proxy. Commit.
  • Fix force stripes on vertical. Commit.
  • Add FindEvdev cmake module. Commit. Fixes bug #347749. Code review #123808
  • KAStats: Properly resetting model when clear is called. Commit.
  • Fix reverse scroll in Mouse KCM. Commit.
  • Don't close when emptying Recent* categories. Commit.
  • Adjust margins in vertical panels as horizontal. Commit.
  • Don't add menu actions twice. Commit.
  • Fix 'Add to Desktop' against the Folder containment being unreliable. Commit.
  • SQLite supports offset only of limit is specified. Commit.
  • Clean up some debug junk. Commit.
  • Keeping ResultSet open as little as possible and fixing the count limit. Commit.
  • Grab on the right item; fixes regression from 1c38100f while retaining the crash fix. Commit.
  • Fix missing signal connect + some speed optimizations for KAMD submenu reveals. Commit.
  • Fix race condition between PlacesModel and deriving URL from UI state. Commit.
  • Use TextMetrics for lower bound. Commit.
  • Ignore press events on scrollbars and make sure smooth scroll is disabled when not autoscrolling. Commit.
  • Improve visibility of running widget checkmark. Commit. Code review #123539. Fixes bug #342112
  • KActivitiesStats: Obey the item count limit for the ResultModel. Commit.
  • Remove use of KCoreAddons.Format; KDirModel now returns preformatted data. Commit. Fixes bug #346567

Plasma Media Center

  • Use correct header for used class. Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Fix typo in END_TLS_AUTH_TAG. Commit. Fixes bug #347416
  • Drop WiMAX support for NM 1.2.0+. Commit. Code review #123657
  • Editor: request secrets when "secretkey-flags" is not present in setting. Commit.
  • Add option to show/hide menu bar. Commit. Fixes bug #347141

Plasma Workspace

  • [libtaskmanager] Use windowClass from KWindowInfo instead fetching from X each time. Commit. See bug #340583
  • Adjust the one pixel gap for right aligned panels. Commit. Fixes bug #347873
  • Process updates scripts even after we load the default layout. Commit.
  • Enable translations for devicenotifications dataengine. Commit. Code review #123846
  • Add missing TRANSLATION_DOMAIN for dataengines keystate, network, rss, weather. Commit. Code review #123854
  • Default to desktop sorting. Commit.
  • ++paranoia;. Commit.
  • [notifications] Make notifications work properly with --reverse. Commit. Code review #122648. Fixes bug #343251
  • [notifications] Clip the NotificationItem to prevent painting outside of its rect. Commit. Fixes bug #346419
  • [digital-clock] Add timezone filtering by region too. Commit. Code review #123740. Fixes bug #346681
  • [klipper] Ensure global shortcut actions work. Commit. Fixes bug #345945. Code review #123727
  • Guard access to kscreen configuration. Commit. Fixes bug #346590. Code review #123648CHANGELOGCHANGELOG:Fix crash on Plasma startup caused by a race condition
  • [digital-clock] Use KCMShell.open for the formats KCM. Commit. Fixes bug #347032
  • Make ConfigFile() reuse the Corona's KSharedConfigPtr when its config file is requested. Commit.
  • Fix second arg not being used when parent is a ConfigGroup. Commit.
  • [digital-clock] Fix missing function return. Commit.
  • [digital-clock] Change the id of the root item. Commit. Fixes bug #346841
  • When switching activities, use only the running ones. Commit. Fixes bug #347029. Code review #123597
  • [notifications] Clear notification from show queue if it's closed before it's shown. Commit. Fixes bug #342605
  • [notifications] Always check first if the dispatch timer isn't running already. Commit. See bug #342605
  • Fix a crash in PowermanagementEngine::populateApplicationData when the given name is empty. Commit. Code review #123555
  • Check for model existence. Commit. Fixes bug #346870
  • Only restart Timer when the dialog is visible. Commit.
  • Fix running applet calculation. Commit.
  • Manually keep track of jobs sources. Commit. Code review #123502. Fixes bug #346673
  • Match window switch dialog borders with addwidgets/switch activity. Commit. Fixes bug #345614. Code review #123506
  • [notifications] Replace ' with ' as ' is not supported by StyledText. Commit. Fixes bug #346710
  • Disable indeterminate animation for suspended jobs. Commit.
  • Fix last commit. Commit.
  • Fix logic in argument check in plasma-windowed. Commit. Fixes bug #346311


  • Consider overall percentage when emitting battery warning on startup. Commit. Code review #123704. Fixes bug #347470

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