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KDE included in SuSE Linux Announcements

Wednesday, 29 July 1998

OAKLAND, CALIF & FUERTH, GERMANY (July 29, 1998) - S.u.S.E., Inc., in conjunction with S.u.S.E., GMBH, announced the inclusion of the KDE desktop environment in S.u.S.E. Linux 5.3, scheduled for release in Germany on August 3. The international release of the English version is scheduled for August 20, with Italian and French versions following in early September.

S.u.S.E. Linux 5.3 is the first commercial Linux distribution to include the K Desktop Environment in its entirety. "KDE, operating from a shared commitment to provide the latest in precision-engi- neered, open-source technology, allows users a remarkably stable, user-friendly, and customizable desktop environment. We stand with confidence behind KDE, and it is our firm belief that any release of the Linux operating system would be incomplete without its inclusion," said Scott Winterton, Outreach Director for S.u.S.E., Inc.

The new and innovative KDE desktop provides a contemporary, network transparent desktop environment for the Unix platform. Among KDE's key strengths are its functionality, stability, as well as unprece- dented ease of use. A rich set of KDE applications, exhibiting umatched interoperability, is supplied with the K desktop environ- ment.

S.u.S.E., Inc. and S.u.S.E., GMBH develop and distribute the preci- sion-engineered S.u.S.E. Linux Operating system, in addition to a variety of other commercial Linux applications.

Press Contact US: Scott Winterton, (510) 835-7873; Press Contact Europe: Christian Egle + 49 911 740 53 44;

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