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Corel Computer and KDE Announce Technology Relationship

Wednesday, 25 November 1998

Linux desktop computing made easier and friendlier through collaborative project

Corel Computer Media Contact

Cindy Scott

613-788-6000 x6101

Ottawa, Canada--November 25, 1998--Corel Computer and the K Desktop Environment (KDE) Project today announced a technology relationship that will bring the KDE graphical user interface (GUI) to desktop versions of the NetWinder� Linux-based thin-client and thin-server computers.

The alliance between Corel Computer and KDE, a non-commercial association of Open Source® programmers, provides NetWinder users a sophisticated front-end to Linux, a stable and robust UNIX®-like operating system.

"The KDE GUI is a key piece of our strategy to deliver highly compatible, high-value, Linux-powered desktops to our corporate customers," said Ron McNab, vice president and general manager of Corel Computer. "This is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers by providing easy-to-use management and productivity tools for the NetWinder."

Corel Computer intends to participate with the KDE Project to bring new skills and technology to this phenomenal desktop environment. Corel Computer has shipped a number of NetWinder DM, or development machines, to KDE developers who are helping to port the desktop environment. Additionally, NetWinder.Org developers, Raffaele Saena and John Olson, were responsible for championing development of KDE on the NetWinder.

"Through the collaboration of KDE and Corel Computer, networking with the NetWinder will now be as easy as toasting your bread in the morning," said Uwe Thiem, the African-region representative of the KDE Team. "This collaboration and the port to the NetWinder gives us an opportunity to deliver our free desktop to even more users. We are confident KDE will gain widespread acceptance of users because of its outstanding functionality and ease of use."

Corel Computer plans to make desktop versions of the NetWinder running KDE available in early 1999. Early demonstrations of the port, such as the one shown at the Open Systems fair in Wiesbaden, Germany, in September, have been enthusiastically received by potential customers.

Based on the Open Source model, Corel Computer is devoting internal development resources to the improvement of the KDE project including rigorous testing of the environment on the NetWinder. As a developing partner, Corel Computer will release its work back to the KDE development community.

KDE Information

The K Desktop Environment is a non-commercial, international, Internet-based project which develops the freely available graphical desktop environment for the UNIX® and Linux® platforms. The completely new Internet enabled desktop, incorporating a large suite of applications for Unix workstations currently supports more than 25 languages. The strength of this exceptional environment lies in the interoperability of its components and the functionality of its applications. For more information about KDE and its technology, please visit the web site at or contact

Corel Computer

Corel Computer, a global player in the design and manufacture of high quality thin-client, thin-server and video conferencing products, markets the NetWinder� and CorelVIDEO� product lines as part of a strategy to merge communications and computing on the desktop. As a vigorous proponent of open standards and vendor neutral technology, Corel Computer has incorporated the StrongARM� microprocessor and the Linux operating system into its compact, powerful NetWinder network computing products, which deliver more than 250 MIPS yet consumes a fraction of the power of an average desktop computer. Its CorelVIDEO platform comprises reliable, scalable tools for face-to-face video communications, whether across the hall or around the world. Corel Computer is a division of Corel Corporation, an award-winning developer of graphics software and productivity applications. Company information is available on the World Wide Web at


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