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KDE Announces Support Of KDE Technology

Thursday, 16 July 1998

 Caldera hosts official U.S. FTP site for KDE 

 OREM, UT - July 16, 1998 - Caldera®, Inc. today announced the adoption and support of KDE technology. Caldera will include the K Desktop Environment in the OpenLinux 1.2.2 maintenance release due out the end of September. KDE will be the default desktop in the Caldera OpenLinux 2.0 product, scheduled for release the fourth quarter of this year. 

 "Caldera is proud to be the first Linux vendor to fully adopt KDE technology. Based on the open-source model, KDE offers the customers of our commercial Linux products an internationally developed, leading-edge desktop environment," said Ransom Love, General Manager of the OpenLinux Division at Caldera. "With this partnership, Caldera continues its commitment to our customers success by providing easy-to-use management and productivity tools." 

 Caldera is supporting KDE technology by hosting the official KDE U.S. FTP site at Provided by Caldera, KDE 1.0 binary and source rpms for OpenLinux 1.2 are available for download from the site. 

 "Caldera's adoption of the KDE technology helps to get not only the KDE desktop into corporate settings, but also means a big leap forward for the Linux operating system," said Kalle Dalheimer, member of the KDE core team. "KDE provides users with the most feature-rich, easy-to-use desktop available for Unix systems." 

 The completely new Internet enabled desktop, incorporating a large suite of applications for Unix workstations and the upcoming Compound Document Framework based K Office Suite, currently supports more than 25 languages. The strength of this exceptional environment lies in the interoperability of its components and the functionality of its applications. 

 Caldera Information 
Caldera, Inc. develops and markets a line of operating system and networking technologies including OpenLinux and DR-DOS. For more information about Caldera products and technologies, please visit our web site at, or call 1-888-GO-LINUX or 1-801-765-4888. 

 KDE Information 
The K Desktop Environment is an international Internet based volunteer project which develops the freely available graphical desktop environment for the UNIX® platform. For more information about KDE and its technology, please visit the web site at or contact

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Laura Kenner 
Caldera, Inc. 
(801) 765-4999 x238 

 Kalle Dalheimer and Martin Konold 
K Desktop Environment e.V.