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KDE Applications 19.04.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 19.04.2 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Add some missing dependencies in KF5AkonadiConfig.cmake. Commit.
  • Fix QTimer being leaked in MonitorPrivate. Commit.
  • Port ExternalPartStorage::self to C++11 singleton syntax. Commit.
  • Autotests: fix leak of FakeServerData and FakeSession. Commit.
  • Fix FakeAkonadiServerCommands being leaked. Commit.
  • Fix leaking of requests in ItemRetriever::exec(). Commit.
  • Fix another null-sender warning in itemretrievertest. Commit.
  • Monitornotificationtest: create FakeItemCache on stack. Commit.
  • Properly cleanup in notificationmanagertest. Commit.
  • Fix QObject::connect warning in itemretrievertest. Commit.
  • Remove dead code in NotificationManager. Commit.
  • Itemsynctest: comment out the checks that make no sense. Commit.
  • Fix memory leaks in attributefactorytest. Commit.
  • Fix memory leak of ItemRetrievalJobFactory in ItemRetrievalManager. Commit.
  • Fix previous commit, we can't use ecm_add_test because we do add_test ourselves. Commit.
  • Ensure that qsqlite3.so is found in the builddir while running tests. Commit.
  • Akonadi: port to ecm_add_test. Commit.
  • Fix memory leak due to getTestMonitor(). Commit.
  • Akonadi: fix compilation with clang. Commit.
  • Fix memory leaks (found by ASAN). Commit.

akonadi-calendar [Hide]

  • Fix the akonadi-calendar dependencies. Commit.

akonadi-contacts [Hide]

  • Fix the akonadi-contacts dependencies. Commit.

akonadi-mime [Hide]

  • Fix the akonadi-mime dependencies. Commit.

akonadi-notes [Hide]

  • Fix the akonadi-notes dependencies. Commit.

akregator [Hide]

analitza [Hide]

  • Improve debugging information. Commit.
  • Fix evaluation of matrixes. Commit.

ark [Hide]

  • Get columns to show from first file entry. Commit. Fixes bug #406135
  • Stop crashing when invoking batch mode without urls. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

  • Elide tab titles left so key information at the end of the string doesn't get cut off. Commit. Fixes bug #406569

gwenview [Hide]

  • Fix build with exiv2-0.27.1. Commit.

juk [Hide]

  • Add 'override' decl to fix compiler warnings, fix drag-and-drop. Commit. See bug #392705

kalarm [Hide]

  • Include function names in debug messages. Commit.
  • Fix CLang compile warnings. Commit.
  • Port KWindowSystem and X11 code to Qt5. Commit.
  • Update change log. Commit.
  • Update change log. Commit.
  • Fix calendar configuration dialog not appearing. Commit.

kcalcore [Hide]

  • Remove bogus TODO, this is a private header already so it's fine. Commit.

kdenetwork-filesharing [Hide]

  • Properly enable and disable the table view in response to the guest checkbox. Commit.
  • Expand the permissions comboboxes to fill available space. Commit. Fixes bug #382085
  • Don't ever disable the OK button when the user is trying to remove a share. Commit. Fixes bug #407698
  • Enable and disable the label too. Commit.
  • Enable and disable UI controls properly based on sharing status. Commit. Fixes bug #407500

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Fix copy effect or split does not keep disabled state. Commit. Fixes bug #408242
  • Fix various keyframe related issues. Commit.
  • Fix error in composition index for 1st track. Commit. Fixes bug #408081
  • Fix audio recording not added to timeline. Commit.
  • Fix guides in render widget. Commit.
  • Fix timeline selection/focus broken by recent commit. Commit.
  • Fix fade in broken on cut clips. Commit.
  • Revert audio capture to wav (should fix Windows issue #214). Commit.
  • Fix automask bugs (initial zone incorrect and not displayed on monitor). Commit.
  • Fix timeline unresponsive after deleting all clips. Commit.
  • Properly load colors & icons (Fix #112). Commit.
  • Fix clip grab state not updated on deselection. Commit.
  • Add speed info to clip tooltip. Commit.
  • Allow shortcut for change speed action. Commit.
  • Fix copy / paste track issue. Commit.
  • Fix slideshow clips on Windows. Commit.
  • Fix windows icons. Commit.
  • Add properly scaled Windows icon. Commit.
  • Fix crash opening old project file. Commit.
  • Remove old speed effect from categorization. Commit.
  • Automatically convert old custom effects to new type (and make a backup copy in the legacy folder). Commit.
  • Fix clip transcode incorrect label. Commit. Fixes bug #407808
  • Fix various transcoding issues. Commit. See bug #407808
  • Prevent saving corrupted file (with no tracks). Commit. See bug #407798
  • Detect corrupted project files on opening, propose to open backup. Commit. See bug #407798
  • Fix timewarp test after rounding change in timewarp clip duration. Commit.
  • Use default composition duration instead of full clip length on composition creation. Commit.
  • Fix invalid clip on project opening. Commit. See bug #407778
  • Fix 1 frame offset in clip duration after speed change. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect minimum speed. Commit.
  • Fix remaining marker issues. Commit.
  • Don't create producers with non integer length (fixes invalid clip issue). Commit.
  • Do not use MLT producer's get_length_time methd as it changes the way the length property is stored, causing inconsistencies (clock vs smpte_df). Commit. See bug #407778
  • Fix crash when marker was at clip start. Commit.
  • Fix marker position on clip cuts with speed effect. Commit.
  • Fix custom effect appearing with wrong name after save. Commit.
  • Use rounder rect icon instead of placeholder folder icon for custom effects. Commit.
  • Correctly hide/show asset settings when deselected/reselected. Commit.
  • Fix markers and snapping for clips with speed effect. Commit.
  • Disable filter clip job on tracks. Commit.
  • Fix crash in audio thumbs with reverse speed clip. Commit.
  • Fix mistake in previous commit. Commit.
  • Fix removeAllKeyframes. Commit.
  • Make lock track undoable and other fixes for locking + tests. Commit.
  • Re-add "go to guide" menu in timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #407528
  • Fix timeline doesn't scroll with cursor. Commit. Fixes bug #407433
  • When importing a project file as clip, deduce the empty seek space. Commit.
  • Fix opening project containing invalid clips (when a source file somehow went missing). Commit.
  • Fix ungrouping when we have a selection of groups and single clips. Commit.
  • Don't invalidate timeline/refresh monitor on audio effects. Commit.
  • Fix wrong stream imported by default on multistream clips. Commit.
  • Improve snap behavior on group resizing. Commit.
  • Fix dynamic text broken because of missing font & keyword params. Commit.
  • Fix snapping issues (disable snapping on high zoom levels). Commit.
  • Better abstraction for locking mechanism. Commit.
  • Fix endless clip test. Commit.
  • Fix resetView test. Commit.
  • Fix edit duration from timeline menu not connected. Commit.
  • Fix crash on resize after recent group resize fix. Commit.
  • Restore go to marker/guide context menu in monitor. Commit.
  • Fix regrouping items loses AVSplit property. Commit.
  • Fix: interpolation in rotoscoping filter. Commit. Fixes bug #407418
  • Fix list parameter default value broken (rotoscoping), ensure we always have a keyframe at in point. Commit.
  • Allow building on Ubuntu LTS & derivatives. Commit.
  • Fix context menu "edit guide" leaving empty space in menu. Commit.
  • Fix fuzzer compilation. Commit.
  • Fix timeline preview crash. Since a QCoreApp was created by kdenlive_render, MLT did not create its own QApplication, leading to linking crashes. Commit.
  • Enforce progressive and fps on dnxhd timeline preview profiles. Commit.
  • Add AppImage specific code to ensure we always set the correct path for MLT, FFmpeg, etc. Commit.
  • Don't delete timeline preview files on project close. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to delete first keyframe. Fixes #180. Commit.
  • Revert composition sorting to match previous stable behavior. Commit.
  • Fix title clip length 1 frame shorter than expected on creation. Commit.
  • Fix grouping after copy / paster. Commit.
  • Fix gap on clip move when trying to move clips. Commit.
  • Fix composition tracks listed in reverse order. Commit.
  • Fix copy/paste composition is one frame shorter. Commit.

kdepim-addons [Hide]

  • Look for KF5ContactEditor before trying to use it. Commit.
  • Remove default shortcut. it will close main windows... Commit.

kdepim-apps-libs [Hide]

  • Use the akonadi-contact version for KF5ContactEditor. Commit.
  • Add the missing KF5ContactEditor dependency. Commit.

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • Make sure that we reload settings. Commit.
  • Remove unused class member. Commit.
  • Improve debug messages. Commit.
  • Bug 407544: Fix crash when creating new KAlarm resource. Commit.

kitinerary [Hide]

  • Check IATA BCBP input a bit more strictly. Commit. Fixes bug #407895
  • Add German language support for the A&O hostel extractor. Commit.
  • Handle line continuations in Deutsche Bahn tickets. Commit.
  • More robust line continuation detection for the DB extractor. Commit.
  • Keep the ticket token in the RCT2 extractor. Commit.
  • Fix PNR extraction for some sort of DB/ÖBB cross-over ticket. Commit.
  • PNR is optional in SNCF booking confirmations. Commit. Fixes bug #404451

kleopatra [Hide]

  • Fix copy&paste error that breaks gpg process calls. Commit. Fixes bug #407594

kmail [Hide]

  • Const'ify method here. Commit.
  • Fix crash when we want to open it in akonadi console. Commit.
  • Archive now can't work as config dialog is a separate process now. Commit.
  • Bug 407967 - new mail: cursor jumps into blindcarboncopy. Commit. Fixes bug #407967
  • We can save several email as mbox. Commit.

kmines [Hide]

kmplot [Hide]

  • Use layouts for QDialogs to make KmPlot adopt the sizes. Commit. Fixes bug #407980

kpimtextedit [Hide]

  • Remove Broken emoji. Commit.
  • Not necessary to duplicate info in tooltip. Commit.
  • Use NotoColorEmoji font. Commit.
  • Use NotoColorEmoji font here. Commit.

ksudoku [Hide]

libkdepim [Hide]

  • Statusbar progress widget: update up/down icon when dialog goes away. Commit.
  • Statusbar progress widget code cleanup: pass Mode to setMode. Commit.
  • Statusbar progress widget: show button immediately. Commit.

mailcommon [Hide]

  • Fix a potential build issue when building KMail. Commit. Fixes bug #407163

messagelib [Hide]

  • It's not necessary to create a view. Commit. See bug #391038
  • Enable TemplateParserJobTest::test_replyPlain again. Commit.
  • Refresh TemplateParserJobTest::test_convertedHtml logic. Commit.
  • Decryption Oracle based on forwarding PGP or S/MIME mails (CVE-2019-10732). Commit. Fixes bug #404698
  • Make unexpected data leak harder via reply. Commit. Fixes bug #404698
  • Rename convertedHtmlContent-> convertedHtmlContent for reply_Plain. Commit.
  • TemplateParser: test htmlReply. Commit.
  • Add test cases for a Decryption Oracle based on PGP inline. Commit.
  • Templateparserjobtest: HTML mime parts are handled differently. Commit.
  • Add test for a normal encrypted message, to make sure decrpytion works. Commit.
  • Test mails for Decryption Oracle based on replying to PGP or S/MIME. Commit. Fixes bug #404698
  • MimeTreeParser returns wrong content for inline mesasges with multiple encrypted blocks. Commit.
  • Distinguish between mMsg and mOrigMsg. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • [EPubGenerator] Avoid pointless scans of the whole document. Commit.
  • [EPubGenerator] Avoid crashes due to bogus wrapping of content in table. Commit. Fixes bug #406738. Fixes bug #407140. See bug #406116
  • Revert "Fix build with poppler < 0.51". Commit.
  • Fix build with poppler < 0.51. Commit.
  • Fix line annotation leader line angle. Commit.

pim-sieve-editor [Hide]

  • Fix enable/disable next button. Commit.
  • It's already initialized in header file. Commit.

poxml [Hide]

  • Use https for bugs.kde.org in Report-Msgid-Bugs-To. Commit.

spectacle [Hide]

  • Don't exit when running in gui mode and notification times out. Commit.

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