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KDE Applications 18.12.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.12.3 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Small code cleanup: use local var instead of pimItems.at(i) many times. Commit.
  • Fix intermittent race in collectionattributetest. Commit.
  • Use an emit syntax that QtCreator understands better. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded warning for killed subjobs, error string was just "". Commit.
  • Add missing Q_EMIT before signal emission. Commit.
  • Collectionattributetest: small cleanups. Commit.
  • Server: Improve debug, warning and error log messages. Commit.
  • Destroy the Connection Through the Session Thread. Commit. Fixes bug #381636
  • Akonadi: fix racy code in (MimeType|Resource)::retrieveByNameOrCreate. Commit.
  • Akonadi: fix timing-dependent failure of partstreamertest. Commit.
  • Akonadi: add missing dependencies on included XSL files. Commit.
  • Fix SQLite backend foreign key PRAGMAs. Commit. See bug #402229
  • Simplify AggregatedFetchScope code, removing all setters. Commit.
  • Fix tag change notification shipping a bogus name. Commit.
  • AggregatedFetchScope: fix fetchAllAttributes for tags. Commit.
  • Properly clean up scopes when deregistering a subscriber. Commit.
  • Fix "QIODevice::read" warnings. Commit.
  • Autotests: partstreamertest: show more info on failure. Commit.

akonadi-contacts [Hide]

ark [Hide]

  • Fix loading of tar.zst archives. Commit. Fixes bug #404464
  • Cli7ztest: add failing test case for zip folders with RDA attributes. Commit.

audiocd-kio [Hide]

  • Remove incorrect from appdata, not a real library. Commit.
  • Call KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain only after QApp instance done. Commit.
  • Fix Ogg Vorbis logic for Average and Min/Max bitrates. Commit.

cantor [Hide]

  • Fix build with julia 1.1. Commit.
  • Fix bug with SAGE_ROOT. Commit.
  • Fix bug with visible entry cursor on dragable entry. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

dragon [Hide]

  • Set StartupWMClass in desktop file. Commit.

ffmpegthumbs [Hide]

  • Bail out if stream is negative. Commit.

filelight [Hide]

juk [Hide]

  • Fix displaying covers from cover.jpg files. Commit.
  • Fix crash in filtering playlist to playing album/artist. Commit. Fixes bug #402355

kamoso [Hide]

  • Fix taking pictures when the pictures directories didn't exist. Commit. Fixes bug #404456

kcachegrind [Hide]

  • Set StartupWMClass in desktop file. Commit.

kgeography [Hide]

kmail [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 403313 - Encoding problem on kmail2 5.10.1 when creating composer from command line. Commit. Fixes bug #403313

kompare [Hide]

  • Set StartupWMClass in desktop file. Commit.

krdc [Hide]

  • Set StartupWMClass in desktop file. Commit.

ktp-common-internals [Hide]

  • Fix escape/url filter URL placeholder backward substitution. Commit. Fixes bug #384968

ktp-contact-list [Hide]

  • Restore the "Offline" option in presence combobox. Commit. Fixes bug #404350

ktp-text-ui [Hide]

  • [logviewer] Fix visual space between the MessageView and navigation. Commit.
  • [logviewer] Fix MessageView not being visible. Commit.

libkdepim [Hide]

  • Fix building with akonadi search support. Commit.

libkgapi [Hide]

lokalize [Hide]

  • Update indonesian nplurals. Commit.
  • Do not launch pology on non-existent .po. Commit. Fixes bug #401393
  • Revert "Add support for viewing the translation source with a custom editor". Commit.
  • Only display the first line of messages in the catalog. Commit. Fixes bug #402931
  • Add support for viewing the translation source with a custom editor. Commit. Fixes bug #403743

messagelib [Hide]

  • Fix runtime warning when calling deleteLater on a null object. Commit.

umbrello [Hide]

  • Fix 'No tree view update of entity unique and check constraint'. Commit. See bug #350241
  • Fix moving entities by property dialog. Commit. See bug #404892
  • Fix 'Cannot move entities, components, subsystems and nodes from sub folder to root folder'. Commit. Fixes bug #404892
  • Fix allowing moving of ports to a sub folder in the tree view. Commit. See bug #404892
  • Fix 'No tree view update of entity primary key constraint'. Commit. Fixes bug #350241
  • Add typedef to class UMLForeignKeyConstraintDialog. Commit. See bug #350241
  • Fix 'Cannot add foreign key to entity'. Commit. Fixes bug #404891
  • Release-windows-packages: auto detect version. Commit.
  • Release-windows-packages: fix fetching source tar ball name. Commit.
  • Fix 'Non-optimal vertical position of added messages to sequence diagrams'. Commit. Fixes bug #404422
  • Handle default case in ChildWidgetPlacementPort::setNewPositionWhenMoved. Commit.
  • Fix crash on adding ports to component widget by context menu. Commit. See bug #394230

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