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KDE Applications 18.12.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.12.1 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Ensure StandardDirs::saveDir returns existing dir. Commit.
  • Fix SQL syntax error in findOrphanedItems(). Commit.
  • Handle query prepare errors in QueryBuilder::exec. Commit.
  • Not necessary to check twice. Commit.
  • Remove not necessary lines. Commit.
  • Allow to sort list of folder. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak. Commit.

akregator [Hide]

  • Make sure to copy imported file from tmp to localdata directory. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 402132 - Make it more obvious that the search didn't find anything. Commit. Fixes bug #402132
  • Fix Bug 402639 - akregator doesn't know how to deal with "/tmp/mozilla_user0/0ZFsmr25.atom". Commit. Fixes bug #402639
  • Don't crash with Qt 5.11+. Commit. Fixes bug #371511

ark [Hide]

artikulate [Hide]

  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

audiocd-kio [Hide]

cantor [Hide]

  • Fix logic bug in insertEntryBefore: add missing else branch, corresponding to insertEntry logic. Commit.
  • [Python2] Fix bug with server, which don't work with multiexpression code (for example "a=3\nb=4"). Also add regression tests for this problem. Commit.
  • [R] Fix bug in RServer, when rserver finishs to response after defining new user function. Commit.
  • [Julia] Fix bug with autocompletion for "nested" command, like "Base.Mai". Add test for this and also minor improvments in tests. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

  • Fix display of image orientation. Commit.
  • Fix title update when changing active split view. Commit. Fixes bug #402641
  • Use https over http for homepage url. Commit.
  • Add failing test case for bug #402641. Commit. See bug #402641
  • Use correct icon for the "New Window" menu item. Commit.

dolphin-plugins [Hide]

  • [fileviewgitplugin] Ability to add conflicting files as well. Commit.
  • [fileviewgitplugin] Apply Git log to files as well as directories. Commit.

dragon [Hide]

  • [loadview] Do not allow changing volume on scroll. Commit.

ffmpegthumbs [Hide]

  • I18n: allow to translate the configuration. Commit.

filelight [Hide]

juk [Hide]

  • Ci: enable freebsd platform. Commit.
  • Ci: add the template for creating the flatpak. Commit.
  • Ci: it seems recursive include is not supported. Commit.
  • Add the Gitlab CI configuration. Commit.
  • Restore proper sorting of the list of playlists. Commit. Fixes bug #402398
  • Force sorting on so that special playlist sort to top. Commit. See bug #402398
  • Fix the "Show Columns" menu to show correct state on startup. Commit.
  • Prevent opening new items from inadvertently editing track metadata on existing items. Commit.

kalgebra [Hide]

  • Don't set property twice. Commit.
  • Make it easier to copy from the console. Commit.
  • Don't show about:blank when copying the result. Commit.

kamoso [Hide]

  • Fix compilation with -DQT_NO_URL_CAST_FROM_STRING and enable it. Commit.

kanagram [Hide]

kate [Hide]

  • [projectplugin] Correct code index widget show. Commit.
  • [kateproject tool] Fine tune cppcheck. Commit.
  • [kateproject] Gracefully exit when analyzer is not finished. Commit.
  • ViewManager: Fix I18n_ARGUMENT_MISSING hint in message box when open a very large file. Commit.

kcachegrind [Hide]

kcalc [Hide]

  • Use more https in links. Commit.
  • Fix running the test after requiring ECM 5.46.0. Commit.

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Fix empty warning dialog on missing font in project. Commit. Fixes bug #401903
  • Fix bin item description cannot be edited if it contains zone subclips. Commit. Fixes bug #402817
  • Fix screengrab with audio broken. Commit.
  • Move Gain effect to "Audio correction" category. Commit.
  • Ci: enable freebsd build. Commit.
  • QtScript is not used anymore. Commit.
  • Ci: add recipe for gitlab CI. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect color theme correction for AppImages. Commit.
  • Fix color theme lost on AppImage. Commit.
  • Update AppData app version. Commit.
  • Fix bin/melt.exe & libmlt* loading on Windows. Commit.
  • Necessary OpenGL headers are provided by Qt. Commit.
  • Fix keyframes import. Commit.

kdepim-addons [Hide]

  • Fix send to KDE Connect for older KDE Connect version. Commit.
  • Allow to show address on map for EventReservation too. Commit.
  • Disable subscription. Commit.
  • Debug-- Use ExtendedSelection. Commit.
  • Fix enable/disable buttons. Commit.
  • Backport all fix for adblock. Commit.
  • Don't build example in official release. Commit.

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • Fix sort element. Commit.
  • Make sure to delete it when action was done. Commit.

kgeography [Hide]

kget [Hide]

  • Set window icon in code instead of in the desktop file. Commit. Fixes bug #400367

kgpg [Hide]

  • Update screenshots of the handbook. Commit.

kig [Hide]

  • Fix print preview in Kig. Commit.

kio-extras [Hide]

  • Use more https with links. Commit.

kiten [Hide]

  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

klickety [Hide]

  • Fix potential mem leak found by asan. Commit.

kmahjongg [Hide]

  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

kmail [Hide]

  • Unifiedmailboxagent: Stop using std::optional. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 402378 - mailto staement , uncomplete url past to kmail composer. Commit.
  • Make sure that it doesn't crash here. Commit.
  • Check++. Commit.
  • Fix check. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 401419 - Kmail crashes on trying to open any email. Commit. Fixes bug #401419
  • Fix add parentwidget. Commit.

knotes [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 402453 - KNotes help menu is empty. Commit. Fixes bug #402453

kompare [Hide]

konqueror [Hide]

  • Fix all plugin ui.rc/metadata to be also installed for webenginepart. Commit.
  • Fix error page to have UTF-8 encoding set as needed. Commit.
  • Fix ui.rc files to use non-deprecated and to match DOCTYPE. Commit.
  • Fix WebEngineTextExtension::completeText a bit. Commit.
  • Remove unused find_package for Qt5Xml. Commit.
  • Fix KF5_MIN_VERSION to match API used by code for some releases. Commit.
  • Properly support BUILD_TESTING. Commit.
  • Do not duplicated work of KAboutData::setupCommandLine(). Commit.
  • Use same konqueror.org homepage everywhere. Commit.
  • Remove duplicated cmake_minimum_required from libkonq, was resetting things. Commit.
  • Remove usage of dead QT_USE_FAST_CONCATENATION. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded moc includes. Commit.
  • Use more https in links. Commit.
  • Fix typo in include directory. Commit.
  • Fix broken-by-kf5-port installation of some icons. Commit.

konquest [Hide]

  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

konsole [Hide]

  • Fix crash in extendSelection. Commit. Fixes bug #402452
  • Fix regression on tab color not reverting back to 'no activity' color. Commit. Fixes bug #402541
  • Don't change alternate scrolling state after calling reset(). Commit. Fixes bug #402461
  • Fix crash while trying to move tab with only one view. Commit. Fixes bug #402278
  • Fix cursor when anti aliasing is enabled. Commit.
  • Fix crash when changing from blinking cursor to block cursor. Commit.
  • Fix drawing box chars, avoid storing and saving state all the time. Commit. Fixes bug #401463
  • Restore default tabbar style when custom stylesheet is disabled. Commit.
  • Fix condition to redraw search result line. Commit.

kpat [Hide]

  • Correct help link for the new versions of KF5 (>52). Commit. Fixes bug #402837

ksirk [Hide]

  • Fix crash when we delete element. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

ktouch [Hide]

  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

kturtle [Hide]

  • Ci: enable freebsd and windows builds. Commit.
  • Ci: add gitlab CI configuration. Commit.

kwordquiz [Hide]

lokalize [Hide]

  • Init kcrash so it works with kdeinit https://markmail.org/thread/zv5pheijaze72bzs. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with -DQT_NO_CAST_TO_ASCII and enable it. Commit.

lskat [Hide]

  • Fix tab order in name dialog. Commit.

mailcommon [Hide]

  • Clean up. Commit.
  • Optimization. Don't initialize brokencolor if not necessary. Commit.

mailimporter [Hide]

messagelib [Hide]

  • Api.longurl.org doesn't work now. Use lengthenurl.info. Commit.
  • Inform when we can't expand url. Commit.
  • Don't generate string when it's not necessary. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 402378 - mailto staement , uncomplete url past to kmail composer. Commit. Fixes bug #402378

okular [Hide]

palapeli [Hide]

  • Fix going into the config dialog sometimes breaking left button. Commit. Fixes bug #402655
  • Add missing exec code. Commit.

picmi [Hide]

  • Set project license. Commit.
  • Update picmi screenshot to a variant using breeze styling and the cdn host. Commit.

rocs [Hide]

  • Ci: enable freebsd build. Commit.
  • Add gitlab-ci configuration. Commit.
  • Make gitignore little less restrictive. Commit.

spectacle [Hide]

step [Hide]

  • Remove traces of KDE4 from the build system. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak found by asan. Commit.

umbrello [Hide]

  • Fix 'Strange multiple duplication of labels on interfaces in component diagram after saving'. Commit. Fixes bug #402722
  • Cleanup owner setting of PinPortBase related classes in constructor. Commit.
  • In ClassifierWidget fix duplicated common painting in widget interface variant. Commit.
  • Update docbook files to version 4.5 to be compatible with KF5. Commit.

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