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KDE Applications 18.08.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.08.3 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Fix StorageJanitor SQL error in duplicate detection. Commit.
  • Fix KOrg category color customization crash. Commit. Fixes bug #398459

ark [Hide]

  • Disable Compress menu on remote URLs. Commit.
  • Show 'Extract' menu on archives without extension. Commit. Fixes bug #399806

cantor [Hide]

  • Disable --simple-prompt Sage parameter for now. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

  • Don't enable two-clicks renaming in single-click mode. Commit.
  • [KStandardItemListWidget] Pass icon state to overlay painter. Commit.
  • Update hidden state correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #399599

dragon [Hide]

  • Fix: user settings for gui not saved after program is closed. Commit. Fixes bug #376961

eventviews [Hide]

  • Eventviews: properly fall back to color-generator if ColorAttribute is absent. Commit.
  • Eventviews: simplify/modernize resource color code. Commit.
  • Fix color inconsistency for unset categories. Commit. Fixes bug #382185
  • Factor out coloring from AgendaItem::paintEvent. Commit.

ffmpegthumbs [Hide]

  • Don't crash if initializeVideo fails. Commit.

incidenceeditor [Hide]

  • Fix keyboard editting of start/end times of VTODOs. Commit. Fixes bug #391769

juk [Hide]

  • Systray: Make SHIFT+Mousewheel change the volume, not the song. Commit. Fixes bug #250355

k3b [Hide]

  • MetaItemModel: Fix Qt assertion in adding rows. Commit. Fixes bug #399753

kamera [Hide]

kate [Hide]

  • Open document before using it's checksum to load metainfos. Commit. Fixes bug #384087

kdegraphics-thumbnailers [Hide]

  • Fixed crash when trying to generate a thumbnail for bogus .eps files. Commit. Fixes bug #399896

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Fix wrong previous commit (missed changes, doesn't compile). Commit.
  • Fix finding MLT data in build-time specified path. Commit.
  • Fix play/pause on Windows. Commit.
  • Try catching application initialization crashes. Commit.
  • Fix MinGW build script misses. Commit.
  • Backport some Shotcut GLwidget updates. Commit.
  • Fix MinGW build. Commit.
  • Install doc files. Commit.
  • Build scripts for Linux & Windows. Commit.
  • Backport packaging scripts. Commit.
  • Fix MinGW build. Commit.
  • Backport fix for incorrect bin rename. Commit. See bug #368206

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 399231 - Kmail uses a low resolution icon for the notification. Commit. Fixes bug #399231

kio-extras [Hide]

  • Apply eexist workaround from listDir to stat as well. Commit. Fixes bug #399699
  • Avoid crash by not checking free space for smb://. Commit.

kitinerary [Hide]

  • GBool -> bool. Commit.
  • Relax leading space offset detection for international tickets. Commit.
  • Auto-detect leading space in compact/international DB tickets. Commit.

kmail [Hide]

  • Fix show html format. Commit.
  • Fix save format. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 395711 - Since last Update kmail didn't load external images anymore. Commit. Fixes bug #395711
  • Fix icon in notification. Commit.

knotes [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 399999 - Notes tooltips do not use the correct encoding. Commit. Fixes bug #399999

kolf [Hide]

  • Comment out phonon dependency. Commit.

korganizer [Hide]

  • Korgac: repair the dumpAlarms() DBus method. Commit.
  • Korgac: hide "Dismiss all" button if there's only one reminder. Commit.

kpat [Hide]

  • Make sure the card we're trying to automove is the top of the pile. Commit. Fixes bug #399123

ktp-text-ui [Hide]

  • Fix automatic scrolling of chat window. Commit.

kubrick [Hide]

libksieve [Hide]

  • Fix show messagebox. Commit.
  • Fix bug when we click on ok. When script has error we closed it => we. Commit.

messagelib [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 377708 - KMail doesn't remember to render in HTML. Commit. Fixes bug #377708
  • Use RichText here. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 396398 - KMail 5.8.2 displays HTML formatting on top of message. Commit. Fixes bug #396398
  • Check QtWebEngine version instead of Qt's. Commit. Fixes bug #397349. See bug #388440

okular [Hide]

  • Add three autotests for part saving. Commit.
  • Fix saving to files that don't exist. Commit.
  • Resolve symlinks before saving so we don't "break" them. Commit.
  • Fix crash if processing a link closes the document. Commit. Fixes bug #400104

palapeli [Hide]

  • Fix crash on startup. Commit. Fixes bug #398416
  • Fix leak of the graphicsscene on the Puzzle preview. Commit.
  • Fix small memory leak. Commit.

pim-sieve-editor [Hide]

  • Get result when we close tab. Commit.

umbrello [Hide]

  • Fixup of commit af72e05. Commit. Fixes bug #400501
  • Fixes broken docbook URLs when creating xhtml. Commit. Fixes bug #400657
  • Make it possible to run docbook export from build dir. Commit. See bug #400657
  • Fix 'Umbrello fails to start due to ASSERT failure in QVector::at "index out of range"'. Commit. Fixes bug #400501

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