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KDE Applications 18.08.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.08.2 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Job tracker: fix expected reply signature, improve error handling. Commit.
  • Fix icon name. Commit.
  • Fix "QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver" warnings. Commit.

ark [Hide]

  • Downgrade warning to debug. Commit.

audiocd-kio [Hide]

dolphin [Hide]

  • [PlacesItemModelTest] More index-related fixes. Commit.
  • [PlacesItemModel] Fix testSystemItems(). Commit.
  • [PlacesItemModelTest] Fix testHideItem(). Commit.
  • [PlacesItemModelTest] Fix testTearDownDevice(). Commit.
  • [PlacesItemModelTest] Fix testDeletePlace(). Commit.
  • [PlacesItemModelTest] Fix testGroups() test case. Commit.
  • Follow-up of commit 9760f9607d. Commit.
  • [PlacesItemModelTest] Check whether Desktop and Download folders exist. Commit.
  • Fix disabling of DolphinNewFileMenu. Commit.
  • Add test cases for enabled status of DolphinNewFileMenu. Commit.
  • Don't assign twice the same key to the action New Tab. Commit.
  • Fix that dragging a file can trigger inline rename. Commit. Fixes bug #398375
  • Don't assign twice the same key to the action New Tab. Commit. Fixes bug #398324
  • Do use QIcon::Selected for non-icon view. Commit.
  • [KStandardItemListWidget] Round to icon size before applying scaling. Commit.
  • Correctly save behaviourOnLaunch. Commit. Fixes bug #398022
  • Fixed monochrome icons turning invisible when selected. Commit. Fixes bug #398014

ffmpegthumbs [Hide]

  • Fixed video thumbnailer crashing when trying to decode files without video stream. Commit.

gwenview [Hide]

  • Fix orientation when saving/transforming JPEG images. Commit.
  • Set file name on print job. Commit. Fixes bug #332207

juk [Hide]

  • WebImageFetcher: properly destroy dialog after any request. Commit.

kalarm [Hide]

  • Bug 398658: Fix Defer button being disabled for recurring alarms. Commit.

kalarmcal [Hide]

  • Add KADateTime::msecsTo(). Commit.

kcalc [Hide]

  • Allow shortcut keys for both decimal separators point and comma. Commit. Fixes bug #357824

kdenetwork-filesharing [Hide]

  • Allow building with packagekit-qt >= 1.0.0. Commit. Fixes bug #390599

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Improve missing luma detection (region transition) - fixes project crash. Commit.
  • Home/End now also seek in clip monitor. Commit.
  • Update AppData for upcoming release. Commit.
  • Windows crash reports. Commit.
  • Update authors. Commit.
  • Fix double clicking a title clip in bin tries to rename instead of opening the title dialog. Commit.

kdepim-apps-libs [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 399074 - Untranslatable strings in kdepim-apps-libs/kaddressbookimportexport/src/. Commit. Fixes bug #399074

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • Remove not necessary header when we send mail. Commit.
  • Maildispatcher: escape '<' and '>' in error messages. Commit.
  • Maildispatcher: escape '<' and '>' in error messages. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with Qt 5.12. Commit.

kgoldrunner [Hide]

  • Drop unused dependencies, add implicit. Commit.

kgpg [Hide]

kidentitymanagement [Hide]

  • Add signal when identity is not found. Commit.

kldap [Hide]

  • Fix "finished() called after error()!" warning. Commit.

klettres [Hide]

klickety [Hide]

  • Install the appdata files and fix few metadata. Commit.

kmail [Hide]

  • Don't show quota page when quota max < 0. Commit.
  • Allow to restore with mailtransportname and identity name. Commit.
  • Initialize with identity. Commit.
  • Emit signal when identity is not found. Commit.
  • Fix use identity, it will select correct send folder now. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 397937 - Kmail wrong trash icon. Commit. Fixes bug #397937

kmailtransport [Hide]

  • When instance is invalide return directly. Commit.

kolf [Hide]

  • Fix dependencies: add implicit, drop unused. Commit.

kontactinterface [Hide]

  • Disable Chromium's crash handler. Commit.

kpat [Hide]

kpimtextedit [Hide]

  • Don't install this header. Commit.

libkdegames [Hide]

  • Fix visual glitch in ace of clubs card in the Paris card deck. Commit. Fixes bug #158390

libkgapi [Hide]

  • Fix compilation with Qt 5.12. Commit.

lokalize [Hide]

  • Demote some warnings to debug messages. Commit.

lskat [Hide]

  • Drop unused dependencies. Commit.

marble [Hide]

messagelib [Hide]

  • Relicense my code from GPLv2 to GPLv2+. Commit.
  • Define color for openpgp signature. Commit.
  • Store transport name and identity name. Commit.
  • Don't save X-KMail-Fcc it's redundant. Commit.
  • We need theses header when we resend file. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • Fine tune opening of archives after last change. Commit.
  • Fine tune opening files. Commit.
  • Avoid undefined behavior due to dangling file descriptor. Commit.

parley [Hide]

  • Fix kns category name in kde-look. Commit.

pim-data-exporter [Hide]

  • Fix encryption type. Commit.
  • Add warning. Commit.
  • Add support for import sendmail/akonadi mailtransport. Commit.
  • Start to implement sendmail/akonadi support. Commit.
  • Add warning when id is not defined. Commit.

umbrello [Hide]

  • Implementation of dragging multiple entries from the tree view and inserting them into the diagram. Commit. Fixes bug #394606
  • Fix 'Multiple creation of the same entity on an entity relationship diagram'. Commit. Fixes bug #399475
  • Fix 'changes on "entitätattribut" changes the attributes also on an copy'. Commit. Fixes bug #158647
  • Refactored UMLDragData::decodeClip4() to use better variable names. Commit. See bug #158647

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