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KDE Applications 18.08.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.08.1 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Attempt to mitigate trx deadlocks with SELECT ... FOR UPDATE. Commit.
  • Fix crash when NotificationCollector does not have Connection. Commit. Fixes bug #397239
  • Akonadi: forget about jobtracker if akonadiconsole went away. Commit.
  • Akonadi protocol: an invalid response is still a response. Commit.
  • Use nullptr to fix gcc7 warning. Commit.
  • JobTracker: publish all jobs in the session when first connecting. Commit.
  • Debug output: show which collection we're syncing. Commit.
  • Fsck output: print out collection ID as well, for items with no RID. Commit.
  • Disable remote logging for inside Akonadi Console process. Commit.
  • Split out search-related debug output into own category. Commit.

akonadi-contacts [Hide]

akonadi-search [Hide]

akonadiconsole [Hide]

  • Browser tab: show GID in tableview and below the remote ID. Commit.
  • Implement "Save To File" for the Notifications Monitor. Commit.
  • OK, enough tinkering with sizes, give good default and move on. Commit.
  • Implement filtering of notification types using KCheckComboBox. Commit.
  • Add milliseconds to timestamps. Commit.

akregator [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 398162 - Current blog scaling not applied on next/previous blog. Commit. Fixes bug #398162

ark [Hide]

cantor [Hide]

  • Fix error with wrong highlighting in Python backend. Commit.
  • Fix error with highlighting single line comment in julia backend. Commit.
  • Fix code completition for Julia >= 0.7.0 in Julia backend. Commit.
  • Fix deprecationg warning for Julia >= 0.7.0. Commit.
  • Fix build with julia 1.0. Commit.
  • Fix sagemath backend with sagemath 8.3. Commit.
  • Support julia>=0.7. Commit.
  • Fix build error with julia with version greater, that 5. Commit. Fixes bug #397548

dolphin [Hide]

  • Pretty-print "creationtime" role. Commit.

gwenview [Hide]

  • Fix Crop tool Aspect ratio sometimes randomly preselected. Commit.
  • Improve keyboard handling for focused buttons in Crop and Reduce Red Eye tools. Commit.
  • Fix Advanced settings crop toolbar sometimes cut off. Commit.
  • Keep the width of the crop spinboxes fixed to avoid wiggling. Commit.

juk [Hide]

  • Set the tick interval, because the default value is 0. Commit. Fixes bug #389907

kalarm [Hide]

  • Update version number. Commit.
  • Remove seconds values from Time column (erroneously added in 2.12.0). Commit.
  • Bug 397130: align and right adjust 'Time to' column values. Commit.

kate [Hide]

kdav [Hide]

  • Need for static_cast to fix the test. Commit.
  • Fix noMatchingMime test. Commit.

kdebugsettings [Hide]

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Fix proxy creation not restarting when changing a property while creating proxy. Commit.
  • Prepare AppData for next release. Commit.
  • Fix clip proxy on autorotate. Commit. Fixes bug #397762
  • Fix effects parameters parsing. Commit.
  • Give priority to local effects over system ones. Commit.
  • Access to MLT debug info (command line option). Commit.
  • Fix OffScreenSurface creation in GUI thread. Commit.
  • Increase max unzoom level, uniform zoom factor. Commit.

kdepim-addons [Hide]

kdepim-apps-libs [Hide]

  • Add FollowUpReminder::FollowUpReminderInfo debug method. Commit.

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • Fix crash when we didn't select a agent. Commit.
  • USe nullptr. Commit.
  • Fix gmail auth dialog popping up over and over again. Commit.
  • Fix gmail auth dialog popping up over and over again. Commit.
  • Remove these ones. Commit.
  • Process IMAP Quota roots with associated quotas only. Commit.
  • Fix array access bounds in IMAP resource. Commit. Fixes bug #396980

kio-extras [Hide]

  • Add license text of GPL 2.0, LGPL 2.0 and LGPL 2.1. Commit.
  • Avoid a kio-mtp crash when trying to add a blocked device to the device cache. Commit. See bug #396527

kitinerary [Hide]

  • Run the generic IATA BCBP extractor also for Vueling. Commit.
  • Make the pdfdocumenttest pass without Poppler. Commit.

kleopatra [Hide]

  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Ensure importcertificatefromfilescommand finishes. Commit.
  • Fix refresh in smartcard view not finishing. Commit.
  • Implement protocol accessors for all tasks. Commit.

kmail [Hide]

  • Squeeze title menu. Commit.
  • Remove unused action. Commit.
  • Add missing action + use zoom_menu directly. Commit.
  • Remove unused action. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 397717 - "View Source" option is on 2 menus i.e. "View" and "Message". Commit. Fixes bug #397717
  • Backport setting for delete-without-confirmation from master, without GUI. Commit.
  • Fix Quota progress bar for quota limit of 2GB and more. Commit.

kmailtransport [Hide]

  • Fix error. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 398036 - Password for sending mails not used when specified via password prompt. Commit. Fixes bug #398036
  • Disable password lineedit when we don't store password. Commit. See bug #398036
  • Make sure to remove password stored. Commit.
  • Only recommend XOAUTH2 method on Gmail. Commit.

konsole [Hide]

  • Scope the glib hack to only < Qt5.11.2 versions. Commit.

kpat [Hide]

  • FreeCell: Restore cards autoplaying to foundation. Commit. Fixes bug #397770

libkdcraw [Hide]

libkdepim [Hide]

  • Remove None mode, it was unused. Commit.
  • Followup fix: only set mWasLastShown if we're actually toggling. Commit.
  • Fix inconsistent state of the button to show/hide progress information. Commit.

libkgapi [Hide]

  • Gmail auth: return proper HTTP response to avoid qwebengine error. Commit.
  • Fix typos. Commit.

libksieve [Hide]

mailcommon [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 398149 - Execute command does not work (argument badly transformed). Commit. Fixes bug #398149
  • Const'ify. Commit.

messagelib [Hide]

  • Make sure that we can create a followupreminder. Commit.
  • Show info debug. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 397011 - Add Followup Reminder doesn't create reminder correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #397011
  • Run UrlHandlerManagerTest inside the Akonad isolated environment. Commit.
  • Fix block tracking url. Commit. See bug #397464
  • Allow to close dialog. Commit.
  • Make CI happy. Commit.
  • Warning--. Commit.
  • Avoid warning about "device not open". Commit.
  • Fix autotest. Commit.
  • Fix autotest. Commit.
  • Fix false positive. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • Fix path traversal issue when extracting an .okular file. Commit. Fixes bug #398096
  • Fix links being "lost" on save. Commit. Fixes bug #397373
  • Make sure sorting in the configure backends is always the same. Commit.
  • Fix problem of saving pdf switches from thumbnail view in sidebar to contents view. Commit. Fixes bug #389668

spectacle [Hide]

  • Fix missing notification title found by -Wswitch-enum. Commit.

umbrello [Hide]

  • Adding a C++ test case with multiple template parameters. Commit. See bug #397664
  • More robust determination of the name of the base class with template parameters using the abstract syntax tree. Commit. See bug #397664
  • Fix 'C++ importer does not correctly detect generalization in template classes'. Commit. Fixes bug #397664

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