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KDE Applications 18.04.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.04.3 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Fix a crash due to access of temporary object. Commit.
  • Fix MariaDB initialization when mysql_install_db is missing. Commit. Fixes bug #392948
  • AkInit: improve error message when renaming old logfiles fails. Commit. See bug #392092
  • StorageJanitor: handle external parts DB entries with missing filename. Commit. Fixes bug #395743
  • Server: handle race condition on connection shutdown. Commit. Fixes bug #394071
  • ActionStateManager: separate selected collections from favorites. Commit.
  • Document the hidden mechanism by which these methods are called... Commit.
  • Resourcebase docu: don't call changeCommitted from itemRemoved. Commit.
  • Fix caption/text. Commit.

ark [Hide]

  • Libzip: fix extraction of folders without zip entry. Commit. Fixes bug #394542

cantor [Show]

dolphin [Hide]

  • Fix loop of FocusIn events. Commit.
  • [KBalooRolesProvider] Support properties of type QStringList. Commit. Fixes bug #395033

gwenview [Hide]

  • Fix external application menu occasionally slowing down startup. Commit. Fixes bug #395925
  • Fix issues with cursors and unwanted actions when right-clicking. Commit.
  • Reset zoom cursor more reliably. Commit.
  • Fix QFileDialog::selectUrl() setting initial directory. Commit.
  • Enable AutoErrorHandling for rename job. Commit. Fixes bug #395890

juk [Hide]


kamoso [Hide]

kate [Hide]

kdebugsettings [Hide]

  • Disable only debug message as requested by david. Commit.

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • Don't try to EXPUNGE read-only mailboxes. Commit. Fixes bug #395417
  • IMAP: pre-fill current password in the password dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #395964

kfind [Hide]

  • Changed the minimum required Qt version from 5.6.0 to 5.9.0. Commit. Fixes bug #393343

kgpg [Hide]

  • Fix handling of photoid.jpeg.size question when adding photo ids. Commit.

kimap [Hide]

  • SELECT: handle READ-ONLY result. Commit.
  • Re-enable and update the LoginJobTest. Commit.
  • Fix STARTTLS support detection. Commit. Fixes bug #395249

kio-extras [Hide]

  • Fix sftp links with new uds implementation. Commit.

kmag [Hide]

kmail [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 395353 - kmail doesn't honor Subject and In-Reply-To in mailto: links. Commit. Fixes bug #395353
  • KMail: don't move the mainwindow to the current desktop when invoking a composer. Commit.
  • Fix typo in argument name. Commit.
  • Allow to make working as an email when we forward message as attachment. Commit.

knotes [Hide]

konsole [Hide]

  • Only consider startDragDistance for drag-n-drop tabs. Commit.

kontactinterface [Hide]

  • PimUniqueApplication: make newInstance virtual. Commit.

kopete [Hide]

  • Fix pipes plugin build (missing moc include). Commit.

kpimtextedit [Hide]

libksieve [Hide]

mailcommon [Hide]

  • FolderSettings: Fix "no resource found in collection" assert. Commit.

marble [Hide]

  • Fix build of tour-preview example. Commit.

messagelib [Hide]

  • Avoid to display all message in preview. Commit.
  • Fix dnd attachment with qt5.11. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • Do not crash on right-click on TOC item with no associated page. Commit. Fixes bug #396326

pim-data-exporter [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 395911 - pimsettingsexporter "contacts" directory path incorrect. Commit. Fixes bug #395911

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