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KDE Applications 18.04.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 18.04.1 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • TransactionSequence: fix rollback not finishing properly. Commit.
  • Akonadi tests: make checkTestIsIsolated work in release mode too. Commit.
  • Fix session not reconnecting on Qt >= 5.10. Commit.
  • Warning--. Commit.
  • Fix handling of cut collections. Commit.

akonadi-calendar [Hide]

  • Binary serializer code now supports FreeBusy too, so we can remove "default" statement. Commit.
  • Always show an incidence if we are the organizer. Commit. Fixes bug #352214

akonadi-import-wizard [Hide]

akonadiconsole [Hide]

  • Akonadiconsole: support incidences serialized in the binary format. Commit.

akregator [Hide]

  • Fix going to prev/next article with keyboard when using load full website. Commit.

ark [Hide]

  • Libzipplugin: Add missing header. Commit.

cantor [Hide]

  • Fix maxima LaTeX output for matrics. Commit.
  • Small fix for Sage backend. Commit.
  • Improve octave login. Commit.
  • Make the path of the currently opened project file available in the sage session. Commit. Fixes bug #358975
  • Avoid octave backend crushing, when we try to kill ended process. Commit. Fixes bug #372074
  • Add unit tests for lua backends. Commit.
  • Don't crash with Lua when fetching completion without login being done. Commit.
  • Improved handling of multi-line commands in Lua. See D12074 for further details and the remaining open issues. Commit.
  • Improve Julia cmake build system. Commit.
  • Show error message in case the user tries to open a non valid Cantor project file. Commit.
  • Added some debug output to measure the time it took to load a saved worksheet. Commit.
  • Fix segfault in key settings menu when worksheet not open. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

  • Don't filter out duplicated entries from places panel. Commit. Fixes bug #393528
  • Update window title after closing split view. Commit. Fixes bug #385111
  • Add failing test case for bug #385111. Commit. See bug #385111
  • Fix inconsistent preview spacing and icon wiggly-ness when toggling previews in Icon mode. Commit. Fixes bug #393306

granatier [Hide]

  • Backport fix to make random arena mode work again. Commit.

grantleetheme [Hide]

  • Support deleting ThemeManager after actiongroup and menu, to fix crash in kmail. Commit.

gwenview [Hide]

  • Fix custom folder icons using an absolute path entry. Commit. Fixes bug #315983
  • Fix "Save As" in failed-save message box. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate overwrite confirmation dialog. Commit.
  • Fix duplicate and markup displaying failed-save message box. Commit. Fixes bug #393170
  • Fix View Mode session restore. Commit. Fixes bug #393176
  • Update view offset in higher zoom levels after image size changed. Commit.
  • Center image after edit operation changed size. Commit.
  • Fix reloading of SVG images. Commit. Fixes bug #359736

juk [Hide]

  • Systray: Ensure quit from systray also saves config changes. Commit.
  • Simplify shutdown handling. Commit. Fixes bug #388663
  • Don't try to start in docked mode without the systray. Commit.

k3b [Hide]

kaddressbook [Hide]

katomic [Hide]

kdebugsettings [Hide]

  • Add category name as tooltip. Commit.

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Update monitor safezone overlay. Commit.
  • Update appdata version. Commit.
  • Improve titler default background color. Commit.
  • Fix build with Qt 5.11_beta3 (dropping qt5_use_modules). Commit.
  • Only check color theme on first run, not each time the Wizard is called. Commit. Fixes bug #388274

kdepim-addons [Hide]

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • IMAP resource: fix data loss on connection lost, depending on the current task. Commit.
  • IMAP: Collection removal should be replayed on error. Commit.
  • IMAP Resource: handle disconnection before initial "OK" from server. Commit.
  • Fix IMAP resource stuck if connection lost during Login. Commit.
  • Fix a bunch of typos in comments. Commit.
  • Fix version. Commit.

kfind [Hide]

  • Use the correct log category in the categories file. Commit.

kgpg [Hide]

  • Resolve KGpg crashing when setting trust level to ultimate. Commit. Fixes bug #373909. Fixes bug #391499

kimap [Hide]

  • Session: emit connectionLost when getting disconnected before the initial OK. Commit.
  • IMAP fake server: provide more output in case the scenario is incomplete. Commit.
  • KIMAP fake server: add support for disconnect before response. Commit.
  • Fix ctest with CTEST_PARALLEL_LEVEL being set. Commit.

kldap [Hide]

  • LdapUrl: remove ctor code which made the QUrl invalid. Commit.
  • LdapUrl: fix LDAP queries broken with non-ascii search strings. Commit.

kleopatra [Hide]

  • Fix runtime capability of apply-profile. Commit.
  • Change License of versioninfo.rc.in to GPL. Commit.

kmail [Hide]

  • Set focus to viewer when we use esc. Commit.
  • Distinguish between settings and explicit overrides for external content. Commit.

konsole [Hide]

  • Fix build with Qt 5.11_beta3 (dropping qt5_use_modules). Commit.

kopete [Hide]

ksmtp [Hide]

  • Partial revert, restore API in the stable branch. Commit.
  • KSMTP: Fix sending emails where a line starts with a dot. Commit. Fixes bug #392049
  • KSMTP: remove dependency on KMime, by removing setMessage(). Commit.
  • Increase SMTP session timeout to 1 minute. Commit.

ksystemlog [Hide]

  • Fix build with Qt 5.11_beta3 (dropping qt5_use_modules). Commit.

mailcommon [Hide]

messagelib [Hide]

  • Now when we use ESC we force focus on viewer. Commit.
  • Use >=. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 393688 - DND Attachments from one existing message to new message. Commit. Fixes bug #393688
  • Distinguish between settings and explicit override for external content. Commit.
  • Load external references in encrypted emails only on explicit request. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Clean up css. Commit.
  • Fix expand/collapse addresslist. Commit.
  • Fix size. Commit.
  • Cache value. Commit.
  • Use directly css. Remove script for show full address. I know that some autotests are broken. Commit.
  • Clean up. Commit.
  • Cache number of identity. Commit.
  • Cache string. Commit.
  • Add comment. Commit.
  • Minor optimization. Commit.
  • Add comment. Commit.
  • Initialize value. Commit.
  • Warning--. Commit.
  • Minor optimization. Commit.
  • Don't use injection code for attachment. Commit.
  • Return attachmentHtml directly. Commit.
  • Remove show/hide method. Commit.
  • Remove hide/show attachment as discussed this WE. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • Don't crash if fopen fails. Commit.
  • Use toLocal8Bit instead of toUtf8. Commit.
  • Obey umask rules when saving new file. Commit. Fixes bug #392682
  • Fix crash on exit when having edited a text area. Commit. Fixes bug #393334
  • [Okular] Bug 387282: Highlighting of search results lost when rotating page. Commit. Fixes bug #387282

spectacle [Hide]

umbrello [Hide]

  • Merge in fixes from kmymoney related script variant. Commit.
  • Add c++ import support for combinations of 'explicit', 'constexp' keywords in combination with constructors. Commit. Fixes bug #392984
  • Fix "c++ importer does not recognize 'explicit' keyword". Commit. Fixes bug #392984

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