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KDE Applications 17.12.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 17.12.3 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Properly workaround xsltproc not handling spaces in filepaths on Windows. Commit.
  • Add warning in case an invalid mimetype is requested here. Commit.
  • Restart DataStore's keep-alive query when opening connection. Commit.

akonadi-contacts [Hide]

  • Remove duplicate category file. Commit.
  • Fix crash Bug 390965 - kaddressbook-5.7.2 without kdepim-addons crashes adding/editing contacts. Commit. Fixes bug #390965
  • Remove debug. Commit.
  • Allow barcodes to be nullpointers. Commit.

akregator [Hide]

  • Prevent Akregator from overwriting feeds.opml with an emtpy feed list. Commit. Fixes bug #381929
  • Don't call it twice. Commit.

ark [Hide]

  • Add expected failures for timestamp tests. Commit.
  • Fix build with Qt 5.11. Commit.
  • Mark canceled extractions as killed jobs. Commit. Fixes bug #382601
  • Stop crashing when all read-write plugins are disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #390690

artikulate [Hide]

  • Oxygen-icons.org got lost, so remove mention. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

  • Fix resetting "View Modes" preferences to defaults. Commit.

filelight [Hide]

  • LocalLister: always append trailing slash if it's a folder. Commit.

gwenview [Hide]

  • Enlarge small SVGs too. Commit. Fixes bug #364822
  • Fix URL Navigator margins. Commit.
  • Hide fullscreen thumbnailbar when on-canvas image tools are in use. Commit.
  • Remove symbolic icons in favor of standard icons. Commit.
  • Fix thumbnail bar in View resetting to OFF when quitting in fullscreen. Commit.
  • Fix background color for image view toolbar (crop/red-eye). Commit.
  • Update filename in fullscreen view on rename. Commit. Fixes bug #390332
  • Add icons for context and sidebar menu. Commit.
  • Improve thumbnail tooltip animation. Commit. Fixes bug #245091
  • Save config when opening the config dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #390331

juk [Hide]

  • Extract Playlist::SharedSettings into a separate file. Commit.
  • Stop playback before taking shutdown actions. Commit.
  • More column-handling bugfixes in Playlist. Commit.
  • Fix columns sorting. Commit. Fixes bug #389130
  • Avoid crash on tree view mode by disabling tree view mode :(. Commit. Fixes bug #389937

kalarm [Hide]

kalzium [Hide]

  • Compoundviewer: use ${AvogadroLibs_INCLUDE_DIRS}. Commit.

kapptemplate [Hide]

  • Remove code duplicating work of KAboutData::setupCommandLine(). Commit.
  • Remove bogus Ui::%{APPNAMELC}ViewBase from window class template. Commit.
  • Fix templates' KAboutData code to use appname param for display app name. Commit.
  • Remoe X-DocPath from desktop files of doc-less app template. Commit.
  • Fix templates to use normal casing for app name in desktop/appdata files. Commit.

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Use KAboutData::setDesktopFileName instead of QGuiApplication version. Commit.

kdepim-addons [Hide]

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

kget [Hide]

  • Fix porting bug in UrlChecker::destUrl(). Commit.
  • Fix wrong path conversions in NewTransferDialogHandler::handleUrls(). Commit.
  • Fix importing several links at once. Commit.
  • Fix destDir handling in KGet::addTransfer(). Commit. Fixes bug #390612
  • Fix blurry icons in HiDPI. Commit.

kgpg [Hide]

kmail [Hide]

  • Rename categories file name + follow kdepim categories name. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 390620 Editing an Identity while New Message window is open causes the Signature to be updated in the New Message window. Commit. Fixes bug #390620

kmailtransport [Hide]

  • Fix autotest smtpjobtest. Commit.

libksieve [Hide]

messagelib [Hide]

minuet [Hide]

  • Fix Build when fluidsynth isn't found. Commit.
  • Create FindFluidSynth.cmake. Commit.
  • Fix build with fluidsynth 1.1.9. Commit.

okteta [Hide]

  • Use QStyle::SP_DialogCloseButton instead of hardcoding "dialog-close". Commit.
  • Use icons with more BookmarksController actions. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • Add QVERIFY to QTest::qWaitForWindowExposed. Commit.
  • Fix crash due to dangling pointer in MouseAnnotation. Commit. Fixes bug #388228
  • Build++. Commit.
  • Add test that produces bug 388288 crash. Commit.
  • Make it compile. Commit.
  • Make Part::openUrl not discard OpenUrlArguments. Commit. Fixes bug #386600
  • Fix potential crash in document saving. Commit.
  • PDF: Fix potential crash. Commit.
  • XPS: Fix crash opening some files. Commit. Fixes bug #390355

print-manager [Hide]

  • Fix Plasma applet printer job count. Commit.

sweeper [Hide]

  • Adjust to "new" version of the thumbnail standard. Commit. Fixes bug #361482

umbrello [Hide]

  • Fix duplicated adding of floating text widgets to scene on loading an xmi file. Commit.
  • Fix 'Imported classes from file do not show available associations'. Commit. Fixes bug #390901
  • Fixup of 0f09ef6fb. Commit.
  • Fix 'Notes diagram link could not be changed'. Commit. Fixes bug #390891
  • Increase shape part for resize marker to make it easier to select in low zoom levels. Commit. See bug #389357
  • Fixup shape for alternate combined fragment widget. Commit. See bug #389357
  • Fix 'Vertical position of combined fragment widget else part is moved to the vertical center after save/load cycle'. Commit. Fixes bug #390782
  • Fix 'Loading combined fragments from xmi file adds unwanted else part'. Commit. Fixes bug #390780
  • Fix writing out state information in ticket body. Commit.
  • Fix 'Instable vertical position of alternate combined fragment widget'. Commit. Fixes bug #390677
  • Fix 'Box widgets inside a combined fragment are not selectable'. Commit. Fixes bug #389357
  • Refactoring of global variables used by class CombinedFragmentWidget. Commit. See bug #389357
  • Fix 'Not possible to select notes under a fragment widget in sequence diagrams'. Commit. Fixes bug #390509
  • Fix 'Could not set fill color for message widgets'. Commit. Fixes bug #390511
  • Fix 'No context menu entry for changing colors of a single selected message widget'. Commit. Fixes bug #390508

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