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KDE Applications 17.08.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 17.08.3 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Akonaditest: port "app.disableSessionManagement" to Qt5. Commit.
  • ItemSync: speed up by not using takeFirst(). Commit.

akonadi-contacts [Hide]

  • Generate translated string with i18n. Commit.

ark [Hide]

  • QDateTime::toSecsSinceEpoch() -> toMSecsSinceEpoch(). Commit.
  • Libzip: Preserve modtime when extracting. Commit. Fixes bug #380225
  • Improve layout of internal previewer. Commit. Fixes bug #385710
  • Increase max size of archive volumes. Commit. Fixes bug #384869

gwenview [Hide]

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Set a proper desktop file name to fix an icon under Wayland. Commit.
  • Sort clip zones by position instead of name. Commit.
  • Fix melt.exe finding on windows. Commit.
  • Revert "Windows: terminate KDE session on window close". Commit.
  • Make KCrash optional. Commit.

kdepim-addons [Hide]

  • We need to load value not saving it. Commit.

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

  • IMAP: add folder name in error message about select. Commit.

kdialog [Hide]

  • Call KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain only after QApp creation. Commit.
  • Call KAboutData::setApplicationData earlier. Commit.
  • Call KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain only after QApp creation. Commit.

kgpg [Hide]

  • Fix message after importing keys. Commit. Fixes bug #368950
  • Do not show message when password changing ends successfully. Commit. See bug #383958
  • Do not flag sequence errors when using pinentry for changing passwords. Commit. Fixes bug #383958
  • Make PINENTRY_LAUNCHED a hint that can be triggered on. Commit.
  • Fix output filename constructions for files passed on the commandline. Commit. Fixes bug #385437

kholidays [Hide]

  • Russia: Internal Troops Day renamed. Commit.
  • Holidays/plan2/holiday_kr_ko - Added Korean lunar holiday entries until 2037/12/31. Commit.

kio-extras [Hide]

  • Workaround incorrectly returned EEXIST instead of EPERM regression introduced by libsmbclient 4.7. Commit. Fixes bug #385708
  • Fix smb:/ handling. Commit.

kleopatra [Hide]

kmail [Hide]

  • Fix bug when welcome page is displayed. Commit.
  • Display warning on top of composer + fix special case. Commit.
  • Increase dependancy. Commit.
  • Fix show label. Commit.

kmailtransport [Hide]

  • Fix generated translated string. Commit.

knotes [Hide]

kwave [Hide]

  • Fix crash in pulseaudio playback. Commit.

lokalize [Hide]

  • Call KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain only after QApp creation. Commit.

mailcommon [Hide]

  • Don't export "account name" when we export filter as sieve script. Commit.

messagelib [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 386368 - Links in HTML emails broken by escaped ampersands. Commit. Fixes bug #386368

okteta [Hide]

  • Structures settings: Fix defunct structure plugin enabling/disabling. Commit.

okular [Hide]

spectacle [Hide]

  • Fix crash in X11ImageGrabber::getDrawableGeometry. Commit.

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