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KDE Applications 17.08.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 17.08.2 from the git repositories.

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akonadi [Hide]

  • Fix cancelTask() for retrieveItems(). Commit.
  • akonadictl: fsck and vacuum require running Akonadi. Commit. Fixes bug #361542
  • Introduce MimeTypeChecker::hasWantedMimeTypes. Commit.
  • Only remove init connections to the database on server shutdown. Commit. See bug #383991
  • LIST: correctly return mimetypes for all Collections. Commit. Fixes bug #350219

akonadi-calendar [Hide]

akonadi-contacts [Hide]

  • We don't want to edit treeview. Commit.
  • EmailAddressSelectionWidget: use ETM signal to expand, rather than 1s timer. Commit.

akonadi-search [Hide]

akregator [Hide]

  • Do not remove read messages from the unread filter immediately. Commit. Fixes bug #350731
  • When backing up feeds.opml, remove any existing backup first. Commit.
  • Make sure part is created before main windows is restored. Commit. Fixes bug #381822. Fixes bug #378513. Fixes bug #381825. Fixes bug #377129

baloo-widgets [Hide]

  • Use the correct defines for a Qt 5 world. Commit.

blogilo [Hide]

  • Forgot to update version. Commit.

dolphin [Hide]

  • Fix build with Qt 5.10. Commit.
  • Keep renamed file(s) in view. Commit. See bug #354330
  • Make sure we always have Shift+Del as shortcut. Commit.
  • Qt 5 Porting: Q_WS_WIN -> Q_OS_WIN. Commit.

eventviews [Hide]

filelight [Hide]

gwenview [Hide]

  • Fix icon colors of inline context buttons also in full screen mode. Commit. See bug #383059
  • Use standard QToolButtons so that their icons use the right colors. Commit. Fixes bug #383059
  • Gwenview: suppressed unused interface variables compiler warnings. Commit.
  • Fix Gwenview Importer doesn't use date/time from EXIF. Commit. Fixes bug #383520
  • Reduce hyper-sensitive touchpad scroll-zoom speed. Commit. Fixes bug #378584
  • Add 16:9 crop preset to Gwenview. Commit. Fixes bug #364007

incidenceeditor [Hide]

  • We have an identity but we don't use settings as sent folder. Commit.

kcachegrind [Hide]

  • Fix compare functions used by std::sort. Commit.

kcalcore [Hide]

  • Remove duplicate QT_REQUIRED_VERSION from autotests. Commit.

kcalutils [Hide]

  • Fix a whole bunch of IncidenceFormatter unit tests. Commit. Fixes bug #383890

kde-dev-utils [Hide]

  • Remove unused items from kuiviewer_part.rc. Commit.
  • Use non-deprecated as root element in ui.rc file. Commit.

kdebugsettings [Hide]

kdelibs [Hide]

  • Fix build with >=enchant-2. Commit.

kdenlive [Hide]

  • Fix autosave: work around KAutoSaveFile bug with non-ASCII chars. Commit.
  • Get ready for transform centered rotation. Commit.
  • Fix keyframes unseekable on bin effects. Commit.
  • Fix lift to handle negative values (requires latest MLT version). Commit.
  • Prefer SDL2 to SDL1 (dropped by FFmpeg and so MLT). Commit.

kdepim-addons [Hide]

  • Fix memory leak and crash in Plasma events plugin configuration. Commit. Fixes bug #376220
  • Allow to check all features. Commit.

kdepim-apps-libs [Hide]

kdepim-runtime [Hide]

kdialog [Hide]

  • Add support for multiple name filters. Commit.
  • Bump version to 2.0, the kf5 port changed some things. Commit.

kleopatra [Hide]

  • Ensure parentWidget is set for autodetection cmds. Commit.
  • Fix crash when import is called without parent. Commit.

kmail [Hide]

  • Add kconf_update script to adapt to .desktop name change in 17.08. Commit.
  • Remove element not index. Now progress dialog is closed when we indexed all collections. Commit.
  • Don't eat each key event. Commit.
  • Update title when we switch folder. Commit.

kompare [Hide]

  • Fix missing component data of KomparePart. Commit.
  • Only do i18n setup and calls after QApp instance is created. Commit.
  • Fix missing setting of translationDomain. Commit.

konsole [Hide]

kontact [Hide]

  • Restore the full help menu for Kontact. Commit.

kopete [Hide]

  • Fix the name of an image (wrongly renamed in the past). Commit.

korganizer [Hide]

  • It's an enum not a class. Don't use const'ref. Commit.
  • No need to consider layout direction on Elide setting. Commit.
  • Set a font in calendardelegate.cpp. Commit. Fixes bug #383722
  • Don't print birthdays beyond the days-ahead limit. Commit. Fixes bug #384284

kpimtextedit [Hide]

libkgapi [Hide]

  • Lintcmake https://build.neon.kde.org/job/xenial_stable_applications_libkgapi_lintcmake/21/console Unknown CMake command "find_dependency". Commit.
  • Fix version. Commit.

libksieve [Hide]

  • Don't try to rename script with same name. Commit.

mailcommon [Hide]

  • Add parent to qdialogbuttonbox. Commit.
  • Allow to create item even if we didn't select a group. Commit.
  • Show invalid filter dialog when action is not valid too. Commit.

mailimporter [Hide]

  • Fix Bug 383073 - importwizard crashed on terminating. Commit. Fixes bug #383073

marble [Hide]

  • Do away with the crashes that were triggered by zooming and panning. Commit.
  • Make m_lastPlacemarkAt a QPointer to avoid crashes. Commit.
  • Fix for "Some countries are invisible on the political map". Commit. Fixes bug #381984

messagelib [Hide]

  • Allow to show html source even if we have build as release. Commit.
  • Add parent to qdialogbuttonbox. Commit.

okteta [Hide]

  • Add app=okteta to donation url in appdata. Commit.
  • Use edit-delete icon for "delete view profile" action, shred is too much. Commit.

okular [Hide]

  • Show tooltip for annotations without handle too. Commit.
  • Properly create KPixmapSequence. Commit.
  • Fix sidebar labels being unreadable when selected or hovered over. Commit. Fixes bug #382139
  • Fix automatic reload of files saved with QSaveFile. Commit. Fixes bug #384185

palapeli [Hide]

  • Really fix appdata install location. Commit.
  • Fix appdata install location. Commit.

pim-sieve-editor [Hide]

pimcommon [Hide]

  • Make sure that we show last text. Commit.

print-manager [Hide]

  • KCupsConnection: Exit authentication loop after too many retries. Commit.

spectacle [Hide]

  • Fix .arcconfig. Commit.
  • Hint to drop handlers: We only want to offer copy of data, not move. Commit.
  • Add .arcconfig. Commit.
  • Fix: use autosaveFilename format also for files exported via DnD or menu. Commit. Fixes bug #382718

umbrello [Hide]

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