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baloo-widgets [Hide]

calendarsupport [Hide]

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dolphin [Hide]

dragon [Hide]

incidenceeditor [Hide]

k3b [Hide]

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kate [Hide]

kcalutils [Hide]

kdenlive [Hide]

kdepim-addons [Hide]

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kidentitymanagement [Hide]

kmail [Hide]

kmail-account-wizard [Hide]

kompare [Hide]

konqueror [Hide]

konsole [Hide]

korganizer [Hide]

kpat [Hide]

kpimtextedit [Hide]

krdc [Hide]

ksirk [Hide]

kteatime [Hide]

ktouch [Hide]

kubrick [Hide]

kwordquiz [Hide]

libkcompactdisc [Hide]

libkdepim [Hide]

libkexiv2 [Hide]

lokalize [Hide]

messagelib [Hide]

okular [Hide]

pim-sieve-editor [Hide]

pimcommon [Hide]

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spectacle [Hide]

umbrello [Hide]