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Release Announcements

KDE Frameworks 6.1.0

Friday, 12 April 2024

KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 6.1.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the KDE Frameworks release announcement.

This release is part of a series of planned monthly releases making improvements available to developers in a quick and predictable manner.

New in this version

  • Do not signal an error when a job was cancelled. Commit. Fixes bug #483117
  • [Extractor] Explicitly abort the transaction on early exit. Commit.
  • [WorkerPipe] Verify inputEnd() is signaled when parent process exits. Commit.
  • Some indexers need non-slash trailed path. Commit. Fixes bug #478854
  • Skip indexing KDE FS volumes unless user included. Commit. Fixes bug #460509. See bug #390830
  • [tests/engine/singledbtest] Allow testing multiple databases. Commit.
  • Ci: download .clang-format during CI runs. Commit.
  • [Extractor] Change to QCoreApplication. Commit.
  • Ci: check clang-format during CI. Commit.
Bluez Qt
  • Add support for manufacturer data in LE advertisements. Commit.
Breeze Icons
  • Temporarily add back kdenlive-*-video for compatibility. Commit.
  • Rename kdenlive--edit to timeline-mode-. Commit.
  • Remove kdenlive-select-tool. Commit.
  • Remove kdenlive-spacer-tool icon. Commit.
  • Fix duplicates. Commit.
  • Rename kdenlive-object-* to object-*. Commit.
  • Rename kdenlive--audiothumb to waveform-. Commit.
  • Remove kdenlive-show-videothumb icon. Commit.
  • Rename kdenlive--video to video-. Commit.
  • Rename kdenlive--audio to audio-. Commit.
  • Rename kdenlive-align-none to align-none. Commit.
  • Add Flatpak ID symlink for kwalletmanager. Commit.
  • Add system-suspend-inhibited, system-suspend-uninhibited. Commit.
  • Add rdns-style name symlink for kcolorchooser. Commit.
  • Use magnifying glass iconography for zoom icons. Commit. Fixes bug #435671
  • Remove 16px view-list-symbolic symlink. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect target icon for view-grid-symbolic. Commit.
  • Fix user-desktop-symbolic symlink. Commit.
  • Remove unsupported colorscheme entries from stylesheets. Commit.
  • Quassel_message: Replace ButtonFocus with Highlight. Commit.
  • Use Text color for konv_message icon. Commit. See bug #482645
  • Replace hardcoded blue with highlight color in OSD icons. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded dark applets icons. Commit. Fixes bug #477289
  • Software-updates-additional: Port away from ButtonFocus color. Commit.
  • Network-mobile-available: Replace ButtonFocus with Highlight. Commit.
  • Notification-progress-active: Replace ButtonFocus with Highlight. Commit.
  • Drop edit-hover and showinfo-hover icons. Commit.
  • Fix suyu color in dark theme. Commit.
  • Add suyu icon. Commit.
  • Add 48px elisa-symbolic icon used for the Android themed icon. Commit.
  • Update outdated url. Commit.
  • Fix incorrectly named network icon symlinks. Commit.
  • Make process-stop-symbolic a symlink to the base icon. Commit. Fixes bug #482556
  • Fix some 96px folder icons not using accent color. Commit. Fixes bug #478016
  • Add new icon for Skladnik. Commit. Fixes bug #458214
Extra CMake Modules
  • ECMAddQch: drop trying to set IMPORTED on targets with installed config. Commit.
  • Fix DATAROOTDIR documentation for Windows. Commit.
  • Update documentation favicon. Commit.
  • MacOS is the name of the Apple operating system. Commit.
  • Fix fetch translations tests in GitLab forks. Commit.
  • Docs: Correct escape sequence for Python 3.12 or later. Commit.
  • Map some more language codes to the IDs supported by Google Play. Commit.
  • [ECMQmlModule] Add option to enable verbose compiler output. Commit.
  • Remove extraneous docs-build CI job that is no longer needed following the switch of to Gitlab CI. Commit.
Framework Integration
  • Kns: Fix typo in yes / no action request. Commit.
  • Fix KBookmarkManager::save triggering KDirWatch. Commit.
  • Fix check whether RRULE UNTIL datetime is UTC. Commit.
  • Fix conversion of date-only icaltimetype to UTC QDateTime. Commit. Fixes bug #483707
  • MemoryCalendar: log details about duplicate events before asserting. Commit. See bug #481031
  • Better document KPluginModel. Commit.
  • Deprecate ContextualHelpButton in favor of the Kirigami version. Commit.
  • KCMLauncher: Fix up docs. Commit.
  • Port QML modules to declarative type registration. Commit.
  • ConfigModule: Fix imports and aliases in provided example. Commit.
  • SharedQmlEngine: Improve error reporting when loading main component. Commit.
  • SettingHighlighterPrivate: update highlight on target children changes. Commit.
  • Qml: set domain for i18n strings. Commit.
  • Don't search for QtDBus on Windows/macOS/Android. Commit.
  • Register KConfigPropertyMap to QML. Commit.
  • Kconf_update: Also run .upd files if times match but done is empty. Commit. Fixes bug #483795
  • Add unittest that URL[$e] works, for bug 482889. Commit.
  • Don't use DBus on Windows/macOS. Commit.
  • Don't search for QtDBus on Windows/macOS/Android. Commit.
  • KformatPrivate: fix deprecation enum arithmetic with float. Commit.
  • Conditionalise Qt6::GuiPrivate on HAVE_X11. Commit.
  • Remove redundant QML_ELEMENT in KDeclarativeMouseEvent and WheelEvent. Commit.
  • Don't use kwidgetsaddons on Android. Commit.
  • Refactor kglobalaccel check. Commit.
  • Don't use kglobalaccel on Android. Commit.
  • Mark Android as supported. Commit.
  • Add Android CI. Commit.
  • Add dependency to QML module. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrolsaddons: Drop QML import versions from doc example. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrols: Remove superfluous no-op assignment. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrols: Replace superfluous Text item and a semi-broken expression. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrols: Reduce superfluous ternary. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrols: Declare type of __previousSequence property as a string. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrols: Uplift previousSequence property to the root component. Commit.
  • Kquickcontrols: Drop QML import versions, fix up code style. Commit.
  • Fixes compile problem for projects which uses older cmake versions. Commit.
  • Kdoctools_create_handbook/manpage: check INSTALL_DESTINATION for empty value. Commit.
  • Replace user.entities. Commit.
  • Upload New File bg.xml. Commit.
  • Update user.entities in bg. Commit.
  • [PopplerExtractorTest] Verify multicolumn PDF content (currently broken). Commit.
  • [PopplerExtractorTest] Make tests data driven. Commit.
  • [PopplerExtractorTest] Move class declaration to source file. Commit.
  • Plaintextextractor: autodetect encoding for text. Commit.
  • [PlainTextExtractor] Add plain text test file to coverage test. Commit.
  • [IndexerExtractorTest] Make tests data driven. Commit.
  • Add support for .mod/.s3m/.xm/.it Module Tracker formats meta data. Commit. Fixes bug #448182
  • Plaintextextractor: Read file via QFile. Commit.
  • [PropertyInfo,TypeInfo] Move static data into scope of its class. Commit.
  • [PropertyInfo,TypeInfo] Avoid lookup from id during initilization. Commit.
  • [PropertyInfo,TypeInfo] Use QStringView for name in hash. Commit.
  • [TypeInfo] Use a hash table for faster fromName TypeInfo creation. Commit.
  • Move helper class for case-insensitive QHash lookup to separate file. Commit.
  • [TypeInfo] Make set of all types introspectable. Commit.
  • [TypeInfo] Improve performance and cleanup. Commit.
  • [TypeInfo] Add unit tests and benchmarks. Commit.
  • [TypeInfo] Extend documentation for KFileMetaData::TypeInfo. Commit.
  • [PlaintextExtractor] Fix possible truncation of last character. Commit.
  • [PlaintextExtractor] Verify handling files missing newline delimiters. Commit.
  • [PlaintextExtractor] Check countint of empty lines. Commit.
  • [IndexerExtractorTest] Actually verify content extraction is skipped. Commit.
  • [IndexerExtractorTest] Move class declaration to source file. Commit.
  • [CMake] Move mentions of KF Archive dependencies over to the extractors. Commit.
  • [CMake] Remove several leftover references to KF5. Commit.
  • Fix compilation error for krita extractor when KArchive isn't found. Commit.
  • Recorder/KKeySequenceRecorderPrivate: support recording multi-key modifier-only shortcuts. Commit. See bug #470256
  • Fix compilation with GCC 9. Commit.
  • Main: ensure current thread is main thread. Commit.
  • Fix dbus disabling. Commit.
  • Don't hang if no session bus is around. Commit.
  • Don't search for QtDBus on Windows/macOS. Commit.
  • Eliminate a frequent "Invalid Context" warning for FileSystems. Commit.
  • KIconDialog: Add filter for symbolic icons. Commit.
  • Allow creating KIconEngine with colors and overlays. Commit.
  • Add breeze-icons dependency. Commit.
  • Mark index.theme config as SimpleConfig. Commit.
  • Guard against invalid timeout values in KIdleTime::addTimeout(). Commit. See bug #482077
  • Add KF_VERSION & KF_DEP_VERSION variables. Commit.
  • XCF: testcase update for fixed Qt. Commit.
  • TGA: added options support. Commit.
  • More header checks (CCBUG: 479612). Commit.
  • Improve cppcheck. Commit.
  • Fix a compiler warning. Commit.
  • Add cppcheck / codequality run for those who care. Commit.
  • Fix a few compiler warnings. Commit.
  • Make ScopedProcessRunner hold the child until we register with systemd. Commit.
  • PreviewJob: allow to display previews of fileitem having a local targetUrl. Commit.
  • Fix authentication prompt not being shown. Commit. Fixes bug #460944
  • [kdiroperator] Only write icon size settings if non-default. Commit.
  • [kdiroperator] Drop code for reading configured icon sizes. Commit.
  • [kfilewidget] Store recent files/URLs in state config. Commit.
  • [kfileitemactions] Remove dead code. Commit.
  • KCoreDirListerCache:: make sure not to reinsert an item twice. Commit. See bug #473488
  • [workers/http] Ask user to remember ignoring SSL errors. Commit. See bug #484241
  • [workers/http] Ignore already acknowledged SSL errors. Commit. See bug #484241
  • [workers/http] Don't ask to ignore non-ignorable SSL errors. Commit.
  • [sslerrortest] Print job results. Commit.
  • [widgtesaskuseractionhandler] Remove problematic Q_UNREACHABLE. Commit.
  • Fix warnings: implicit capture of ‘this’ via ‘[=]’. Commit.
  • Slim down sslerrortest. Commit.
  • Drop unused entries from defaults-kfile.h. Commit.
  • [kfileplacesmodel] Remove wrong assert. Commit. Fixes bug #484160
  • Openwith: restore preferredTerminal reading. Commit.
  • [kprocessrunner] Unexport checkStartupNotify. Commit.
  • KFileItem: when checking access use current user. Commit. Fixes bug #483436
  • Fix webshortcuts not giving searchprovider specific icon. Commit. Fixes bug #483164
  • KFileitem: Use internal permissions as best case scenario. Commit. Fixes bug #477526. Fixes bug #483436
  • Use KUrlRequester in previewtest. Commit.
  • Fix sprintf buffer leaks on 32-bit systems. Commit.
  • Connectionbackend: improve jumbo packet handling. Commit. Fixes bug #481311
  • Drop legacy keys for m_runOnDiscreteGpuBool. Commit. Fixes bug #481538
  • Explicitly defined HAVE_DBUS. Commit.
  • Make "Create New" dialogs use the same consistent title style. Commit.
  • [kopenwithdialog] Populate m_pService in checkAccept. Commit.
  • [knewfilemenu] Add window title for new file dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #482732
  • Fix hide service menu items in context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #482216
  • [kterminallauncherjob] Inherit default process environment from parent. Commit. Fixes bug #482107
  • [knewfilemenu] Fix error handling when creating a folder that already exists. Commit. Fixes bug #482145
  • Kioexec: Use categorised logging. Commit.
  • Kioexec: Remove temporary files after the main loop has completed. Commit.
  • Use symbolic icons on buttons. Commit.
  • Kioexecd: Use KUIT and button icons for the "Upload changes?" question. Commit.
  • Openwith: extract core logic from dialog. Commit.
  • PromptDialog: Demote wrapper item from Control to Padding. Commit.
  • ListSectionHeader: Clean up and expand docs, add import alias for Controls. Commit.
  • PlatformTheme: Note where the disabled text color comes from. Commit.
  • ImageColors: make sure QML attached object is fetched from main thread. Commit.
  • Clarify that the default alignment for ActionToolbar is AlignLeft. Commit.
  • Fix up qualified properties access and doc examples, use appropriate enum for TextEdit. Commit.
  • ContextualHelpButton: Fix up code style and qualified property access. Commit.
  • ContextualHelpButton: Use a specific and appropriate type for a property. Commit.
  • ContextualHelpButton: Sort out imports and improve docs. Commit.
  • Padding: make sure to polish on completion. Commit. Fixes bug #477978
  • PlaceholderMessage: remove bad example using it as a loading indicator. Commit.
  • ContextualHelpButton: fix translated string usage. Commit.
  • Adopt ContextualHelpButton. Commit.
  • ApplicationItem & ApplicationWindow: Don't reserve space for overlaid vkbd. Commit.
  • ColumnView: Disable invisible (out-of-viewport) pages. Commit.
  • Make global drawer item keyboard navigable. Commit.
  • Respect QT_NO_XDG_DESKTOP_PORTAL. Commit. Fixes bug #482730
  • ColumnView: Add check args to clamp. Commit. See bug #481531
  • ColumnView: Use OutExpo for page animation. Commit.
  • Fix separator of OverlayDrawer in the header bar. Commit.
  • ScrollablePage: Workaround Qt flickable inertia being really low. Commit.
  • Add Position paramenter for InlineMessage. Commit.
  • Handle URL inputs for pushDialogLayer. Commit. Fixes bug #481623
  • InlineMessage: Fix showing close button. Commit.
  • Handle null drawer as well. Commit.
  • Fix footer in layers. Commit. Fixes bug #480428
  • Trivial fix for crash in buddy() when sourceModel isn't set yet. Commit.
  • Add missing Q_OBJECT to KCategorizedSortFilterProxyModel. Commit.
  • Tests need dbus due to KUiServerJobTracker. Commit.
  • Kjobtrackerstest needs dbus. Commit.
  • TARGET Qt6::DBus doesn't work if dependencies export it. Commit.
  • Don't search for QtDBus on Windows/macOS/Android. Commit.
  • Simplify X11 check. Commit.
  • Add extra ksnrc key to indicate the safety of installation. Commit.
  • Use Continue/Cancel style of question for overwrite dialog. Commit.
  • Change default sorting of entries to "Most Downloads". Commit.
  • Resultsstream: Delay the entry loading into the event look. Commit. Fixes bug #473472
  • Resultsstream: handle query results assertively. Commit.
  • Resultsstream: Allow for the members to be constant. Commit.
  • Unify default sizes. Commit. Fixes bug #482604
  • Fix the "working..." overlay for item installation. Commit. Fixes bug #483108
  • Remove the last uses of Qt5Compat.GraphicalEffects. Commit.
  • Refresh visible entry on uninstall. Commit. Fixes bug #476152
  • [qtquick/action] Add API to set transient parent for dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #479816
  • Fix link list dialog for installation button. Commit. Fixes bug #482349
  • Set questionAsker implicit sizes, set maxWidth to dialog width. Commit. Fixes bug #480338
  • Port QML module to declarative type registration. Commit.
  • Don't use DBus on Windows/macOS. Commit.
  • Testpackage: Add a website so that the tests succeed. Commit.
  • Fix: implicit capture of ‘this’ via ‘[=]’ is deprecated in C++20. Commit.
  • Declare QML module dependencies. Commit.
  • Generate default set of GLSL shaders. Commit. Fixes bug #482988
  • Examples: Remove separator from main page list items. Commit.
  • Piechartnode: Rename updateTriangles to updateSegments. Commit.
  • Piechartnode: Remove some unused stuff. Commit.
  • Examples: Change "smooth" to "interpolate". Commit.
  • Piechart: Use the right amount of thickness for the chart. Commit.
  • Linechart: Use fwidth of the point instead of sdf to avoid conditional fwidth. Commit. Fixes bug #434462
  • Sdf: Allow specifying fwidth() to sdf_render(). Commit.
  • Add doxygen comment to ResultsModel class. Commit.
  • Give favorites a relative boost rather than absolute sorting position. Commit.
  • Fix warning: mimeType "x-scheme-handler/file" not found. Commit. Fixes bug #442721
  • Improve activating associated window on Wayland. Commit.
  • Add test for loading svgs from qrc files. Commit.
  • Support loading svg from QRC files. Commit.
  • Fix argument hint placement. Commit.
  • Dont use activeView as save dialog parent. Commit. Fixes bug #484466
  • Ensure only set stuff is saved. Commit.
  • Dont write useless entries to session config. Commit.
  • All tests work offscreen in the CI. Commit.
  • Try to avoid crash in destructor. Commit.
  • Try more offscreen. Commit.
  • Ensure we don't crash if no view is active. Commit.
  • Kateviewinternal: accept surrogate category character. Commit. Fixes bug #482864
  • Use test mode with e.g. own temporary config files. Commit.
  • Avoid using QChar constructor for key codes. Commit. Fixes bug #483631
  • Remove obsolete option code. Commit.
  • Remove focus frame option. Commit. Fixes bug #483218
  • Fix duplicate folds occuring. Commit.
  • Fix support for folding in vi normal mode. Commit.
  • Adapt test to hinting change. Commit.
  • Set full hinting instead to ensure the letters are aligned properly. Commit. Fixes bug #482659
  • Try to save changes. Commit. See bug #459093
  • Optimize a mark-restoring condition after document reload. Commit.
  • Binary_data: add match strings with {upper/lower}case k for kilo- and kibi-{bits/bytes}. Commit. Fixes bug #483815
  • Flatpatk: Use actual 6.6 runtime. Commit.
  • [kwallet-query] Create QApplication before using i18n. Commit. Fixes bug #482017
  • Ensure correct exit status by adding returns after exits in QueryDriver. Commit.
  • Port QML module to declarative type registration. Commit.
  • Kkeyserver: allow shift to modify modifier keys. Commit.
  • Kkeyserver: add support for modifier keys. Commit.
  • Kkeysequencewidget: expose modifierOnlyAllowed. Commit. See bug #470257
  • Don't search for QtDBus on Windows/macOS. Commit.
  • Make sure that actions just added to the toolbar show up in the edit dialog. Commit.
  • Add dependency to QML module. Commit.
QQC2 Desktop Style
  • CheckIndicator: use Theme.View color, dont inherit parent. Commit.
  • Delegates: Unify alignment and horizontal stretching of labels. Commit.
  • KQuickStyleItem: Replace manual loop with C++20 std::accumulate. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded CMake stuff. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated ECMQMLModules. Commit.
  • Add type annotations to functions. Commit.
  • Qualify property lookups. Commit.
  • Use local Label component directly. Commit.
  • Use local property directly. Commit.
  • Avoid looking up non-Item properties via Item-based properties. Commit.
  • Avoid looking up non-Item properties via parent. Commit.
  • Remove unused import statements. Commit.
  • Declare dependencies on other QML modules. Commit.
  • [ToolTip] Use local Label instead of importing QQC2. Commit.
  • Completely disable animations when animations are globally disabled. Commit.
  • Localization support. Commit.
  • Add support for custom fonts in ToolButtons. Commit.
  • Autotests: test TextFieldContextMenu. Commit. See bug #481293
  • Always use values from Kirigami.Theme as control palette. Commit. Fixes bug #479015
  • Udisks2: Read CleartextDevice instead of introspection. Commit.
  • Improve spell check config design. Commit.
  • Remove leftover files. Commit.
Syntax Highlighting
  • Cmake-generator: refactor XML optimizations. Commit.
  • Cmake.xml: has-target-names-after-kw could be a list. Commit.
  • Cmake.xml: updates for the recently released CMake 3.29. Commit.
  • Cpp: Update Qt classes for Qt 6. Commit.
  • Initial gprbuild references. Commit.
  • Gprbuild: add license info. Commit.
  • Add small GPR test file. Commit.
  • Add GPRbuild syntax. Commit.
  • Add common alternative names used in various markdown parsers for languages. Commit.
  • Fix refs for stan. Commit.
  • Update 2 files. Commit.
  • Use (?:sub){0,2} to work with all pcre versions. Commit.
  • Alternate Names for Definitions. Commit.
  • Fix implicit size -> int conversion. Commit.
  • Examples: Do not use Qt module includes. Commit.

Installing binary packages

On Linux, using packages for your favorite distribution is the recommended way to get access to KDE Frameworks. Get KDE Software on Your Linux Distro wiki page

Compiling from sources

The complete source code for KDE Frameworks 6.1.0 may be freely downloaded. Instructions on compiling and installing are available from the KDE Frameworks 6.1.0 Info Page.

Building from source is possible using the basic cmake .; make; make install commands. For a single Tier 1 framework, this is often the easiest solution. People interested in contributing to frameworks or tracking progress in development of the entire set are encouraged to use kdesrc-build. Frameworks 6.1.0 requires Qt 6.5.0.

A detailed listing of all Frameworks and other third party Qt libraries is at, the curated archive of Qt libraries. A complete list with API documentation is on

Get Involved

Those interested in following and contributing to the development of Frameworks can check out the git repositories and follow the discussions on the KDE Frameworks Development mailing list. Policies and the current state of the project and plans are available at the Frameworks wiki. Real-time discussions take place on the #kde-devel IRC channel on Libera Chat.

Supporting KDE

KDE is a Free Software community that exists and grows only because of the help of many volunteers that donate their time and effort. KDE is always looking for new volunteers and contributions, whether it is help with coding, bug fixing or reporting, writing documentation, translations, promotion, money, etc. All contributions are gratefully appreciated and eagerly accepted. Please read through the Supporting KDE page for further information or become a KDE e.V. supporting member through our Join the Game initiative.