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Release Service 20.12.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for Release Service 20.12.3 from the git repositories.

  • MySQL server settings: Make use of 'loose_' option prefix. Commit. Fixes bug #421922
  • Fix 37 pixels offset for the context menu when dropping. Commit.
  • Switch to an approved license. Commit.
  • Find all items that must shift when a new item is placed. Commit. Fixes bug #64603
  • Fix sort by duration to not use string sort. Commit.
  • Use placeHolderText for the priority quick filter. Commit.
  • Fix agenda view's display of end-of-day events. Commit.
  • Fix month view's display of end-of-day instances. Commit. Fixes bug #165212
  • Fix clazy warnings. Commit.
  • Preserve tags when creating instances. Commit.
  • Filerenamer: Prevent creating track name folders. Commit.
  • If command line action fails, quit application if not previously running. Commit.
  • GitLab CI: use qt5.15 docker image. Commit.
  • Bug 417108: Fix error creating alarm from command line. Commit.
  • Don't escape notification title text. Commit.
  • Remove some debug output. Commit.
  • Fix various selection issues. Commit.
  • Fix recursive search broken on cancel. Commit. Fixes bug #433773
  • Change shortcut for Loop Zone to avoid conflict with windows system. Commit.
  • Comment out recent lost timeline focus that made things worse. Commit.
  • Improve focus handling when switching to fullscreen monitor. Commit.
  • Do not allow keyframe edit if keyframes are hidden. Commit.
  • Ensure we use an UTF-8 encoding for markers. Commit. See bug #433615
  • Don't mark document modified when opening a project file with guides. Commit. See bug #433615
  • Fix animated param view when keyframes are hidden. Commit.
  • Make timeline tracks separator slightly more visible. Commit.
  • When focusing the app, ensure we have the correct timeline item under mouse referenced. Commit.
  • Apply !171 (typewriter effect in latest MLT, only for title clips...). Commit.
  • Titler: update tab order. Commit. Fixes bug #433590
  • Keyframes: Shift+drag now allows selecting last keyframe, fix corruption / crash on group keyframe move. Commit.
  • Transcode job: don't silently overwrite exported files. Commit. Fixes bug #433623
  • Don't enforce profile width multiple of 8. Commit.
  • Profile width in MLT can be a multiple of 2, not 8. Commit.
  • Don't rebuild existing audio thumbs for playlist on project opening, display playlist audio thumbs in clip monitor. Commit.
  • Fix subtitle selection by keyboard shortcut. Commit.
  • Subtitle edit: switch to KTextEdit so we get spell check. Commit.
  • Automatically highlight text for editing when adding a subtitle. Commit.
  • FIx possible crash on subtitle resize, and allow cutting unselected subtitle. Commit.
  • Allow keyboard grab of subtitles. Commit.
  • Do not allow zero for values of a project profile (framrate, framesize,…). Commit. Fixes bug #432016
  • Remove "Create Region" menu item (not re-implemented yet) #82. Commit.
  • Titler: show correct outline color on first use. Commit.
  • Fix color picker corruption. Commit.
  • Hide keyframe mode for rotoscoping (only linear supported). Commit.
  • Subtitles: fix crash on "select clip" shortcut. Commit.
  • Fix reset config on windows #931. Commit.
  • Expanded track tag width only if >10 audio OR video tracks, not sum of. Commit.
  • Fix downloaded template titles and lumas not found on Windows. Commit.
  • Keep title text item editable if even if it is empty. Commit.
  • Fix invisible text cursor in title editor #165 and other minor tweaks. Commit. Fixes bug #403941. Fixes bug #407497
  • Fix subtitle text not updated on go to next/prev and related crash. Commit.
  • Delete client builder before d-pointer of KXMLGUIClient is killed. Commit. Fixes bug #432421
  • Fix out of bounds read when parsing fstab. Commit.
  • Add initial support for dosfstools 4.2. Commit. Fixes bug #432941
  • Fix GeoNames web service URL, is now (#432598). Commit. Fixes bug #432598
  • Provide BUILD_TOUCH option to force install of touch variant. Commit.
  • Mail-thread-ignored and mail-thread-watched exist in breeze-icons. Commit.
  • Use "enter" for searching next element. Commit.
  • Exclude loading stylesheet. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 431218 - mail viewer loads external fonts even with external refs disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #431218
  • Presentation: Show better the status of the "playing" button. Commit. Fixes bug #432416
  • Pdf: Fix InPlace text annotations being loaded as linked. Commit. Fixes bug #432009
  • Fix compression quality range. Commit.