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Release Service 20.12.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for Release Service 20.12.2 from the git repositories.

  • Fix Bug 432307 - Cancel drag'n drop does not work. Commit. Fixes bug #432307
  • Add autotest for Item::setTags when creating instances. Commit.
  • When tags are overwriien, get them from tags(). Commit.
  • Remove unsused method in Config. Commit.
  • Use lazy global initialization of Config singleton. Commit.
  • Remove unsused method in Config. Commit.
  • Use lazy global initialization of Config singleton. Commit.
  • When tags are overwriien, get them from tags(). Commit.
  • Fix bug when deleting the last tag. Commit. Fixes bug #431297
  • Fix Bug 430787 - When moving an email into a subfolder on KDE Plasma Wayland the context menu does not appear at the target subfolder. Commit. Fixes bug #430787
  • Allow instance creation using an item. Commit.
  • Show 'Compress' menu on multiple selected archives of the same type. Commit. Fixes bug #430086
  • Fix crash after closing the window while loading a TAR archive. Commit. Fixes bug #410092
  • Don't crash when building without baloo. Commit. Fixes bug #431730
  • Show button to open knetattach inline with URL nav on remove:// view. Commit. Fixes bug #431626
  • Fix folder size calculation on FUSE and network file systems. Commit. Fixes bug #430778. Fixes bug #431106
  • Change copy location shortcut in dolphin so as to not conflict with Konsole panel. Commit. Fixes bug #426461
  • [Mount ISO Action] Optimize getDeviceFromBackingFile. Commit.
  • Avoid concurrent access when fetching lyrics. Commit. Fixes bug #431422
  • Fix "show current track" button. Commit. Fixes bug #431602
  • Ensure the configuration dialog is not dirty when just open. Commit. Fixes bug #430743
  • Avoid printing useless logs on console when power management is working. Commit. Fixes bug #421660
  • Fix enqueue from files explorer. Commit. Fixes bug #428218
  • Fix Radio streams. Commit.
  • Use a QFlags to handle entities to watch for file system changes. Commit. See bug #409587
  • Large directories were not being added to data projects with all their contents. Commit.
  • Don't preset alarm name when creating new alarm from a template. Commit.
  • Set version requirement for KAlarmCal. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Fix hang when an alarm is triggered in a read-only resource. Commit.
  • Default to using alarm names. Commit.
  • Fix notifications in the KDE Connect plasmoid. Commit. Fixes bug #432337
  • UseHighDpiPixmaps in kdeconnectd and kdeconnect-indicator. Commit.
  • Remove OnlyShowIn from daemon desktop file. Commit.
  • Allow resizing unselected subtitles. Commit.
  • Remove env variable breaking UI translation. Commit.
  • Fix clip with mix transition cannot be cut in some circumstances. Commit.
  • Ensure all track tags have the same width if more than 10 tracks. Commit.
  • Fix rendering uses wrong locale, resulting in broken slowmotion in render and possibly other issues on some locales. Commit.
  • Expose proxy info in playlist clip properties (to allow delete, etc). Commit.
  • Fix proxied playlists rendering blank and missing sound. Commit.
  • Fix playlist proxies broken. Commit.
  • Fixed issue where changing speed resets audio channel of clip to channel 1. Commit.
  • Ensure color/image/title clips parent producer always has out set as the longest duration of its timeline clips. Commit.
  • Ensure clips have an "unnamed" label if name is empty. Commit.
  • Effect keyframe minor fixes (improve hover color and allow pasting param to keyframe 0). Commit.
  • Re-enable audio playback on reverse speed. Commit.
  • Fix changing speed breaks timeline focus. Commit.
  • Ensure a group/ungroup operation cannot be performed while dragging / resizing a group. Commit.
  • Cleanup monitor overlay toolbars and switch to QtQuick2 only. Commit.
  • Improve show/hide monitor toolbar (ensure it doesn't stay visible when mouse exits monitor). Commit.
  • Correctly disable subtitle widget buttons when no subtitle is selected, add button tooltips. Commit.
  • Fix lift value incorrect on click. Commit. Fixes bug #431676
  • Update render target when saving project under a new name. Commit.
  • Improve and fix ressource manager, add option to add license attribution. Commit.
  • Fix some crashes on subtitle track action. Commit.
  • Set range for zoome of avfilter.zoompan to 1-10 (effect doesn’t support. Commit.
  • Improve subtitle track integration: add context menu, highlight on active. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect arguments parsing on app restart. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Attempt to fix subtitle encoding issue. Commit.
  • Fix recent regression (crash moving clip in timeline). Commit.
  • Fix subtitles not displayed on project opening. Commit.
  • Update copyright year to 2021. Commit.
  • Fix disabled clip regression (color and opacity changes were not applied anymore). Commit.
  • Fix compilation. Commit.
  • Delete equalizer.xml. Commit.
  • Delete eq.xml. Commit.
  • Delete selectivecolor.xml. Commit.
  • Delete unsharp.xml. Commit.
  • Dragging an effect from a track to another should properly activate icon and create an undo entry. Commit.
  • Always keep timeline cursor visible when seeking with keyboard, not only when "follow playhead when playing is enabled". Commit.
  • Fix broken Freesound login and import. Commit.
  • Fix regression in subtitle resize. Commit.
  • Fix clips incorrectly resized on move with mix. Commit.
  • Fix grouped clips independently resized when resizing the group. Commit.
  • Implement missing subtitle copy/paste. Commit. Fixes bug #430843
  • The New Download button had an empty layout. Commit.
  • Don't create dangling iterators in TransferMultiSegKio. Commit.
  • Initialize Transfer::m_runningSeconds. Commit.
  • Prevent crash during construction of circle by three points. Commit. Fixes bug #430884
  • Fix addItem() group name in ConfigDictionarySelector::updateWidgets(). Commit. Fixes bug #418108
  • Handle Accor reservation without a hotel phone number. Commit.
  • Clean up CMakeLists.txt (remove duplicate entries). Commit.
  • Fix Bug 431126 - KNotes cannot be configured using the GUI. Commit. Fixes bug #431126
  • Fix the handbook URL in the maintainer README. Commit.
  • Fix crash exiting all tabs at the same time. Commit. Fixes bug #431827
  • Fix "Remember window size" not working when unchecked. Commit. Fixes bug #427610
  • Some appdata checkers complain if caption ends with . Commit.
  • Add OARS content rating. Commit.
  • Don't reset account scopes if not necessary. Commit. Fixes bug #429406
  • Connect before calling code. Commit.
  • Reload xml to update shortcuts when they change in other parts. Commit.
  • Fix an unexpected file type being the default on open (non Plasma desktops). Commit. Fixes bug #430728
  • We're using clang format 11 on CI now. Commit.
  • CI: Switch to new clang-format. Commit.
  • use the official screenshot. Commit.
  • Umbrello/umlscene.cpp: Fix crash on exit with widget selected in diagram. Commit.