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Release Service 20.12.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for Release Service 20.12.1 from the git repositories.

  • NotificationSubscriber: fix regression introduced by my commit 61ae4984. Commit.
  • Calendarbase.cpp - handleUidChange(): reload memory calendar. Commit.
  • Remove setRunExecutables(true), it serves no purpose with a text/html mimetype. Commit.
  • Added 44px, 150px and 310px versions of Cantor's icon. Required for the. Commit.
  • Fix vertical scroll with horizontal component not being recognized properly. Commit. Fixes bug #430532
  • DolphinContextMenu: drop wrong assert. Commit.
  • Fix crash when device with capacitybar is dragged. Commit. Fixes bug #430441
  • Use setShowOpenOrExecuteDialog(true) with OpenUrlJob. Commit.
  • Fix access url navigator while creating new tab in filename search view. Commit. Fixes bug #429628. Fixes bug #430434
  • Fix KIO warning when URL is empty. Commit.
  • Servicemenuinstaller: Remove file if it already exists. Commit.
  • Fix PlacesItemModelTest, 2nd try. Commit.
  • Do not mishandle the force file system option. Commit. Fixes bug #424901
  • Always enable the remove button for playlist entries. Commit.
  • When adding a directory from files view, follow sort order. Commit.
  • Properly build URLs for local files that may have special characters. Commit.
  • Properly enqueue files from file browser to playlist. Commit. Fixes bug #429465
  • Clean dead signal in ViewManager. Commit.
  • Add some categorized debug output in player control code. Commit.
  • Remove unused code in MPRIS interface class. Commit.
  • Emit Seeked on MPRIS2 interface when player really seeked. Commit. Fixes bug #428957
  • Revert merge request 14. Commit.
  • Make To-do List popup menu match other menus. Commit.
  • Agendaviews: Display recurrence w/o main incidence. Commit.
  • Incidencetreemodel: Improve debug ouput. Commit.
  • Fix display of multi-day events from non-local time zones. Commit. Fixes bug #429007
  • Do not restore the JPG quality after a "Save" operation. Commit.
  • Handle changes to start dates of recurring to-dos. Commit. Fixes bug #430651
  • Fix off-by-one error in yearly recurrence rule pull-down. Commit.
  • IncidenceAttachment: don't allow running executables. Commit.
  • Properly handle journey section begins/ends when setting platform names. Commit.
  • Make tests independent of locale configuration. Commit.
  • Align transfer and journey query pages. Commit.
  • Port timeline delegates away from QtQuick layouts. Commit.
  • Explicitly anchor address label to the left. Commit.
  • Fix opening the indoor map for elements that aren't location changes. Commit.
  • Fix infinite loop when clearing a DVD Video project. Commit. Fixes bug #259164
  • [*cloud] Don't manually close the window when finished. Commit.
  • Alter priority for removing duplicate Akonadi resources. Commit.
  • Remove unused mailcommon dependency. Commit.
  • Revert accidentally committed change. Commit.
  • Show correct alarm columns in main window on first run. Commit.
  • Ensure that build uses file resource option. Commit.
  • Fix RFC3339 fractional seconds handling. Commit.
  • Highlight the border of the selected effect. Commit.
  • Use consistent icons for events and to-dos. Commit.
  • Simplify invitation style. Commit.
  • Fix autotests/testincidenceformatter. Commit.
  • Fix autotests/testtodotooltip. Commit.
  • Plugins/battery: add battery charge info to the update signal. Commit.
  • Fix crash on copy subtitle (not implemented yet). Commit.
  • Ensure jobs for timeline clips/tracks are properly canceled when the clip/track is deleted, fix crash on audio align deleted clip. Commit.
  • Fix crash if the clip of an audio align job is deleted during calculations. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash dragging clip in timeline from a file manager. Commit.
  • Various display adjustments for compositions and clips. Commit.
  • Reset config should also delete xmlui config file. Commit.
  • Fix disabling proxy loses some clip properties. Commit.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix some regressions in keyframe move. Commit.
  • Undo/redo on clip monitor set in/out point. Commit.
  • Don't snap on subtitles when track is hidden. Commit.
  • Add option to delete all effects in selected clip/s. Commit.
  • Fix some more xml parameters by Eugen Mohr. Commit.
  • Fix crash when all audio streams of a clip were disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #429997
  • Fix some broken effects descriptions, spotted by Eugen Mohr. Commit.
  • Reduce latency on forwards/backwards play. Commit.
  • Fix the integer value of effect parameter's checkbox. Fixes #880. Commit.
  • Fix various typos spotted by Kunda Ki. Commit.
  • Automatically update title clip name when we edit a duplicate title. Commit.
  • Add option to not pause the playback while seeking. Commit.
  • Fix some crashes with locked subtitle track. Commit.
  • Fix qml deprecation warning. Commit.
  • Fix track effects applying only on first playlist. Commit.
  • Fix timeline vertical scrolling too fast. Commit.
  • Fix clip move incorrectly rejected. Commit.
  • Fix regression with crash in effect stack. Commit.
  • Add preliminary support to copy a keyframe param value to other selected keyframes. Commit.
  • Move timeline tooltips in statusbar. Commit.
  • Add normalizers to MLT thumbcreator, fixing Kdeinit crash. Commit. See bug #430122
  • Effectstack: Add duplicate keyframe(s) button. Commit.
  • Effectstack: select multiple keyframes by shift-click + drag (like in timeline). Commit.
  • Improve grabbing of keyframes in effect stack. Commit.
  • Initial implementation of grouped keyframe operation (move/delete). Select multiple keyframes with CTRL+click. Commit.
  • When calculating a folder hash (to find a missing slideshow), take into accound the file hash of 2 files inside the folder. Commit.
  • Ensure subtitle track buttons are hidden when the track is hidden. Commit.
  • Fix project profile creation dialog not updating properties on profile selection. Commit.
  • Don't change Bin horizontal scrolling when focusing an item. Commit.
  • Fix composition unselected on move. Commit.
  • Fix unwanted keyframe move on keyframe widget seek. Commit.
  • Don't snap on subtitles when locked. Commit.
  • Show/lock subtitle track now correctly uses undo/redo. Commit.
  • Restor subtitle track state (hidden/locked) on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix qmlt typo. Commit.
  • Fix color picker offset, live preview of picked color in the button. Commit.
  • Implement subtitle track lock. Commit.
  • Add hide and lock (in progress) of subtitle track. Commit.
  • Zoom effect keyframe on CTRL + wheel, add option to move selected keyframe to current cursor position. Commit.
  • Add "unused clip" filter in Project Bin. Commit. Fixes bug #430035
  • Another small fix for image sequence on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix broken load/save due to use of outdated ":". Commit.
  • Org.kde.kget.appdata.xml: add <content_rating>. Commit.
  • Scripting: PyEval_CallObject -> PyObject_CallObject. Commit.
  • Scripting: fix Python initialization. Commit.
  • Prevent Deletion of Option Dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #422665
  • Handle yet another TER ticket variant. Commit.
  • Fix broken connection from "New" action to newGame slot. Commit. Fixes bug #430362
  • Fix keyboard navigation focus not being shown. Commit.
  • Correct columns size with highlightScrolledLines. Commit. Fixes bug #429600
  • Only link konsoleprofile to konsoleprivate. Commit. Fixes bug #430492
  • Revert 'Fix bold character color paint'. Commit.
  • Release service versionning change. Commit.
  • Fix favorite page layout on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix broken sql model. Commit.
  • Add correct version in AppStream File. Commit.
  • Fix shell scripts to also find qdbus-qt5. Commit.
  • Handle \ in nicks when opening new query in ircview. Commit. Fixes bug #431045
  • Use SSL for the server created by default. Commit.
  • Don't allow spaces in ident and nick inputs. Commit. Fixes bug #422146
  • Fix missed handling of a irc:// url cmdl arg on app start. Commit. Fixes bug #391698
  • Recognize selection of different dates of a recurring incidence. Commit.
  • Use the same icons in the Actions menu as are used in the pop-up menu. Commit.
  • Do not double-delete. Commit.
  • Collectionview: Show correct tooltip. Commit.
  • Restore KPat Theme downloads. Commit.
  • Fix auto-rotating spaceships. Commit.
  • Fix a bug in torrent content filtering. Commit.
  • Don't install Forward header KExtHighscore for no longer existing header. Commit.
  • Add Protected Header tests for SignEncryptJob. Commit.
  • Messagecomposer: Move protected headers to signed part. Commit.
  • Fix[messagecomposer]: Do copy all mail headers instad of reference them. Commit. Fixes bug #427091
  • Fix Bug 431153 - Crash in MessageComposer::MessageFactoryNG::createForwardDigestMIME() when trying to forward a group of emails. Commit. Fixes bug #431153
  • Storagemodel.cpp - collectionForId() improve. Commit.
  • Remove setRunExecutables(true), it serves no purpose with a text/html mimetype. Commit.
  • Cleanup EncryptedJobTest. Commit.
  • FIX[messagecomposer/cryptocomposertests]: Use EncryptJob exec instead of async variant to pass tests. Commit.
  • Fix opening markdown files. Commit. Fixes bug #430538
  • Make search work on documents that describe Å as A + ◌̊. Commit. Fixes bug #430243
  • Fix crash with some broken PDF files. Commit.
  • Pdf: Fix small memory leak. Commit.
  • Clang-tidy: Disable performance-no-automatic-move. Commit.
  • Make the CI pass with new clang-tidy. Commit.
  • Document::openRelativeFile: Double check the url changed when we asked to. Commit. Fixes bug #429924
  • Fix location for file open dialog. Commit.
  • Fix crash with old data (before my fixing about simple quote). Commit.
  • Add more autotest. Commit.
  • Add autotest for loading quote. Commit.
  • Start to implement loading autotest. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 430345 - kmail suppress "apostrophe" in french. Commit. Fixes bug #430345
  • Changed signal of Annotate button in main window from pressed to clicked in order to let annotation mode appear after button is released. Commit.
  • We do not need progress info when checking if a file exists. Commit. Fixes bug #430173
  • Remove dead code variant. Commit.