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Release Service 20.08.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for Release Service 20.08.3 from the git repositories.

  • Bug 427358 - akonadi_ical_resource stuck in InvalideCacheForCollection. Commit. Fixes bug #427358
  • Fix Bug 428449 - wrong tab order in "edit feed" dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #428449
  • [plugins/kio-webdav] Fix realm extraction. Commit.
  • Fix account details page (especially on dark themes). Commit. Fixes bug #422190
  • [kcm] Show account creation error in the UI. Commit. See bug #420280
  • Warn user if no active alarm calendar is enabled. Commit.
  • Bug 427722: Prevent resources being disabled on logout. Commit.
  • Lspclient: only consider user configuration contents changes as change. Commit. Fixes bug #427084
  • Lspclient: correctly unregister the registered TextHintProvider. Commit. Fixes bug #427338
  • Revert "[sms] Restore compatibility with current Android release". Commit.
  • Set window icons for GUI executables. Commit.
  • [sms] Restore compatibility with current Android release. Commit. Fixes bug #427266
  • Work around SMS not being sent from cli. Commit.
  • Update kdeconnect-cli send-sms interface. This patch fixes the BUG: 425731. Commit.
  • Fix missing kcm dependency for runcommand module. Commit.
  • Fix on monitor displayed fps with high fps values. Commit.
  • Ensure timeline ruler is correctly updated on profile switch. Commit.
  • When switching project profile and there is only 1 clip in timeline, update the timeline clip duration accordingly to profile change. Commit.
  • When switching project profile and there is only 1 clip in timeline, update the timeline clip duration accordingly to profile change. Commit.
  • Project archiving: check after each file if archiving works, add option to use zip instead of tar.gz. Commit. See bug #421565
  • Fix opening project files with missing version number. Commit. See bug #420494
  • Fix duplicated audio from previous commit. Commit.
  • Fix playlist clips have no audio regression. Commit.
  • Fix keyframeable effect params left enabled when selecting a clip, leading to possible crash. Commit.
  • Don't allow removing the only keyframe in an effect (was possible from the on monitor toolbar and crashing). Commit.
  • Fix crash inserting zone over grouped clips in same track. Commit.
  • Fix previous commit. Commit.
  • Check ffmpeg setting points to a file, not just isn't empty. Commit.
  • Qtcrop effect: make radius animated. Commit.
  • Render widget: avoid misuse of parallel processing. Commit.
  • Fix resizing clip loses focus if mouse cursor did not get outside of clip boundaries. Commit.
  • Fix rounding error sometimes hiding last keyframe in effectstack. Commit.
  • Fix nullptr access on pkpass parsing failures. Commit. Fixes bug #428358
  • Use KActionMenu and use setDelayed(false). Commit.
  • Add missing remove label. Commit.
  • Fish: Make makeTimeFromLs() actually take the strings into account. Commit.
  • Fish: Use the right result code on 'sh' command submission. Commit.
  • Fish: Fix 'sh' implementations for LIST and STAT commands. Commit.
  • Fish: Wrap lines in 'sh' implementations for LIST and STAT commands. Commit.
  • Smb: no discovery cap on file listing. Commit. Fixes bug #427644
  • Remove wrong and unneded i18n calls. Commit.
  • Be a bit less strict when applying the year from the context date. Commit.
  • Guard against SNCF tickets having 1st/2nd leg barcode on 3rd leg page. Commit.
  • Fix second leg class extraction from SNCF ticket barcodes. Commit.
  • Extract English SNCF tickets. Commit.
  • Avoid NaN comparisons. Commit.
  • Require C++17. Commit.
  • Add missing remove text. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 427889 - Missing text when removing charset encodings. Commit. Fixes bug #427889
  • Fix Bug 427697 - KMail did not apply data from mailto information. Commit. Fixes bug #427697
  • Fix encoding problem with kmail --msg $PWD/file.txt. Commit.
  • Repair running desktop files and executables from konqueror. Commit.
  • Fix Maximize current Terminal (Keyboard vs Mouse). Commit. Fixes bug #418498
  • Fix URL hint numbering. Commit.
  • Fix 'Alt+C' closing split view. Commit. Fixes bug #424654
  • For "Manage Profiles" always open the "Profiles" page in settings. Commit. Fixes bug #428206
  • Fix duplicates link-related entries in context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #426808
  • Fix typo :). Commit.
  • Fix Bug 391030 (anarchotaoist) - KMail does not print images in emails. Commit. Fixes bug #391030
  • Fix Bug 427792 - Crash on exit. Commit. Fixes bug #427792
  • Fix Bug 427697 - KMail did not apply data from mailto information. Commit. Fixes bug #427697
  • Do not disable flick if cursor has been wrapped. Commit. Fixes bug #420556
  • Fix wrong memory access that may cause crash. Commit.
  • Fix middle click on sidebar tab bar unloads the document. Commit. Fixes bug #426613
  • Support more than latin1 chars on --find command line option. Commit. Fixes bug #427596
  • Fix fast scrolling with Shift+Scroll. Commit. Fixes bug #420889
  • Fix cursor not updated after clicking internal link. Commit. Fixes bug #421437
  • Fix scrolling with scrollbar when the slider is not clicked. Commit. Fixes bug #421159
  • Complete TextSelectorEngine if nothing selected. Commit. Fixes bug #446658
  • ExportManager: Marked saved files as recent files. Commit. Fixes bug #424205
  • QuickEditor: Use XCB API to position the editor window. Commit.
  • Cmake: Add fallback in case QTQCHDIR was not found for KF5 build variant. Commit. See bug #427070
  • Fix "file cannot create directory: /qch. Maybe need administrative privileges". Commit. Fixes bug #427070
  • Add cmake command line option BUILD_QCH to support building without QCH support if requested. Commit. See bug #427070
  • Consider renaming tabs via DBus interactive. This allows it to override a previouly interactively set title. Commit. Fixes bug #428400