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KDE 4.8.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.8.2

kderuntime [ all SVN changes ]


  • Backport from nepomuk-core: improved performance on res identification. Fixes bug 289932. See Git commit 754275e.


  • Fix moving files from and to the trash bin. Fixes bug 229465. See Git commit 9d02521.

kdeworkspace [ all SVN changes ]


  • XRender support for magnifier effect. See Git commit c63944e.
  • Implement xrender support for snaphelper effect. See Git commit 4abba97.
  • Add xrender support to screenshot effect. See Git commit 30ee236.
  • Add offscreen render support to xrender.
  • Ensure that KConfig update script does not overwrite custom settings. See Git commit 05e1ee0.
  • Lower windows does not change focus for Focus (Strictly) Under Mouse Focus Policies. Fixes bug 80897. See Git commit 095c602.
  • Fix Window Shading for XRender compositing. See Git commit 96b8a1d.
  • Desktop windows which do not annouce the virtual desktop they belong to are set on all desktops. See Git commit e9dcf1a.
  • Zoom effect zooms towards the mouse cursor if mouse tracking is disabled. See Git commit e8d1d97.
  • Fix restore size for shaded windows. Fixes bug 243423. See Git commit 5b11bf5.
  • Select minimum stacking order layer per screen. Fixes bug 261799. See Git commit d854fc9.
  • Save restore size before removing the decoration for borderless maximized windows. Fixes bug 295449. See Git commit 677915d.
  • Do not animate the highlight the first time the tabbox is shown. See Git commit 56345a9.
  • Split decorationRect / visibleRect usage. See Git commit 0f3380f.
  • Only keep fullscreen for transients on top - not random group members Fixes bug 293265. See Git commit 8634d94.


  • Fix ejection of optical drives. Fixes bug 296965. See Git commit 1b0ecb4.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not think we have no free memory for the first two seconds. See Git commit bf47b97.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Select files which have been pasted or dropped. Fixes bug 295389. See Git commit 210e5e3.
  • Prevent flickering of icons or previews when downloading files. See Git commit ef2ef83.
  • Fix sorting-issue when "Sort folders first" is disabled. Fixes bug 296437. See Git commit 7120e01.
  • Bypass crash in combination with the Polyester-style. Fixes bug 296453. See Git commit 010699e.
  • Fix alternate background issue in the Details mode. See Git commit f3e6298.
  • Fix translation-issue in the context-menu. Fixes bug 290620. See Git commit 44482f8.
  • Prevent endless scrolling when dragging items. Fixes bug 295584. See Git commit 6bf5f88.
  • Details view: Allow to turn off expandable folders like in Dolphin 1.7. Fixes bug 289090. See Git commit e04cb14.
  • Allow custom ordering of columns from the Details view. Fixes bug 164696. See Git commit b62c74e.
  • Increase the timeout for keyboard searches (typing the first few letters of a file name) to 5 seconds. See Git commit 02eab49.


  • Konsole 4.8.1 (KDE 4.8.1, Kubuntu 11.10, 64 bit) has crashed when closing a tab Fixes bug 296239. See Git commit 0e4844a.
  • konsole crashes running 'ssh -t' Fixes bug 297156. See Git commit 6cda788.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash in KResources version if calendar fails to open during initialisation. Fixes bug 296383. See Git commit 4a3204b.
  • Fix error preventing alarms from being edited or deleted. Fixes bug 295926. See Git commit ae66e32.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Allow encryption of multiple folders at once using filemanager integration. See Git commit 68e727d.
  • Reload key groups when changing the GnuPG config file. See Git commit 092be7e.
  • Fix some editor actions with UTF-8 texts. Fixes bug 295397. See Git commit fa5e306.
  • Fix password entry when pinentry is not used. Fixes bug 248161. See Git commit e2ac9db.
  • Use correct line endings when reading GnuPG output on Windows. See Git commit 7eb5ed3.
  • When autodetecting the GnuPG executable look for "gpg2" first. See Git commit 954c7c3.
  • Honor the selected compression format when encrypting a folder. See Git commit 5bf78b9.
  • Distinguish between key id and fingerprint. Fixes bug 292405. See Git commit 2a100ae.
  • Fix crash when list of files to decrypt is empty. Fixes bug 294641. See Git commit 42f8b1b.
  • Fix crash when GnuPG operation fails while a password entry window is shown. Fixes bug 296634. See Git commit 2de8490.

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