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KDE 4.8.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.8.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix KConfigDialogManager fails to handle subclasses of QComboBox with custom property. Fixes bug 293702. See Git commit c27b939.
  • Write to the correct xmlFile in KToolBar::Private::slotContextShowText(). Fixes bug 292574. See Git commit 0f90042.
  • Re-establishes connection with networkstatus module when kded restarts. Fixes bug 262732. See Git commit e95f3be.
  • Make KGlobalSettings reread locale settings before calling settingsChanged(). Fixes bug 289094. See Git commit 8775649.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not make items invisible when switching previews on or off in some situations. Fixes bug 291841. See Git commit cc8f5b4.
  • Make sure that Control+click toggles the selection state. Fixes bug 292250. See Git commit 84a9cc4.
  • Check if the shell process in the Terminal Panel is still running before trying to kill it. Prevents unwanted killing of other processes. Fixes bug 286367. See Git commit 7dfe363.
  • Handle folder names containing special character, like Space, correctly in the Folders Panel. Fixes bug 291781. See Git commit 80d9bfe.
  • Fix crash when opening a new tab if "Split view" is enabled by default. Fixes bug 292470. See Git commit 5d22b71.
  • Re-enable dropping items on tabs. Fixes bug 292505. See Git commit e3fc04a.
  • Mark items as unhovered after copying them via drag and drop. Fixes bug 292501. See Git commit bc80a99.
  • Respect the user's "Natural sorting" setting. Fixes bug 292270. See Git commit 803f50b.
  • Fix possible crash in Compact View if the view height is smaller than the item height. Fixes bug 292816. See Git commit f5ecaee.
  • Fix drag and drop issues with non-local URLs. Fixes bugs 292821 and 292355. See Git commit fdc2058.
  • Synchronize view-mode settings before the settings dialog gets opened. Fixes bug 292698. See Git commit 02e3235.
  • Respect a change of the user's "Home directory" setting also in existing tabs. Fixes bug 291043. See Git commit d03d06a.
  • Update the zoom-slider in the statusbar after changing the zoom-level in the settings. See Git commit 47b4e1d.
  • Implement "sort by path" and sorting by other sort roles that were still missing. Fixes bug 292941. See Git commit 86a4918.
  • Fix keyboard navigation issue that occurred when Home or End and then an arrow key were pressed. See Git commit 999234a.
  • Do not crash when opening a new tab while a tool tip is shown. Fixes bug 278302. See Git commit d80f35e.
  • Fix an integer overflow, which could cause problems when "Sort by size" is enabled. Fixes bug 293086. See Git commit e196f06.
  • Show expansion toggles in the Folders Panel also for directories on ISO images. Fixes bug 292642. See Git commit 6f65a17.
  • When hovering an item with the mouse, show its size in the status bar. Fixes bug 292687. See Git commit 73e4324.
  • Show the value "Unknown" for the item-count only after it has been verified. Fixes bug 291823. See Git commit d9bc83e.
  • When entering a directory which is not shown in the Folders Panel yet, show it by expanding its parents, but do not expand the directory itself. See Git commit 89082ca.
  • Use the whole available width of the icon area for previews of landscape images. Fixes bug 293268. See Git commit 0ade2b6.
  • Fix the issue that decreasing the window size may result in an endless loop. Fixes bug 293318. See Git commit 81034de.
  • Animation fixes: Don't start animations that result in overlapped items. Fixes bug 289238. See Git commit 84bb46a.
  • Compact view: Don't hide items at the bottom when grouping is turned on. Fixes bug 291640. See Git commit 44b8e12.
  • Drag and drop: Adjust the destination if the item is no directory or desktop-file. Fixes bug 293511. See Git commit 13d975a.
  • Details view: Draw parent-branches. Fixes bug 290276. See Git commit e505c3a.
  • Folders Panel: Use the whole width as selection region. Fixes bug 294111. See Git commit 98d98f7.
  • Prevent showing tooltips when dragging items into another Dolphin window. Fixes bug 294533. See Git commit 72fe031.
  • Don't crash when switching to the details-view when specific roles are visible. Fixes bug 294531. See Git commit abd23c2.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix "kopete does not save passwords correctly if it contains symbols". Fixes bug 165308. See SVN commit 1281264.
  • Prevent warning messages "KXMLGUIClient::~KXMLGUIClient: 0x1605120 deleted without having been removed from the factory first. This will leak standalone popupmenus and could lead to crashes." See SVN commit 1283135.
  • Do not add unnamed groups to contact list. See SVN commit 1282202.
  • NowListening plugin: do not show song info when player is in pause state. See SVN commit 1282203.
  • Modify Yahoo login URL to correctly encode username and password. Fixes bug 165308. See SVN commit 1281264.

kdeworkspace [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix shutdown/reboot/logout do not work when sound system is broken. Fixes bug 228005. See Git commit 82d5f2a.


  • Cache data in ModemManager backend to prevent desktop freezes. See Git commit 21ff56d.
  • Always install networkmanager.png icons. Fixes bug 293711. See Git commit 5a2669f.

kderuntime [ all SVN changes ]


  • Delay statusChanged(Solid::Networking::Connected) signal a bit. Fixes bug 273342. See Git commit d0ce3b7.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix tab expansion for widths < 4. Fixes bug 251025. See SVN commit 1278833.


  • Don't reset box widget size on copy/paste (see comment #8). Fixes bug 70925. See SVN commit 1273986.
  • PHP5 code generation: Don't create illegal tag without any parameter. Fixes bug 155382. See SVN commit 1279522.
  • Don't move classes in sub-packages to top level packages on edit. Fixes bug 174184. See SVN commit 1279523.
  • Don't crash when clicking on / trying to move datatype in diagram. Fixes bug 202410. See SVN commit 1280135.
  • Fix crash importing Java code with variable length parameters. Fixes bug 230770. See SVN commit 1279959.
  • Allow unchecking of "Show Public Only". Fixes bug 242545. See SVN commit 1280148.
  • Don't crash on drawing Containment in wrong direction. Fixes bug 271243. See SVN commit 1280794.
  • Reduce gratuitous warnings on loading project file. Fixes bug 283744. See SVN commits 1279111, 1279514, 1279515 and 1280354.
  • Don't crash on copy/paste. Fixes bugs 287179, 280770, 262842, 286449, 274265, 275372, 241915, 257410 and 257584. See SVN commit 1273902.
  • Fix copy/paste of elements in activity and state diagrams. Fixes bug 291557. See SVN commit 1273895.
  • Don't create many 'new_package_xx' packages on file loading. Fixes bug 291159. See SVN commit 1282856.
  • Fix crash on importing templated java source code. Fixes bug 293770. See SVN commit 1279716.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix adding keys to groups in group editor. See Git commit 622ecfc.
  • Fix crashes deep in Qt model code, often happening when more than one key group was defined. Fixes bugs 254090 and 294097. See Git commits c12a848 and 751c405.
  • Do not overwrite keyserver search string when importing keys. See Git commit e20a07f.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix accelerator of the search entry not working. Fixes bug 292209. See Git commit 69526f2.
  • Fix crash when extracting the text on some documents. Fixes bug 294633. See Git commit 04716f9.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix compilation in Solaris. Fixes bug 291912. See Git commit e9b303a.
  • Fix some maps not being correctly installed. Fixes bug 293538. See Git commit 266cb4d.
  • Fix issue in Azerbaijan map. See Git commit b4aa039.
  • Fix issue in Dominican Republic map. See Git commit 0114843.
  • Fix issue in Great Britain map. See Git commit 596faff.
  • Fix issue in Greece map. See Git commit 72fe6df.
  • Fix issue in Haryana map. See Git commit ff19dd9.
  • Fix issue in New Zealand map. See Git commit e5be5a9.
  • Fix issue in Peru map. See Git commit e85a01f.
  • Fix issue in Spain map. See Git commit 751b99f.
  • Fix issue in Philippines map. See Git commit 3abf2d8.
  • Fix issue in Sudan map. See Git commit cca78ad.
  • Fix issue in Iran map. See Git commit ee3c890.
  • Fix issue in Manipur map. See Git commit a15c095.
  • Fix issue in Ecuador map. See Git commit 4d5b30d.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crashes. Fixes bugs 293193, 293290 and 293360. See Git commit c55b943.
  • Fix errors when creating default calendar resources. Fixes bug 293208. See Git commit 8b8890c.
  • Automatically disable duplicated calendar resources. Fixes bug 293193. See Git commits fa29479 and cd37be5.
  • Prevent duplicate prompts to update the format of new calendar resources. See Git commit 5f2bb19.
  • Only give a choice of fully writable calendars for saving new alarms in. See Git commit c5735fa.

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