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KDE 4.6.3 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.6.3

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Correct issue where new tabs start in wrong directories. Fixes bug 227156. See Git commit edec4be.
  • Allow profile filenames to have multiple '.'s. Fixes bug 250399. See Git commit 74c3ea2.
  • Restore 'Close Tab' on the tab context menu and the close tabbar button. Fixes bug 267896. See Git commit 05367a7.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix memory leak when DialogSelectMaster dialogs are closed. Fixes bug 260926. See SVN commit 1227026.


  • Use the proper directory-only file dialog for the file renamer's music folder. Patch by Giorgos Kylafas. See SVN commit 1228552.
  • Allow translated locales to insert Artist, Genre, Year categories to file renamer. Patch by Giorgos Kylafas. Fixes bug 236993. See SVN commit 1228556.
  • Fix collection changes altering the tag editor track title, artist name, or genre if the tag editor is open. Patch by Giorgos Kylafas. Fixes bugs 264092 and 271054. See SVN commit 1229047.
  • Use appropriate translation routine for some strings in the File Renamer. Patch by Giorgos Kylafas. See SVN commit 1229136.

kdeplasmaaddons [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix untranslated strings in gui. Fixes bug 257520. See Git commit 06df2f1.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix Now Listening plugin does not work with amarok or juk. Fixes bug 155865. See SVN commit 1226904.
  • Fix Now Listening advertising mode "Append to your status message" keeps adding song names. Fixes bugs 222147, 261989 and 121097. See SVN commit 1227262.
  • Improves Statistics plugin startup and shutdown times. Fixes bugs 117989 and 138903. See SVN commit 1227534.
  • Make Yahoo/Wlm mail notifications persistent. Fixes bug 240595. See SVN commit 1227624.
  • Fix for do not flash tray icon when users leave chat sessions. Fixes bug 187977. See SVN commit 1227629.
  • Provides close button for tabs in chat windows. Fixes bug 224388. See SVN commit 1228391.

kdeworkspace [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix SimulateUserActivity not working for a second when resuming from ram/disk. Fixes bug 269737. See Git commit 5c47f16.
  • Fix crash in Solid's Wid backend. Fixes bug 271408. See Git commit a789bce.

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