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KDE 4.4.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.4.2

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Resolve mimetype aliases by default; fixes nspluginscan creating mimetypes that already exist (as aliases), like audio/mp3. Fixes bug 197346. See SVN commit 1097954.
  • Detect aliases that are also known as real types (can happen with 3rd party xml files), to prevent inconsistencies when editing mimetypes. Fixes bug 218735. See SVN commit 1097945.
  • Fix the disabling of debug output when compiling apps in release mode. Fixes bug 227089. See SVN commit 1105396.




  • Fix a bug causing crashes in many different programs, including Plasma, KRunner, and KWin due to improperly locked pixmap cache deletion. Fixes bug 182026. See SVN commit 1106080.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Prevent accidental execution of commands in the terminal when changing the directory. Fixes bug 161637. See SVN commit 1103209.
  • Fixed possible crashes in the Information Panel and tooltips, when the receiving of meta data takes too long. Fixes bugs 224848 and 222324. See SVN commit 1097312.


  • Fix crash when closing a tab showing a PDF document (and the sidebar had focus). Fixes bug 213876. See SVN commit 1104130.


  • Set the correct action in screen edge configuration module on load. See SVN commit 1101217.
  • Fix flickering when clicking on a window in Desktop Grid. Fixes bug 229741. See SVN commit 1103104.
  • Windows are rearranged in Desktop Grid and Present Windows if the geometry of a window changes. Fixes bug 228829. See SVN commit 1103206.
  • Correctly handle mouse clicks in classic Alt+Tab list when the selected window is shown additionally. Fixes bug 226877. See SVN commit 1103492.
  • Prevent modal dialogs to be shown twice during Alt+Tab. Fixes bug 230807. See SVN commit 1105473.
  • Show windows on all desktops in Cube if windows hover above the Cube. Fixes bug 203086. See SVN commit 1105593.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when invoking print preview and then opening the annotation tools. Fixes bug 231123. See SVN commit 1104495.
  • Fix crash in certain documents when rendering with high zoom. Fixes bug 230282. See SVN commit 1106764.

kdeplasma-addons [ all SVN changes ]

microblog applet

  • Timeline now displays correct times. Fixes bug 194302. See SVN commit 1096698.

audioplayercontrol runner

  • Prevent the runner from causing the KRunner interface to freeze. Fixes bug 203668. See SVN commit 1106771.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix display alarm whose text is generated by a command and which has an audio file, being converted into an audio-only alarm when reloaded.. Fixes bug 230819. See SVN commit 1104509.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a possible crash when loading unrecognized media files. See SVN commit 1106103.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix misleading error message after importing keys from keyserver. Fixes bug 231079. See SVN commit 1105567.
  • properly handle 8bit messages from "gpg --decrypt". Fixes bug 231154. See SVN commit 1106908.

kdebindings [ all SVN changes ]


  • Added missing Nepomuk query classes. See SVN commit 1102304.

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