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KDE 4.3.5 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.3.5

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix lack of auto-update when viewing a directory via a symlink. Fixes bug 213799. See SVN commit 1048852.
  • Fix crash when changing the current directory's icon or permissions. Fixes bug 190535. See SVN commits 1061513 and 1061529.
  • Fix crash after an error happens in a TransferJob. Fixes bugs 214100, 202091, 197289 and 180791. See SVN commit 1062999.
  • Ignore proxy urls that don't have a protocol, fixes FTP not working on OpenSuse due to an old kioslaverc file. Fixes bug 214896. See SVN commit 1063293.
  • Fix crash when expanding a linked directory (regression due to 213799; did not happen in any 4.3.x release). Fixes bug 219547. See SVN commits 1064817, 1065291, 1065297 and 1071530.
  • Fix inotify regression with linux kernel 2.6.31/32, thanks to Eric Paris' help. Fixes bug 207361. See SVN commit 1065898.


  • Fix possible crash when unmounting a volume just after a file has been moved or copied to it. Fixes bug 211525. See SVN commit 1075313.


  • Fix kded using 100% CPU (in a phonon module). Fixes bug 202744. See SVN commit 1075552.


  • Fix crash when some directories in /usr/share/mime don't have +x permission. Fixes bug 202871. See SVN commit 1057320.


  • Fix possible crash in DBus when Nepomuk is running. Fixes bug 208921. See SVN commit 1075174.


  • Prevent crash when folding. Fixes bug 200858. See SVN commit 1077737.
  • Prevent random crashes due to messed up internal data structure when cursor gets placed at end of document. Fixes bug 200450. See SVN commit 1077629.
  • Fix printing when a line is split between 2 pages. Fixes bug 219598. See SVN commit 1069227.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix the problem that only two items can be selected via Shift+Arrow in the Details View if Qt 4.6 is used. Fixes bug 217447. See SVN commit 1076115.


  • Update parameter values of --geticon to that of KDE4. See SVN commit 1074947.


  • Fixed statusbar rendering bug (multiple views visible) when restoring multiple tabs. Fixes bugs 169124 and 158900. See SVN commit 1057148.
  • Don't let the tabbar "buttons" (in konq's sidebar) take focus, it's confusing (hidden) and annoying (many tab keypresses to get out). Fixes bug 45557. See SVN commit 1048570.
  • Repair 'right click goes back in history' feature. Fixes bug 168439. See SVN commit 1050276.
  • Fix crash on Ctrl+Tab. Fixes bug 203809. See SVN commit 1076829.
  • Repair 'Send File' so that it only sends the selected files, like in kde3. Fixes bug 218388. See SVN commit 1065134.


  • Save/restore the expanded/collapsed state of bookmark folders. Fixes bug 131127. See SVN commit 1050729.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when generating an avatar from a webcam. See SVN commit 1066826.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a bug causing JuK to crash on shutdown on some systems. See SVN commit 1064488.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]



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