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KDE 4.3.3 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.3.3

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make sure we return the names of the correct translators in KAboutData::translators(). Fixes bug 210530. See SVN commit 1037255.
  • Ensure that *.doc files are recognized as msword files over remote protocols (smb, sftp, fish) as well. Fixes bug 204139. See SVN commit 1032366.
  • Fix crash during concurrent access to KLocale's catalogs from multiple threads (take 2). Fixes bug 209712. See SVN commit 1032185.
  • Fix invokeBrowser for the case where the configured webbrowser is a command with multiple arguments (kde-4.3.2 regression). Fixes bug 210529. See SVN commit 1035593.


  • Prevent conflict between New tab and Remove Tab on middle-click of mouse button in Konqueror. Fixes bug 188587. See SVN commit 1039102.


  • Honor the confirm overwrite flag in KFileDialog when called from Qt applications. See SVN commit 1035728.
  • Fix file loss while moving a directory, when some files cannot be moved and are skipped (e.g. on disk full). Fixes bug 208418. See SVN commit 1031746.
  • Remove error message shown when the user types a HTTP url in the file dialog. Fixes bug 197945. See SVN commit 1035523.


  • Fix Copy (Ctrl+C) in frames. Fixes bug 187403. See SVN commit 1032495.
  • Fix crash when closing tab with the find bar open. Fixes bug 207173. See SVN commit 1028036.
  • Allow to focus readonly lineedits and textedits and to copy from them. Fixes bug 190188. See SVN commit 1032808.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix problem with multiple rubberband selections using the Control key: Don't clear the previous selection when the view is scrolled. Fixes bug 190703. See SVN commit 1040024.


  • Fix issues with detached tabs: Don't crash when opening a new tab in the detached window, and make sure that the current view profile is loaded for the detached window. Fixes bugs 203069 and 210686. See SVN commit 1036044.
  • Fix crash when adding tab in a window created from a detached tab. Fixes bug 203069. See SVN commit 1036044.


  • Fix wrong behavior during DnD of bookmarks. Fixes bug 160679. See SVN commit 1032328.


  • Speed up window resizing after a window reaches its minimum size. Fixes bug 183263. See SVN commit 1030474.
  • Prevent jerkiness of the first two frames of the logout blur effect. See SVN commit 1030720.
  • Prevent KWin from changing window opacities by itself. Fixes bug 209274. See SVN commit 1030835.
  • Fix moving of fullscreen windows between Xinerama screens. Fixes bug 188827. See SVN commit 1030846.
  • Speed up window resizing when using the rubber band mode. Fixes bug 181800. See SVN commit 1030922.
  • Detect when programs change the no border hint in _MOTIF_WM_HINTS. Used by Chromium. Fixes bug 201523. See SVN commit 1030933.
  • Select the correct desktop in the desktop grid effect when the user doesn't move the mouse before clicking. Fixes bug 207271. See SVN commit 1030941.
  • Don't trigger the slideback effect when closing a window and the newly focused window isn't on the top of the stacking order. Fixes bug 196900. See SVN commit 1031355.
  • Fix the invert effect. Fixes bug 212339. See SVN commit 1042535.


  • Fix the description of the georgian locale. Fixes bug 190431. See SVN commit 1030882.

kdeplasma-addons [ all SVN changes ]

Microblog Applet

  • Twitter now shows posts with friends and shows latest post. Fixes bug 210176. See SVN commit 1033679.

RememberTheMilk Applet

  • Use https:// instead of http://. Fixes bug 202826. See SVN commit 1034000.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix switch between Mexico state and the federal district. Fixes bug 209602. See SVN commit 1032032.




  • Fixing the calculation of the illuminated fraction of the moon. Fixes bug 209646. See SVN commit 1032036.
  • Fix incorrectly displayed parameters of objects in details dialog. See SVN commit 1032051.
  • Using the keyboard to select a link in details dialog now works. See SVN commit 1039909.
  • Fix issues with links in the details dialog in translated versions. See SVN commit 1039932.

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a layouting problem with KPat and RTL languages. See SVN commit 1037762.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make margin cropping work on landscape pages. Fixes bug 196761. See SVN commit 1039156.
  • Make the PS renderer not crash when opening several files at once. See SVN commit 1039192.
  • Fix problem rendering manually rotated pages. Fixes bug 211467. See SVN commit 1039571.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Disable 'New Alarm from Template' option when no alarm templates exist. See SVN commit 1041425.
  • Improve error feedback when choosing a file to display. See SVN commit 1036844.
  • Fix a translation problem in KAlarm. Fixes bug 209401. See SVN commit 1031368.
  • Interpret '~' (i.e. home directory) properly in entered file names. See SVN commit 1037271.
  • Fix crash when calendar formats are updated at login, during session restoration. Fixes bug 210552. See SVN commit 1035835.
  • Update date-only alarm trigger times when user changes the start-of-day time. See SVN commit 1032499.
  • Fix recurring date-only alarm triggering repeatedly and eating up CPU (depending on start of day time and time zone). See SVN commit 1032418.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • On first startup the columns in keymanager now have useful default widths. Fixes bug 192375. See SVN commit 1030866.
  • When selecting keys to encrypt to make "select default key" shortcut work. See SVN commit 1040119.
  • Work around crash on startup. Fixes bug 203497. See SVN commit 1040127.
  • Properly handle non-ascii characters when creating or modifying keys. Fixes bug 211399. See SVN commit 1040201.


  • Don't crash if inserting from empty clipboard. See SVN commit 1036158.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a possible crash on startup due to the /Player DBus object being created too early. Fixes bug 211755. See SVN commit 1042067.
  • Fix a possible crash on shutdown due to the CoverManager being shutdown too early. Fixes bug 192371. See SVN commit 1042068.
  • (Possibly) fix JuK skipping every other track on some Phonon backends. Patch provided by Kåre Särs. Fixes bug 204391. See SVN commit 1042537.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a 4.3.2 regression in diff parsing in case there are more deletions than insertions in a hunk (due to a typo in a bugfix). See SVN commit 1033955.

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