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KDE 4.2.4 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.2.4

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Text files with accents in them, and without a known extension, weren't recognized as text files. Fixes bug 188355. See SVN commit 970853.
  • Fix thread safety in KCatalog (for i18n() and QCoreApplication::translate()). Fixes bug 191122. See SVN commit 969775.
  • Fix strcasestr detection for glibc-2.9. See SVN commit 963449.


  • Implement compareDocumentPosition (DOM3 core, used by GWT). See SVN commit 962646.
  • Split DOM tree versioning into multiple counters, so we can do less needless collection cache flushing. See SVN commit 962452.
  • Fix line box tree corruption crashes that could occur after continuation merging. Fixes bugs 192380, 190350, 191027 and 192105. See SVN commit 971545.
  • Don't allow special alignment values to percolate through tables even in strict mode, as it isn't Mozilla-compatible. Fixes bug 193093. See SVN commit 971652.
  • Fix soft-hyphen rendering. Fixes bug 145335. See SVN commit 971657.
  • Introduce a fuse for smooth scrolling, that will check if it missed the deadline many times in a row. See SVN commit 971646.
  • Encode form elements in tree order even if they got moved around since registration. Fixes bug 158039. See SVN commit 963583.
  • Fix buffer flickering to black for some opacity values nearing 1.0. See SVN commit 971656.
  • When computing percentage height, extend the recurse-to-containing-block -when-size-is-auto quirk to apply to all objects, and not only to replaced elements. Fixes bug 158592. See SVN commit 971645.
  • Include floats in computation of visible flow region. Fixes bug 172693. See SVN commit 971650.
  • Improve behavior of clear button on form lineedits. Fixes bug 192663. See SVN commit 971648.
  • Don't allow mix of percents and integers in functional-style color declarations since it is explicitly disallowed by CSS 2.1. Fixes bug 193434. See SVN commit 971651.
  • Window::open arguments may also be split on syntactically meaningful whitespace - not just on commas. See SVN commit 971649.
  • Fix crash on some extremely malformed CSS. See SVN commit 969195.


  • Fix crashes or freezes (depending on architecture) when date objects receive extreme date values. Fixes bug 189373. See SVN commit 966155.


  • Fix recursive chmod, which would fail on directories containing symlinks. See SVN commit 971638.
  • Fix repeated message box about accepting a site with SSL errors, due to the site's certificate having recently expired. See SVN commit 971572.


  • Allow the file dialog to save a file using the absolute path on the location text edit. Fixes bug 180208. See SVN commit 970821.

kdeedu [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when a country has less than 4 capitals to play with. See SVN commit 974130.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Break pause text if it is too long. See SVN commit 972378.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • FictionBook backend: implement <strikethrough> in <p> tags. See SVN commit 973223.
  • PostScript backend: fix selection of pages when printing a range. Fixes bug 191223. See SVN commit 961995.
  • In the bottom page counter, do not assume the document has max 9999 pages. See SVN commit 964592.
  • Fix icon for the 'zoom' mode. Fixes bug 193770. See SVN commit 972331.
  • Fix potential crash when constructing text annotations. Fixes bug 192293. See SVN commit 972754.
  • ODT backend: read the font-style property of styles. Fixes bug 193916. See SVN commit 973214.
  • ODT backend: give a more correct size for the pages. See SVN commit 973216.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Allow users to reply to messages in the sent-mail folder again. Fixes bug 190105. See SVN commit 965028.
  • Fix messages in UTF-16 being undeleteable with online IMAP and duplicating themselves with disconnected IMAP. See SVN commit 972821.
  • Fix online IMAP only showing one mail on Windows. Fixes bug 190503. See SVN commit 960925.
  • Make the folder list columns resizeable again. Fixes bugs 187175, 190230 and 190838. See SVN commits 967442, 967443, 967444 and 967478.
  • Don't hide folders when the folder quick search was active when quitting. Fixes bug 187041. See SVN commit 972824.
  • Fix incorrect status bar message when copying messages. Fixes bug 187553. See SVN commit 972825.
  • Fix a regression that syncing a disconnected IMAP account was slow and used a lot of memory. Fixes bug 191753. See SVN commit 970924.
  • Fix a crash with online IMAP filtering. Fixes bug 175584. See SVN commit 970512.
  • Don't send mails in HTML if only the HTML toolbar was enabled, but no formatting being actually used. See SVN commit 964280.
  • Fix a crash when refreshing the cache of a disconnected IMAP account. See SVN commit 967479.
  • Fix system tray icon not reacting to folder configuration changes. See SVN commit 964282.
  • Fix system tray icon being incorrectly shown when there were no unread messages. See SVN commit 964285.
  • Some minor fixes for the folder selection dialog. See SVN commits 967470 and 967476.
  • Some minor fixes for the subscription dialog. See SVN commits 964274 and 961010.
  • Allow UTF-8 when sending from the command line. See SVN commit 970516.
  • Fix incorrect spell checking status in the composer statusbar. See SVN commit 970517.
  • Get rid of a bogus drag object when commenting on invitations. See SVN commit 970672.
  • Don't allow HTML in invitation replies. See SVN commit 970739.
  • Fix some bogus error messages when refreshing the cache of a disconnected IMAP account. See SVN commit 970741.


  • Show alarms created by Import Birthdays as date-only in the alarm list. See SVN commit 972808.
  • Fix crash on KAlarm exit. See SVN commit 971966.
  • Fix crash if an alarm is open for editing when it triggers, and the edit is then saved. Fixes bug 193562. See SVN commit 971926.
  • Fix crash on exit from birthday import dialog. Fixes bug 192612. See SVN commit 968121.
<h3 id="kdeutils"><a name="kdeutils">kdeutils</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="4_2_4/kdeutils.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>
<div class="module" style="padding-left: 20px;">
  <h4><a href="" name="kgpg">KGpg</a></h4>
  <div class="product" style="padding-left: 20px;">
    <li class="bugfix ">Fixed a memleak in the options dialog. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">962821</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Make it work with GnuPG 2.0.10 and later. Fixes bug <a href="">188473</a>.  See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">973317</a>. </li>

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