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KDE 4.2.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.2.2

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • KUrl: Do not escape '?' in fragments. Fixes problems on Facebook which could result in redirection to a missing page. Fixes bug 173101. See SVN commit 943285.
  • Fixed two memory leaks. See SVN commits 932944 and 932955.
  • Fix encoding problems (e.g. in kioslaves) due to Qt-4.5 behavior change. Fixes bug 186038. See SVN commit 938370.
  • Fix encoding problems in command-line-arguments parsing code. Fixes bug 186038. See SVN commit 938657.
  • Fix starting korganizer twice; the command-line-arguments code treated the current dir as an argument. See SVN commit 943913.
  • Fix crash in KFilterDev on 32-bit systems in some circumstances (happened when browsing the web but also in okular). Fixes bugs 157706 and 188415. See SVN commit 947125.


  • Fix accelerators not working on KTabWidget. See SVN commit 940185.
  • Fix Ctrl+F/Ctrl+R/F3 in a KTextEdit not working at all. See SVN commit 933015.
  • Support for generic-icon fallbacks from shared-mime-info when loading mimetype icons. See SVN commit 942041.


  • Fix non-working (and/or crashing) overwriting of a file (or symlink) with a directory. Fixes bug 151851. See SVN commit 945034.
  • Don't make the source dir "disappear" (visually, it was still there on disk) if there was an error while removing one of its subdir (e.g. wrong encoding). Fixes bug 187868. See SVN commit 944994.
  • Cookie dialog: fix bug that showed duplicates; make "apply to this/these cookie(s) only" do exactly that, rather than also applying to other cookies from the same host that might have arrived while the dialog was shown. See SVN commit 944753.
  • Show correct file type in the permission string, for sockets, char devices, block devices, named pipes. Fixes bug 176161. See SVN commit 935314.
  • Fixed performance of the properties dialog: use faster way of getting the list of groups that a user belongs to. In case of centralized setups (e.g. winbind) with 1000 groups or more, the dialog could take minutes to appear. Fixes bug 89646. See SVN commit 935835.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the ACL code. See SVN commit 935837.
  • Fixed infinite loop (in KDirModel) when typing "." in the directory selection dialog. See SVN commit 937995.
  • Better input validation in help:/ urls. See SVN commit 938005.
  • Improve usability of "File Already Exists" dialog: focus LineEdit rather than Cancel button. Fixes bug 182363. See SVN commit 938010.
  • Performance improvements when marking a large amount of files as "cut". Works better with Qt-4.5 than with Qt-4.4 though. Fixes bug 185267. See SVN commit 941599.
  • Fix crash when executing an empty command. Fixes bug 186036. See SVN commit 945699.


  • Fix Ctrl+Delete losing cursor position. Fixes bug 178379. See SVN commit 939380.


  • Support CSS3's background-attachment: local. Fixes bug 185631. See SVN commit 939470.
  • Reimplement search in sub-frames, making it work for all the document and its sub-documents. Fixes bugs 187475, 177397 and 188276. See SVN commits 944751 and 945668.
  • Cache font widths, producing about a 2x speedup rendering large, text-heavy documents; effect is smaller on other workloads. See SVN commit 946162.
  • CSS selectors: compute ancenstor summaries to be able to quickly realize that descendant selectors do not match. Reduces the number of checkSimpleSelector calls needed on Youtube 5x. See SVN commit 942355.
  • Significant name lookup optimizations for IDString, yielding about 10-15% speedup on simple parsing (display:none) benchmark, and about 1.4x or so speedup on getAttribute & similar microbenchmarks. See SVN commits 939348 and 939363.
  • Multiple lookup cache improvements, permitting getElementById lookup to be zero-copy. See SVN commits 938649 and 939243.
  • CSS selectors: multiple optimizations to avoid allocations and streamline data structures. See SVN commits 942355, 942357, 942360, 942363, 942364 and 942365.
  • CSS selectors: improve performance of checking of link pseudo-state. See SVN commits 942368 and 942369.
  • CSS selectors: improve performance of collecting selectors accross multiple stylesheets and streamline some cache lookups. See SVN commits 942361 and 942360.
  • CSS selectors: improve performance of begin/end selector matching. See SVN commit 942375.
  • CSS selectors: improve performance of :lang matching. See SVN commits 942373, 942377 and 942412.
  • Faster whitespace handling in multiple areas. See SVN commits 940710 and 942366.
  • Prospective tokenizer: multiple optimizations to avoid copies and allocations. See SVN commits 942354, 942363, 942370 and 942378.
  • Don't suspend the tokenizer for a yield when handling innerHTML; fixes dropping of parts of large innerHTML updates, especially on debug builds and on slower machines. See SVN commit 938338.
  • Better model for determination of line breaking opportunities and handling of inline whitespace (fix slashdot tag widget). Fixes bug 176681. See SVN commits 939854, 940709, 940712, 942422 and 942396.
  • Work around Qt4.4 bug that caused occassional 2-pixel high repainting problems when scrolling. See SVN commit 939488.
  • Convert null to "" in CSS value manipulation. Fixes expanding of changelog entries on launchpad bazaar changetracker. Fixes bug 186629. See SVN commit 937328.
  • Rework the algorithm that avoids endless scrollbar cycles, to avoid pathological scrollbar flicker (e.g. when moving some DHTML positioned boxes) See SVN commit 939476.
  • Do not run JavaScript when frames are resized during layout which could lead to infinite recursion. Fixes bugs 185790 and 182027. See SVN commit 939480.
  • Fix animated GIFs not working under Qt4.5, and some smaller problems with them and Qt4.4. Fixes bugs 175858 and 186159. See SVN commit 943998.
  • Fix shortcut clashes when splitting the Konqueror window. Fixes bug 177332. See SVN commit 933031.
  • Submit a form when return is hit on a checkbox or radio button. Fixes bug 152035. See SVN commit 942331.
  • Don't let labels fire click events on disabled objects. Fixes bug 159682. See SVN commit 942329.
  • Make sure to fire onChange events when value is set using auto-completion. Fixes bug 113776. See SVN commit 942340.
  • Allow empty text in a JavaScript window.prompt(). Fixes bug 145213. See SVN commit 942334.
  • Don't allow multiple radiobuttons to be checked on default. Fixes bug 161272. See SVN commit 942337.
  • Fix a crash with textContent and tables. See SVN commit 935261.
  • Fix crash when images with pending image load events are destroyed during pending load event. See SVN commit 933877.
  • Fix crashes with Qt4.5 in some scenarios. See SVN commit 945669.
  • Make the "following a link to local file" dialog in KHTMLPart use the Cancel button by default. Fixes bug 82014. See SVN commit 932632.
  • Do not crash while opening non-well-formed SVG files. Fixes bug 160421. See SVN commit 941184.
  • Fix input type=hidden to not match :disabled/:enabled pseudo classes. See SVN commit 939471.
  • Fix an image corruption issue with the raster graphics system, and a possible performance issue. See SVN commit 942393.
  • Acid3: use a stricter grammar for the parsing of CSS selectors: require at least a whitespace for the 'Descendant' combinator. See SVN commit 940713.
  • Acid3: don't discard iframe children. See SVN commit 940714.
  • Fix offsetLeft/Top for position:fixed objects. Do not follow draft cssom-view specification for those. Fixes bug 187787. See SVN commits 944743 and 944744.
  • Fix regression in sizing of the background image for the root element. Fixes bug 187285. See SVN commit 944745.
  • Fix placement of tooltips. Fixes bug 171545. See SVN commit 946617.
  • Hide tooltips when moving the mouse outside their areas. Fixes bug 175063. See SVN commit 946617.


  • Tolerate unescaped ']' outside of character ranges in regular expressions, for compatibility. See SVN commit 944737.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Now playing dataengine: do not crash if a media player does not implement the MPRIS interface correctly. See SVN commit 938759.


  • Block handling of normal I/O streams until javascript: queries are handled. Fixes problems with opening of local flash files, and hopefully the occassional white windows on flash online. See SVN commit 939403.


  • Improved overall stability
  • Prevent launching queries for the auto-completed text. See SVN commit 943288.
  • Avoid krunner deadlocking and not responding (in some cases). See SVN commit 934418.
  • Prevent showing duplicate results. See SVN commit 935345.
  • Improve consistency of the results, avoid flickering. See SVN commit 943287.

filetypes editor

  • Sort mimetype list in the filetypes editor. Fixes bug 186517. See SVN commit 937311.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix saving of scores for languages that use non-ASCII characters for difficulty level names. See SVN commit 939860.


  • Make knetwalk work in RTL languages. Fixes bug 187870. See SVN commit 943986.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Presentation mode: add Up (previous page) and Down (next page) keys. Fixes bug 184095. See SVN commit 933725.
  • Focus the text when opening an annotation popup. See SVN commit 935099.
  • Inverse search should be more reliable in DVI documents, and hopefully working for pdfsync as well. Fixes bug 159074. See SVN commit 943106.
  • CHM backend: really read all the HTML pages. Fixes bug 183542. See SVN commit 933552.
  • Presentation mode: make sure to initialize correctly, regardless of the received widget events. Fixes bug 180291. See SVN commit 936561.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Save the configuration when changing the master channel. See SVN commit 937928.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when KAlarm quits. Fixes bug 185365. See SVN commit 935344.
  • Fix memory leaks. See SVN commits 941109 and 941153.


  • Speed up syncing of disconnected IMAP folders. Fixes bug 151916. See SVN commit 935085.
  • Add some config compatibility code so incoming accounts will not be lost if the update scripts didn't run properly after upgrading from KDE 3. See SVN commit 938128.
  • In the message list, change the date after passing midnight. Fixes bug 174684. See SVN commit 938190.
  • Don't show all columns in the message list when restarting KMail. Fixes bug 178154. See SVN commit 938198.
  • Fix KMail being unable to open .tar.gz attachments. Fixes bug 184459. See SVN commit 938202.
  • Fix threading by subject. Fixes bug 185796. See SVN commit 938208.
  • Don't crash when changing the style. Fixes bug 176671. See SVN commit 938219.
  • Don't collapse groups when using the collapse threads action. Fixes bug 183031. See SVN commit 938228.
  • Update the view when changing the sender/receiver setting of a folder. Fixes bug 183237. See SVN commit 938236.
  • When selecting all messages, make sure to select messages in collapsed groups as well This fixes the move all messages to trash action. Fixes bug 181297. See SVN commit 940766.
  • Fix problem that the view source and the print action were sometimes disabled. Fixes bugs 183142 and 185518. See SVN commit 940767.
  • Make sure HTML messages with absolute positioning can't overwrite the header. Fixes bug 96557. See SVN commit 940115.
  • Don't produce garbage when using filters to forward a message. Fixes bug 174942. See SVN commit 940772.
  • Fix display problem in the account wizard when checking what the server supports. Fixes bug 186401. See SVN commit 942022.
  • Add missing line break to the folder tooltip. Fixes bug 186803. See SVN commit 944041.


  • Fix crash when deselecting the KMail plugin. See SVN commit 935082.
<h3 id="kdesdk"><a name="kdesdk">kdesdk</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="4_2_2/kdesdk.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>
<div class="module" style="padding-left: 20px;">
  <h4><a name="kompare">Kompare</a></h4>
  <div class="product" style="padding-left: 20px;">
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix remaining saving-related bugs and save on exit annoyances. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">944066</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix parsing of multi-file unified diffs without "diff ...." lines. Fixes bug <a href="">139209</a>.  See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">944068</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix Next/Previous File going through the files in random order. Fixes bug <a href="">186828</a>.  See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">944069</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix the debugging output to go to the correct KDebug areas. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">944070</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix a URL portability issue (KUrl::path() being used instead of KUrl::toLocalFile()) in the Save Options widget. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">944072</a>. </li>

<h3 id="kdeutils"><a name="kdeutils">kdeutils</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="4_2_2/kdeutils.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>
<div class="module" style="padding-left: 20px;">
  <h4><a href="" name="kgpg">KGpg</a></h4>
  <div class="product" style="padding-left: 20px;">
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix "Open Editor" from systray context menu if leftclick action was set to open editor. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">938982</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix crash">Fix a crash when searching for "casper" on keyservers. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">936967</a>. </li>

<h3 id="kdebindings"><a name="kdebindings">kdebindings</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="4_2_2/kdebindings.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>
<div class="module" style="padding-left: 20px;">
  <h4><a href="" name="pykde4">PyKDE4</a></h4>
  <div class="product" style="padding-left: 20px;">
    <li class="bugfix ">Added back in. It is needed by anyone runtime loading a .ui file which contains KDE widgets. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">941221</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Enabled KIconDialog::setup() and KIconButton::setIconType() methods. See SVN commit <a href=";view=rev">942174</a>. </li>

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