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KDE 4.1.3 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.1.3

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make the "clear" action undo-aware. Fixes bug 172031. See SVN commit 866969.


  • Significantly improve the efficiency of how we paint images when full-page scaling, by doing scaling directly with imload. See SVN commit 867171.
  • Optimize canvas element - save calls to non-inline QImage::width(). About 0.25% CPU cycles less See SVN commit 867600.
  • Optimize canvas element - set color components directly on the scan line rather than reading and setting QColor values with pixel() and setPixel(). Saved about 4-6% of cpu cycles on a heavy duty example. See SVN commit 867730.
  • Support position:fixed on the 'body' element even in quirk mode. See SVN commit 864535.
  • Fix offsetTop/Left/Parent properties to be more in conformance with draft CSSOM View module specification. Fixes bugs 170091 and 170055. See SVN commit 864536.
  • Fixed potential out-of-bounds access in editing. See SVN commit 865762.
  • Support focus/blur on all elements (likely mozilla extension), used by Youtube quicklist Fixes bug 169988. See SVN commit 867176.
  • Stop combo boxes not updating themselves anymore after first use. Fixes bug 164709. See SVN commit 868031.
  • Make sure the hash is %-decoded; fixes the W3C slide tool. See SVN commit 868614.
  • Fake window.scrollbars a bit better. Page checking for a .visible property will always get undefined (false) for now Fixes bug 172334. See SVN commit 869061.
  • Fix for the google maps. Honour CSSOM View Module draft specification for Offset* properties by returning null for display:none objects Fixes bugs 171896 and 153745. See SVN commit 869314.
  • Fix onchange event on linedits/textareas. See SVN commit 873038.
  • Rework how we do onchange for input/checkboxes, unbreaking it and simplifying things. As we only want to fire it in response to user events, this just does it in defaultEventHandler. Fixes bugs 148118, 165607 and 170451. See SVN commit 873059.
  • Use computedStyle() without directly asking the render object. There are still some cases where it is a hard requirement. See SVN commit 871476.
  • Fixed disabled <button> dispatching events and getting pressed-down. Probably want to tweak the CSS some more to grey out the font, though. Fixes bug 170159. See SVN commit 873068.
  • As we do our own event transporting we have to do our own bubbling for nested QWidgets embedded as from controls. Fixes the click on the clear button for the file input element. Fixes bug 153035. See SVN commit 873119.
  • Set keyboard focus on the KLineEdit of file input elements when clicking on it. Fixes bug 153035. See SVN commit 873152.
  • Deliver key events to a widget's focus widget. This might be different than the main widget in the case of KUrlRequester (<input type="file">). Fixes bug 153035. See SVN commit 873196.
  • Fixing width, height and padding unit and values for visible as well as invisible elements. Fixes some jquery test suite failures. See SVN commit 873497.
  • Fixed margin values on invisible elements. Also fixed computed value of percentage value. See SVN commit 873514.
  • DocumentImpl::unsubmittedChanges actually relied on modified things having 'M' at the end of their state serialization, which broke notification of changes. Fix this by adding an appropriate abstraction. Fixes bug 173159. See SVN commit 873587.
  • backport: don't crash when the khtmlpart is deleted while a print dialog is open Fixes bug 144940. See SVN commit 873635.
  • Track the event target for all mouse buttons. Fixes mmb pasting in input type=text form widgets. See SVN commit 873657.
  • Fix static positioning of positioned inline replaced elements. Fixes bug 172487. See SVN commit 873676.
  • Fix determination of painted surface for containers with text-only children. See SVN commit 873677.
  • Partly fix the scroll event dispatching, so that window.onscroll works (fix /.'s floating comment box). See SVN commit 873679.
  • Do not skip empty CSS rules - they must appear in the cssRules array., for instance, needs this to perform some unspeakable CSS hacks. Fixes bugs 170411 and 165734. See SVN commit 873668.
  • Fix incomplete repaints happening from time to time when jumping early during page load. Fixes bug 166413. See SVN commit 873671.
  • Various RTL layout application (-reverse cmdline option) fixes: implement RTL scrollbars on CSS containers ; fix iframes scrollbars in RTL mode ; fix wrong direction when scrolling horizontally ; fix grey block on left of view. Fixes bugs 172258 and 170679. See SVN commit 873671.
  • Various HTML Frames fixes : make frame resizing dynamic ; eliminate most frame flicker by cleaning up RenderWidget's resizing code. See SVN commit 873673.
  • Bring our preferred min max width calculation algorithm for floats closer to Gecko 1.9+ and WebCore. As a result the interoperability with Gecko 1.9+ is stunning, but somewhat worse with IE/Opera. Fix e.g articles layout. See SVN commit 873680.
  • Fix crash when fixed-layout tables specify all % width as 0 (affects new ebay myebay version). Fixes bug 172557. See SVN commit 874965.
  • Don't return -1 for location.port when no port is set (regression due to change in KUrl semantics). Fixes recent quotes on google finance page. Fixes bug 172371. See SVN commit 875314.
  • Fix how we find existing frames for the purpose of form target= submission. This fixes file upload for drupal 6/jquery.form --- its submit was incorrectly blocked as a popup attempt. Fixes bugs 102044 and 172073. See SVN commit 875819.
  • Fix signature mis-match here, unbreaks loading of accessibility/user stylesheet, and also crash on exit when one is set. Fixes bugs 167268 and 164796. See SVN commit 876287.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash because of an URL redirection. Fixes bug 155591. See SVN commit 875564.
  • Fix crash when showing previews of images having an extremly large aspect ratio. Fixes bug 170547. See SVN commit 871813.


  • Fix drawing problems in compositing mode when KRunner changes size. See SVN commit 866586.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix icon not having transparent background. Fixes bug 171923. See SVN commit 868579.


  • Game -> Restart Game resets the game timer now. Fixes bug 144476. See SVN commit 875419.
  • Clear the redo history as well when resetting the current game. See SVN commit 875464.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • When saving a selection of the document as image, assume the wanted format is PNG if not recognized from the file name. See SVN commit 866615.
  • Make the memory handling work for real with >= 4 GB of RAM. See SVN commit 867873.
  • Select all the text when opening the find bar. Fixes bug 172585. See SVN commit 869969.
  • Fix drawing glitches with note, stamp, and rect/ellipse annotations. Fixes bug 160396. See SVN commit 870165.
  • Safer toolbar editing. Fixes bugs 168528 and 171186. See SVN commit 870503.
  • Allow to configure the shortcuts (and not only that) for the actions of the "View Mode" menu. Fixes bug 172661. See SVN commit 870511.
  • Do not ignore (white)spaces in the search query when searching within the text of a page. Fixes bug 172244. See SVN commit 873278.
  • DjVu backend: be sure to print correctly. See SVN commit 875560.

kdepim [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix very high CPU usage by KAlarm when there are alarms with sub-repetitions, or deferrals, with periods greater than 1 week. (Fix is in kdepimlibs.) Fixes bug 172246. See SVN commits 865199 and 865203.
  • Fix alarms not triggering correctly after laptop wakes from hibernation. Fixes bug 173034. See SVN commit 874976.
  • Fix inability to change or cancel alarm deferral times. See SVN commit 870668.
  • Fix addition and deletion of alarms to KOrganizer. See SVN commit 874069.


  • Improve detection of when a line in the mail text should be rendered right-to-left. Fixes bug 134036. See SVN commit 866979.
  • Fix KMail sending invalid charsets like "ISO 8859-xx" instead of "ISO-8859-xx". Fixes bug 171947. See SVN commit 870426.
  • Fix another crash on exit when using IMAP. See SVN commit 875811.
  • Fix a crash when opening a just added attachment that got quoted-printable encoded and contained a CRLF linefeed. See SVN commit 877115.
  • Give the "Keep replies in this folder" setting precedence over the sent mail folder configured in the identity. See SVN commit 877116.
  • Fix possible random mail duplication with disconnected IMAP. See SVN commit 877938.


  • Make sure the next/previous month buttons in the date navigator work as expected. Fixes bug 122333. See SVN commit 870427.

kdeutils [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Value fields in the Decoding table now fit max value length. See SVN commit 172324.


  • Fix regular expression for domain names. Fixes bug 172850. See SVN commits 871887 and 871927.
  • Save changes after editing a key group. See SVN commit 871927.
  • Fix sorting by trust showing the secret pairs at the wrong end of the list. See SVN commit 874984.
  • Fix crash when trying to show key properties of a group member. See SVN commit 876356.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Don't add duplicate contacts. See SVN commits 865118 and 865119.
  • Fix crash during KDE logout. Fixes bug 172011. See SVN commit 869875.
  • Fix occasional crash when accounts change status to online or offline. Fixes bug 172985. See SVN commit 872280.
  • Speed up parsing of message with many emoticons. Fixes bug 172485. See SVN commit 872808.
  • Fix occasional ICQ/AIM login crash. Fixes bug 172997. See SVN commit 872809.
  • Fix crash if Jabber has contact with empty Jabber ID. Fixes bug 173136. See SVN commit 875552.
  • Fix crash when any device was removed while webcam is present. Fixes bug 172997. See SVN commit 872809.
  • Don't add new line at the end of ICQ/AIM richtext message. Fixes bug 146380. See SVN commit 876034.

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