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KDE 4.0.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.0.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash in KAboutApplicationDialog when the constructor was called with aboutData == 0. See SVN commit 759579.
  • Open correct help pages from KConfigDialog. See SVN commit 761399.
  • Prevent crash in KBugReport. See SVN commit 763406.
  • Fix crash in kded4 when doing RMB / Configure Shortcut on a menu item. See SVN commit 765806.
  • Improve performance of spelling checking in textareas. See SVN commit 760045.
  • Honor tab text color in kstyles. Fixes bug 154894. See SVN commit 764067.
  • Fix positioning of application windows on session restore. Fixes bug 156092. See SVN commit 764896.
  • Fix possible keyboard lockup with global shortcuts. Fixes bug 153211. See SVN commit 763133.
  • Fix KSqueezedTextLabel so it returns a more usable squeezed text. Fixes the rename/overwrite dialogs, which could become too big or could show too little information about the files involved. See SVN commit 768072.
  • Make the close buttons actually work on tabs. Fixes bug 152775. See SVN commit 768071.


  • Always open the correct file with KFileWidget. When file name got pasted into the line edit, sometimes the wrong file got opened (e.g in KWrite). Fixes bug 155356. See SVN commit 762725.


  • Fix Ctrl-A in Konqueror location bar. Fixes bug 153114. See SVN commit 757297.
  • Fix regression in key codes on keydown/keyup events. Fixes bug 155319. See SVN commit 758788.
  • Fix improper exception raising in removeAttribute. Fixes bug 155320. See SVN commit 758800.
  • Don't let exception logging code mess up the global exception code, preventing event handlers from running. Fixes bug 759623. See SVN commit 759623.
  • Move handling of embedded objects to the DOM, permitting hidden iframes to be manipulated. Fixes bugs 71809 and 150240. See SVN commits 761087, 761088, 761089, 761090 and 761091.
  • Support onload events on script elements; needed for jQuery See SVN commit 762468.
  • If a frame is an IFrame, always embed its content, do not show a "save or embed dialog". Prevents multiple dialogs from popping up when visiting See SVN commit 762408.
  • Multiple fixes to DOM2 traversal (TreeWalker, NodeIterator and NodeFilter). It is now advertised as a supported feature by hasFeature. See SVN commits 763246, 763247, 763248, 763529, 763605, 763681 and 768393.
  • Multiple fixes to namespace and qualifiedName validation. See SVN commits 762887, 763615 and 763644.
  • Properly share JavaScript wrappers around DOM objects accross documents. Fixes bug 145775. See SVN commit 763528.
  • Create dedicated exception objects. See SVN commits 762877 and 762890.
  • Include human-readable code of DOM exceptions. See SVN commit 761523.
  • Basic cloneNode() implementation for Document and DocumentType. See SVN commit 763553.
  • Do not emit onchange on synthetic toggling of radio buttons and checkboxes. Fixes crash on beta BBC webpage. Fixes bug 155973. See SVN commit 762684.
  • Don't improperly round values when serializing to cssText. Fixes failures on the jQuery testsuite. See SVN commit 761121.
  • Don't crash cloning elements with both inline and non-CSS style information where the inline information was created directly. Fixes bug 153711. See SVN commit 761978.
  • Fix handling of null arguments to DOMImplementation::createDocument and DOMImplementation::hasFeature. See SVN commits 761979 and 763605.
  • Set the prototype property on the XMLHttpRequest constructor object. See SVN commit 762729.
  • Properly return computed values for HTMLButtonElement.type and not specified ones. See SVN commit 762757.
  • More accurate premultiplication in imload. See SVN commit 765398.
  • Don't improperly attach object-like elements when not needed, fixing a crash. Fixes bug 126285. See SVN commit 765886.
  • Don't crash on drop in frames. See SVN commit 766879.
  • Fix imprecision of timer events w/long-executing code. See SVN commit 766880.
  • Range: Fix cloning and extracting of collapsed ranges. See SVN commit 760936.
  • Range: Properly extend range on insertNode in the Range interface. See SVN commit 760977.
  • Range: Fixed insertion of a text node into a range in another one. See SVN commit 764044.
  • Canvas: Implement the rest of functionality specified in HTML5: getImageData, putImageData, and toDataURL. See SVN commits 765389, 765390 and 765396.
  • Canvas: Multiple minor spec-compliance fixes. See SVN commits 765393, 765394, 765398 and 762875.
  • More compatible arcTo implementation in obscure cases. See SVN commits 758343 and 762820.
  • Canvas: Update to match spec changes that happened after 4.0.0. Transformations now affect path construction in addition to fills and strokes. See SVN commit 762410.
  • Canvas: Fix problems with scaling of canvas. See SVN commit 763682.
  • Canvas: Fix a bug with recoloring translucent shadows. See SVN commit 765888.
  • Canvas: Use the CSS parser for color parsing, as specified, fixing many issues. See SVN commit 765397.
  • JS Debugger: Fix a crash on eval code fragments that contain escaping function objects. See SVN commit 759026.
  • JS Debugger: Fix a crash on evaluation in console without an active context. Better fallback context finding. See SVN commit 759622.
  • JS Debugger: Fix a crash when clearing an interpreter which never ran code. See SVN commit 760175.
  • Canvas: Improve performance of drawImage. See SVN commit 765395.
  • Canvas: Avoid calling setClipPath() in acquirePainter() when no clip path has been set. See SVN commit 758357.


  • Set a limit on stack consumption for libPCRE, to avoid it running out of stack space on some regular expressions. Fixes bugs 149191 and 151477. See SVN commit 760932.
  • Fix single-argument String.prototype.substr; fixes the $= selector in jQuery. See SVN commit 762052.
  • Properly validate identifiers even when they're expressed with \u escapes. See SVN commit 760170.
  • Handle the BOM as a whitespace character, for compatibility. See SVN commit 764374.
  • Properly handle NaN in various Date methods. See SVN commit 760608.
  • Make the constructor property of function objects writable, as specified. See SVN commit 763670.


  • Fix setting file permissions in properties-dialog. See SVN commit 764485.
  • Ensure that I/O slaves do not end up with stale metadata. Fixes bug 153538. See SVN commit 759473.
  • Fix stalls on long file transfers. Fixes bug 156259. See SVN commit 768905.


  • Fix content-disposition parsing. Fixes bug 153693. See SVN commit 759470.
  • Reliability improvements. See SVN commit 768230.


  • Provide a C++-style include (KPrintPreview) alias for kprintpreview.h. See SVN commit 763527.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Suggest a filename for saving backtrace. Fixes bug 142138. See SVN commit 764784.
  • Make all strings translatable. See SVN commit 763879.


  • Add new entry at the end of the list and return the correct item. Fixes bug 155773. See SVN commit 761418.
  • Return 1 when textbox got closed with close button or ESC. Fixes bug 150417. See SVN commit 761428.


  • Fixed losing entries in configuration file.
  • Make D-Bus (previously DCOP) action work.
  • Fix autostarting when needed. See SVN commit 765745.

libkonq (used by dolphin and konqueror)

  • Fix crash when undoing a directory creation, ask for confirmation too.


  • Fix crash on window.close() when using multiple tabs. Fixes bug 155225. See SVN commit 762431.
  • Added missing actions to filemanagement part: "additional info" actions, sort descending, show preview, show hidden files, categorized sorting.


  • Support XComposite translucency in the KPart in hosting applications that use an ARGB visual. See SVN commit 758145.


  • Restore support for user autostart folder ($KDEHOME/Autostart)
  • Fix possible crash at logout. See SVN commit 758422.


  • Make it again basically working. See SVN commit 763166.


  • Separate resize and rotate buttons on widgets, and allow breaking aspect ratio when resizing. See SVN commit 757843.
  • Highlight taskbar entries when the application wants attention. Fixes bug 155972. See SVN commit 765436.
  • Map viewports to virtual desktops, making taskbar and pager work with Compiz. See SVN commit 765315.
  • Fix widget handle rotation. See SVN commit 758499.
  • Fix background/preview rendering for the desktop. Fixes bug 155122. See SVN commit 757616.
  • Do not cause Gtk systray applications to crash. Fixes bug 153193. See SVN commit 758248.


  • Fix incorrect dialog position when shown for the first time. Fixes bug 155554. See SVN commit 761710.


  • Fix left-handed mouse setting on recent X versions. Fixes bug 150361. See SVN commit 760911.
  • Fix global-shortcuts configuration module cancelling all current global shortcuts. Fixes bug 156120. See SVN commit 768573.
  • Make it possible to configure global-actions (e.g. window operations) that don't have a shortcut defined yet. Fixes bug 155650. See SVN commits 768811 and 768814.


  • Make errors during compositing setup show even in release builds. See SVN commit 768134.
  • Improved error detection during compositing setup. See SVN commit 763106.
  • Enable making windows transparent when moving/resizing by default with compositing. See SVN commit 762717.
  • Fix crash in taskbar thumbnail effect. Fixes bug 156055. See SVN commit 765711.
  • Don't let windows overlap desktops in desktop grid effect. Fixes bug 156798. See SVN commit 768277.
  • Fix possible increased CPU usage with the present windows effect. Fixes bug 154270. See SVN commit 762661.
  • Handle correctly the case when maximization changes in both direction in opposite ways. Fixes bug 153970. See SVN commit 762645.


  • Fix restoring from saved session.


  • Various fixes to plugin embedding and LiveConnect. In particular, the Flash plugin should work much more reliably now. See SVN commits 768870 and 768871.
  • Various fixes to keyboard and focus handling of XEmbed plugins. See SVN commit 764345.
  • Generate xdg shared-mime-info mimetypes when plugins refer to new mimetypes, so that the mimetype-plugin association works in KDE4. See SVN commit 762860.

kdeedu [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix move action not being enabled when it should be. See SVN commit 757774.


  • Fix problem with correct IF evaluation in loops. Fixes bug 156437. See SVN commit 768309.
  • Fixed a bug where KTurtle would crash when the only input was '}' See SVN commit 765618.
  • Do not draw in go, gox, goy and center, no matter the pen state. The turtle will only draw when forward and backwards are called. This restores the behavior of KTurtle in KDE 3. See SVN commit 765337.


  • Compute angular size of planets See SVN commit 760415.
  • Make Help buttons work See SVN commit 760495.
  • Fix position angle of planets See SVN commit 761913.
  • gcc 4.x linker fix for -fvisibility=hidden (satlib) See SVN commit 762907.
  • Don't allow a planet's image size to be NaN Fixes bug 154650. See SVN commit 763551.
  • Don't call Pluto a planet in the Details window Fixes bug 132994. See SVN commit 763563.
  • Do not reset focus position when closing the Options window See SVN commit 765047.
  • Make color scheme changes persist across restarts See SVN commit 765823.
  • Make startup position 45 degrees above the south horizon See SVN commit 765833.
  • Fix crash in refract; also fix horizon in some projections Fixes bug 133505. See SVN commit 766937.
  • Allow stars named "star" to be saved to observing lists; also a fix for saving stars with genetive names (e.g., "sigma Orionis") to observing lists Fixes bug 147742. See SVN commit 767364.
  • Fix display of months in the Equinox/Solstice calculator module See SVN commit 767487.
  • change maximum faint limit for asteroids from 10 to 30 mag See SVN commit 767941.
  • Initialize custom catalogs when adding them, to avoid a crash See SVN commit 768147.
  • NGC 1975 and NGC 1977 are nebulae, not galaxy and cluster See SVN commit 768411.
  • Tighten up placement of name labels for elongated objects See SVN commit 768420.
  • Fix wrong planet positions for locales that don't use "." for decimalSymbol() Fixes bug 154195. See SVN commit 768484.


  • Backporting the bug to KDE 4.0.1. Fixes bug 155482. See SVN commit 760763.
  • Sync with trunk. All new icons are now in KDE 4.0.1 as well. See SVN commit 760765.
  • Kalzium element info specifies radia in pm but the values are actually angstroems. Fixes bug 153863. See SVN commit 763439.


  • The buttons for the Phonetic Alphabet were to small. Fixes bug 155635. See SVN commit 760225.


  • Satellite view: placemarks, like satellites, that are in the far-off hemisphere, can now be displayed.
  • Added zoom ranges.
  • A big boost in performance.
  • Support for custom, theme-based legends in HTML format.
  • Fixed a bug that made item appearance slow.
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in a severe slowdown from tile level 9 up.
  • Fixed a bug in the scale bar which wasn't displayed correctly at high zoom levels.
  • Lots of other small fixes regarding memory leaks and performance.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Dialog size calculation fix (on shallow-screen monitors, the bottom of the dialog ended up outside of the screen). See SVN commit 767561.


  • Fix bug when board was filled and 5 balls of same color weren't removed. Fixes bug 153907. See SVN commit 762747.


  • Better sizing for the scoreboard. See SVN commit 758088.


  • Fixed crash when pressing "New game" while AI is thinking.


  • Make speech language changing work. See SVN commit 763204.
  • Fix problem in the menu when loading a saved file. Fixes bug 156611. See SVN commit 765940.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not add X-DocPath for the backends, so they will not show up in KHelpCenter. See SVN commit 759081.
  • Manually set the scrollbars range, so they are correct when the viewport is resized and the content widget has the same size. Fixes bug 155652. See SVN commit 761349.
  • Do not show an ugly popup saying the document could not be loaded when we come from a file changed reload. Fixes bug 155734. See SVN commit 761491.
  • Use the local file path, so remote URLs are not downloaded again. See SVN commit 761847.
  • Correctly determine if the sidebar is shown or not. Fixes bug 156445. See SVN commit 765185.
  • Use the KDE colors for the content area messages. Fixes bug 156457. See SVN commit 765206.
  • TIFF backend: properly skip pages we are not able to read. Fixes bug 156608. See SVN commit 765973.
  • Fix mouse wheel scroll direction being swapped in presentation mode. Fixes bug 156880. See SVN commit 768320.


  • Improve speed of saving screenshots. See SVN commit 761967.
  • Fix permission of saved screenshots. See SVN commit 761967.
  • Fix problem that the KSnapshot window got not always hidden when desktop effects have been enabled. Fixes bug 153005. See SVN commit 761967.


  • Fix detection of remote url mimetypes. See SVN commit 758453.
  • Prompt for confirmation before overwriting an existing file. Fixes bug 134441. See SVN commit 764008.
  • Fix broken image display which could occur when trying to pan an image in zoom-to-fit mode. See SVN commit 764009.
  • Fix disappearing fullscreen toolbar when running on the 2nd screen of a Xinerama setup. Fixes bug 155787. See SVN commit 764041.
  • When cropping images with alpha buffer, don't fill transparent areas with garbage. See SVN commit 764801.
  • Update meta info size when necessary if image is modified. See SVN commit 766913.
  • Don't show full path in caption. See SVN commit 766914.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]

audiocd kioslave

  • Buildfix for NetBSD. Fixes bug 154990. See SVN commit 757752.
  • Fix support for FLAC > 1.1.2. Fixes bug 153503. See SVN commit 767696.


  • Fix the loading of playlists imported from KDE 3.5. See SVN commit 758722.
  • Fix incorrect icon names resulting in some icons not being shown. See SVN commit 758777.
  • Fix a bug causing the Collection List to only be saved the first time JuK was used. See SVN commit 758778.
  • Fix a bug where the Play Queue would be displayed twice if enabled during startup. See SVN commit 760146.
  • Properly save the status of the Play Queue on shutdown, instead of always enabling. See SVN commit 760146.
  • Move the track announcement popup to a more appropriate location. Still not perfect yet though. See SVN commit 760165.
  • Fix the insane size of the cover art in the track announcement popup. See SVN commit 760166.
  • Save and load the enabled status of playlist columns correctly. See SVN commit 760168.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix expandable details widget when a transfer has been moved. See SVN commit 759600.
  • Remove the .part extension when the original already file exits. Fixes bug 155720. See SVN commit 761400.
  • Remember plasmoid-size during theme-change. Fixes bug 155400. See SVN commit 763471.
  • Do not quit the app when it has been minimized to system tray and a new transfer dialog gets opened and closed again. Fixes problem with FlashGot. Fixes bug 156486. See SVN commit 766437.
  • Don't add a TransferObserver if a Transfer is finished Fixes bug 156555. See SVN commit 765802.
  • Close expandable Details when a row has been removed See SVN commit 760507.


  • Fixed displayed scrolling mode options when opening preferences dialog. See SVN commit 765024.
  • Fixed crash when closing the configuration dialog while using the 'Paging' scrolling mode. See SVN commit 765033.


  • Fix issues when start page has been disabled. Fixes bug 156041. See SVN commit 762818.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Improved text drawing in calc buttons. See SVN commit 153741.


  • Fix crash on session restoration. Fixes bug 153574. See SVN commit 758929.


  • Support plain tar files for folder encryption. See SVN commit 761914.
  • Fix crash when user requests to show a photo. Fixes bug 156054. See SVN commit 762827.
  • Fix crash on key generation. Fixes bug 154182. See SVN commit 767887.

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