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KDE 4.0.5 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.0.5

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Remove reading of X-DCOP-ServiceType from desktop files. Fixes bugs 156339 and 155873. See SVN commit 805921.


  • Workaround Qt4.4 bugs affecting form widget painting. See SVN commits 813596 and 805438.
  • Fix crash when generated content requires a layer (affected Fixes bug 156419. See SVN commit 812955.
  • Properly compute option names when their first child is a comment node. Fixes bug 161196. See SVN commit 812985.
  • Properly return names for custom events. See SVN commits 806618 and 809502.
  • Fix item() and length on DOMStyleSheetList objects. See SVN commit 812538.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]




  • Make the fish:/ kioslave more reliable. See SVN commit 806786.


  • Restaure correctly "No audio output". Fixes bug 162088. See SVN commit 816333.


  • Use radiobuttons for the session selection menu. See SVN commit 807235.
  • Use an action group for the authentication methods. See SVN commit 807236.
  • Make the delayed reboot popup button work again. See SVN commit 807238.
  • Fix background painting with qt 4.4. See SVN commit 807239.


  • Show the composite overlay window only before the first painting pass actually needs to flush the output to the screen. Avoids windows temporarily disappearing during KDE startup or similar visual glitches. See SVN commit 806388.
  • Do not register with the session manager at all, it's not needed and there may be a deadlock (noticeable when using other WM than KWin). See SVN commit 807026.


  • This ensures systemGtkrc doesn't get lost. Fixes bug 146779. See SVN commit 805916.


  • Brightness support in XRender compositing mode (makes Logout and DimInactive effects work). See SVN commit 805578.
  • Fixed memory leak with compositing enabled. See SVN commit 804133.
  • Clip properly with shaped windows with XRender compositing. Fixes bug 160141. See SVN commit 805222.
  • Fix XRender compositing initialization with non-truecolor depths. See SVN commit 805345.
  • Several other bugfixes in XRender compositing mode.
  • Do not try to use saturation in XRender compositing mode. See SVN commit 805575.
  • Restore color settings after painting background. Fixes splashscreen being fully black during KDE startup. See SVN commit 807453.
  • Avoid crash with the ThumbnailAside effect. See SVN commit 810011.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add three new keyboard layouts: Arabic, Finnish and Swiss. See SVN commit 807684.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Don't convert cover art to PNG, simply copy it as-is to disk. Fixes bug 157987. See SVN commit 806110.
  • Make dragging and dropping tracks work again. Fixes bug 162068. See SVN commit 807600.
  • Make the global shortcuts panel show up in the shortcuts dialog again. Fixes bug 157028. See SVN commit 807912.
  • Improved crossfading, volume transients with incoming song now much less frequent. Fixes bug 161168. See SVN commit 809463.
  • Do not assume Phonon is playing immediately after playback requested. Makes phonon-gst work on one song before crashing. See SVN commit 809540.
  • Load the correct icon for the Cover column. See SVN commit 810101.
  • Do not close JuK when clicking on the cover in the track popup window when minimized to system tray. See SVN commit 811011.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Correctly reset score on new game start Fixes bug 162667. See SVN commit 813606.
  • Start new game if needed before launching Demo Fixes bug 161326. See SVN commit 813618.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not create scrolling artifacts with Qt 4.4. Fixes bug 161737. See SVN commit 805179.
  • Do not consider hidden pages when getting the text within the selected rectangle. Fixes bug 157927. See SVN commit 808367.
  • Open bookmarked documents even when there is no open document. Fixes bug 162459. See SVN commit 811110.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not crash when closing chat windows and "Always show tabs" is enabled. Fixes bug 161769. See SVN commit 805382.
  • Less confusing "Hide Offline Users" button. Fixes bug 160561. See SVN commit 806558.
  • Don't pretend the balloon/bubble message notifications are still there. Fixes bug 159997. See SVN commit 808051.
  • Fix a crash occuring during internal message handling. Fixes bug 161790. See SVN commit 808179.
  • Fix plugin loading of view plugins, prevents a crash when saving behavior configuration settings in some localized versions. Fixes bug 161078. See SVN commit 811502.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Successful importing keys from clipboard is no longer reported as failed. Fixes bug 160929. See SVN commit 804542.
  • Minimize to tray works again. Fixes bug 158955. See SVN commit 805531.
  • Key generation popup get's hidden after error. See SVN commit 810046.

kdebindings [ all SVN changes ]


  • Added vararg, int and float argument support to the i18n() family of functions. Added the missing i18np() and i18ncp() functions. See SVN commit 813476.

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