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KDE 4.0.4 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.0.4

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make KAnimatedButton (used for e.g. Konqueror cogwheel) cache and reuse pixmaps for every frame, to avoid Qt keeping hundreds of duplicates of each in the global pixmap cache, reducing X pixmap usage considerably. See SVN commit 793672.


  • Rework our form widgets' baselines to align on the text content, rather than on the widget boundaries. See SVN commit 799845.
  • Improve CSS3 UI cursor support. See SVN commit 794168.
  • Support DOM3 wholeText and replaceWholeText(). See SVN commit 799256.
  • Optimized implementation of textarea's setText for common case where new content begins with a substring of the old content. See SVN commit 799843.
  • Rework the tracking of stylesheets' loaded state, preventing it from losing synchronization in some cases involving @import. Fixes bug 155493. See SVN commit 793180.
  • Properly close DOM-created nodes. Fixes election tracker, and 3 Acid3 tests. See SVN commit 792683.
  • Make searching within textareas work again. See SVN commit 794973.
  • Fix accesskey activation, and autoscroll suspension. See SVN commit 794169.
  • Make vertical alignment of inline-tables and inline-blocks comply with requirements of CSS 2.1 - 10.8.1. See SVN commit 799842.
  • Fix absolutely positioned static elements being misplaced and drawn on top of the border when they are the only child of a block. See SVN commit 799844.
  • Fix solving of percentage height for positioned elements, in light of the nota bene in CSS 2.1-10.5. Satisfyingly, the same code path can also be used to solve percentage intrinsic height (10.6.2) Fixes bug 160371. See SVN commit 799846.
  • Fix some errors in the implicit height code, that wasn't converting to content height. See SVN commit 799846.
  • Make sure we always use the padding edge when calculating the width of a positioned object's containing block. Fixes bug 137606. See SVN commit 799848.
  • Fix createDocument() to work as specified in DOM Level 2: Use the user-supplied doctype and set its Node.ownerDocument attribute to the document being created. See SVN commit 793896.
  • Let a redirect from within a javascript: frame source win out over the text. See SVN commit 794482.
  • Properly update currentTarget for events in capture phase. See SVN commit 792734.
  • Fix handling of events with custom names. Fixes bug 133887. See SVN commit 800710.
  • Fix update of :empty pseudo-class when text content changes. See SVN commit 799272.
  • Properly fall back to alternate content when doing delayed part creation due to needing to lookup the mimetype. See SVN commit 794519.
  • Fix handling of data: URLs in object/embed nests. See SVN commit 792682.
  • Fix return value of replaceChild in the ES bindings. See SVN commit 791907.
  • Fix up the full-blown Attr codes to properly take care of their kids. See SVN commit 791908.
  • Rework sizing of textarea so that it works in all styles. See SVN commit 799843.
  • Fix a bug in cost accounting in the tile caches. See SVN commit 794790.
  • Don't crash when dispatching some mouse events on documents created via createDocument(). See SVN commit 799153.


  • Activate JS compat mode in upcoming PCRE 7.7, when present. See SVN commit 796160.
  • Provide a bit of file and line number with RegExp parse errors. See SVN commit 798738.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Correctly enable the "Print" menu action. Fixes bug 160173. See SVN commit 792339.
  • Return the correct tooltip after the title of a bookmark is edited. Fixes bug 160189. See SVN commit 792389.
  • Update accordingly when a bookmark for the currently open document is removed. Fixes bug 160190. See SVN commit 792392.
  • Do not consider annotation comments as potentially rich text. Fixes bug 160306. See SVN commit 793231.
  • Do not construct highlight annotations with no text inside. Fixes bug 160502. See SVN commit 794918.
  • Do not end up in an infinite loop trying to get the best size. Fixes bug 160628. See SVN commit 795884.
  • Do not unexpectly switch to the following page when setting a new page via click on link in presentation mode (make the page view smarter in detecting events). See SVN commit 797550.
  • Small HIG fixes in the annotation properties dialog. See SVN commit 798697.
  • Comicbook backend: correctly free the resources when closing a document, so we do not crash when opening particular sequences of comicbooks (eg cbz -> cbr -> cbz). See SVN commit 798869.
  • ODT, FictionBook and Plucker backends: clear document information and TOC, so opening a new document does not show possible information of the previous. See SVN commits 798891, 798892, 798898 and 799078.
  • Calculate correctly the amount of memory, so the preloading should work again. Fixes bug 153675. See SVN commit 801781.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix Arabic support. Fixes bug 160482. See SVN commit 794517.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix shellcmdplugins and remoteencoding plugins. Make it work with dolphinpart. See SVN commit 797245.


  • Fix crash at logout in some cases. Fixes bug 160634. See SVN commit 796437.


  • Unbreak suspend/hibernate on logout (rh#442559). See SVN commit 800176.


  • Clicking on tray icon hides/show application. See SVN commit 800238.

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]


  • Use KDE username in KScoreDialog if no default is provided. See SVN commit 802171.
  • Allow negative scores in KScoreDialog. See SVN commit 802175.
  • Correctly use the last used username in KScoreDialog. See SVN commit 802177.
  • Provide an 'Ok' button in KScoreDialog to confirm name entry. Fixes bug 157973. See SVN commit 802177.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Create a user writable directory for chat style installation if none exists yet to enable installation of custom chat styles. Fixes bug 160590. See SVN commit 798901.
  • Ensure that the text input field has focus in the chat window so that e.g. pasting text always works when the chat window has focus. Fixes bug 158371. See SVN commit 799085.
  • Enable optional saving of a password before connecting. This way the repeated questions for a password (if set incorrectly in the configuration dialog) can be avoided as well. Fixes bug 157697. See SVN commit 799108.
  • Fix the latex script for dash based systems (like *buntu). Fixes bug 135997. See SVN commit 799199.


  • Respect the screen resolution of the screen KRDC is running, not the first one. Fixes bug 160853. See SVN commit 797826.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make 'Search' the default action in keyserver dialog instead of 'Close'. Fixes bug 160930. See SVN commit 803050.

kdebindings [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fixes the problem where menu item text doesn't appear when using the Oxygen style. See SVN commit 797452.
  • Updated the sip files; fixes crashes with KConfig and related classes. See SVN commit 793509.

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