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KDE 4.0.3 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.0.3

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix uninitialized value in KMimeType::findByFileContent(). See SVN commit 783037.
  • Fix crash when parsing a .desktop file with an empty MimeType line. See SVN commit 781960.
  • KConfig fix: create the parent directory of the given file path, if it doesn't exist. See SVN commit 781900.
  • KConfig::copyTo doesn't write out an empty file anymore. See SVN commit 780692.


  • Fix KNumInput so that text input works when it has a suffix. See SVN commit 785378.
  • Fix window icon sometimes not read in the correct size. See SVN commit 786634.
  • Fix XMLGUI issue that positionned separators at the wrong place in menus. See SVN commit 784991.


  • Major speedup in KDirModel::nodeForUrl(), 10 times faster now. See SVN commit 785347.
  • Fix crash in KDirWatch which happened sometimes when deleting non-empty directories. See SVN commit 786563.
  • Fix writing of Exec line in .desktop files to avoid multiplication of dollar signs. Fixes bug 119263. See SVN commit 782245.
  • Changes in the system configuration (e.g. file types) are now taken into account immediately even if not running a full KDE session (kded not running). Fixes bug 152332. See SVN commit 782229.
  • The Open With dialog now writes out application-mimetype associations into the mimeapps.list file, which is a much better solution than making modified copies of .desktop files in the long run (and that copying was broken since 4.0 and until 4.0.2). See SVN commit 780728.


  • Support the HTML 5 getElementsByClassName(). See SVN commit 785783.
  • Large optimization of scrolling for pages containing "position: fixed" objects. See SVN commits 784734 and 788925.
  • Extend the scrolling optimization of "position:fixed" content, so that it applies to all remaining fixed objects. See SVN commit 788050.
  • Let iframes use the scrolling optimizations too, when they have non-transparent backgrounds. See SVN commit 788052.
  • Refine paint prevention timings to provide more responsiveness while keeping smooth page transitions. See SVN commit 784718.
  • Fix flicker during resize events. See SVN commit 783258.
  • Fix flicker at scroll position restoration from cache. See SVN commit 784723.
  • Fix remaining cases of dhtml menus being displayed behind Flash/Java widgets. Fixes bug 158759. See SVN commits 784728, 784729 and 790202.
  • Fix Flash windows sometimes not wanting to scroll out of view. See SVN commit 784725.
  • Protect anonymous blocks from being deleted while they are actively inserting a new child, fixing a frequently reported crash. Fixes bug 150006. See SVN commit 786309.
  • Do not incorrectly move some elements out of <head>. Fixed Acid3 boxes not showing up. See SVN commit 790156.
  • Hide hidden collections better. Fixes bug 130376. See SVN commit 784105.
  • Properly normalize whitespace when accessing URLs from JavaScript. Fixes article links at See SVN commit 781940.
  • Remove IE-compatibility quirk that permitted access to attributes via JS properties. See SVN commit 788863.
  • Fixes to object-style listeners, and to listeners where the same function is used as both HTML-style and DOM-style listeners. Fixes bugs 147249, 111568 and 128416. See SVN commit 785693.
  • Fix painting of CSS3 multiple backgrounds in tables. See SVN commits 784731 and 784732.
  • Fix alpha channel of CSS3 Opacity buffers. See SVN commit 788048.
  • DOM2 Range: Fix toString() and extractContents() sometimes going one text node too far. See SVN commits 788596 and 788806.
  • Fix unwanted changes of form widgets' font size. See SVN commit 788924.
  • Copy input element values on cloneNode(). See SVN commit 786329.
  • Ignore stylesheets with a wrong mimetype in strict mode. See SVN commit 790157.
  • Do not match an empty class/list selector with an empty attribute. Fixes bug 159201. See SVN commit 790155.
  • Fix mouse events propagated to CSS container's scrollbars, so that they account for transforms. See SVN commit 788928.
  • Be extra careful not to make a mistake when restoring form entries if JS does some shuffling around. Fixes bug 56188. See SVN commit 789902.
  • Fix mimetype used in context-menus of full-view images, e.g. open image ops and not HTML ones. See SVN commit 782335.
  • Skip elements with negative tabIndex when tabbing. See SVN commits 786233 and 786242.
  • Add JS pseudo-constructors for NodeList and HTMLCollection. See SVN commits 785749 and 785761.
  • Handle non-standard, but widely supported click() method on button elements. See SVN commit 785691.
  • Mark DOM pseudo-constructors as DontEnum. See SVN commit 785771.


  • ES3 section 10.1.5: Built-in objects [...] have attributes { DontEnum }. See SVN commit 785770.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash on startup when the configuration said the navigator should be editable by default. Fixes bug 157886. See SVN commit 788000.


  • Let dialog-type windows opened by JavaScript appear in a toplevel window rather than a tab (unless overriden by a configure option). See SVN commit 789500.
  • KTTSD plugin: make it working again. See SVN commit 783104.
  • Fix html pages showing up as plaintext if a URL is typed when a plaintext file is open. Fixes bug 155211. See SVN commit 788539.
  • Various fixes in the file types configuration module, when adding and removing applications from a given file type. See SVN commit 782315.
  • Fix "Most Often Visited" submenu in Go menu was always empty. See SVN commit 790340.


  • Fix changing wallpaper causes desktop to go white. Fixes bug 158784. See SVN commit 783864.
  • Fix icons on panel and desktop don't execute programs when doubleclick option is activated. Fixes bug 155413. See SVN commit 783906.
  • Fix crash when a systray application goes away unexpectedly. Fixes bug 159167. See SVN commit 785141.


  • Fix crash in opengl module. Fixes bug 139792. See SVN commit 786316.
  • Fix processor, interrupts, io-ports, scsi, sound, dma channels and devices modules not working on linux. Fixes bug 155192. See SVN commit 786273.
  • Fix PCI info module not working. Fixes bug 155192. See SVN commit 786272.


  • Various optimizations in composited mode. See SVN commits 787723, 787946, 787949 and 787979.
  • As a resulf of optimizations, KWIN_NVIDIA_HACK=1 (__GL_YIELD=NOTHING) is enabled by default, leading to smoother animations with Nvidia cards. See SVN commit 787994.
  • Update number of screens when changed using xrandr1.2. Fixes bug 142860. See SVN commit 786320.
  • When a dialog is open for a minimized window, minimize it too. See SVN commit 787048.
  • Fix borders not being sometimes updated when changing maximized state. Fixes bug 158252. See SVN commit 787742.
  • Repaint decorations after configuration changes if necessary. See SVN commit 788372.
  • Fix incorrect handling of window relationships with dialogs in more complicated cases. See SVN commit 788478.
  • Fix 'detect window' functionality in the window rules dialog. Fixes bug 156872. See SVN commit 788879.


  • Re-enable suspending KDE startup and splashscreen hiding until Plasma (wallpaper etc.) is visually ready. See SVN commit 789531.


  • Fix the screensaver sometimes not reacting to input events. See SVN commit 786727.
  • Don't lowercase URLs pasted into krunner. Fixes bug 159017. See SVN commit 784055.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Preserve the csv delimiter when opening a document. Only documents with TAB were read properly. Fixes bug 159053. See SVN commit 789504.


  • Added a missing operation. Fixes bug 159376. See SVN commit 786065.


  • Fix Kalzium build with OpenBabel and without Eigen. See SVN commit 783293.


  • Enable toolbar chars to be pasted in input line. See SVN commit 790226.
  • ß behaviour changed in Qt4 and was not recognized - bug in levels 3 & 4 when pasting chars from toolbar, erased other input. See SVN commit 790372.
  • Oxygen icons for "Kids" and "Grown-up" actions. See SVN commit 790654.


  • Adding a sub word type could crash. Fixes bug 158460. See SVN commit 780839.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make the properties dialog layed out correctly. Fixes bug 158570. See SVN commit 782915.
  • Correctly respect the open state of the TOC branches. Fixes bug 159089. See SVN commit 784176.
  • PDF backend: correctly calculate (with Poppler 0.8) the bounding rect of characters. Fixes bug 158517. See SVN commit 784736.
  • Show the tooltip for entries in the TOC. Fixes bug 159237. See SVN commit 785177.
  • Get and set correctly the annotation text in the annotation window. Fixes bug 159641. See SVN commits 789327 and 789331.


  • Double click on a thumbnail now switches to view mode. See SVN commit 786446.
  • Show correct filename in the "File exists, overwrite it?" dialog. See SVN commit 789703.
  • Fix progress bar range in the "Saving all changes..." dialog. See SVN commit 789704.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix avatar scaling issue See SVN commit 158957.


  • Fix problem that KRDC could not be exited anymore because user has clicked 'No' and 'Remember'. Just provide a 'Quit' and 'Cancel' button. Fixes bug 158011. See SVN commit 782283.
  • Fix sending special keys to to remote desktop (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Del). Fixes bug 153782. See SVN commit 788144.


  • Fix linking on some systems. Fixes bug 155173. See SVN commit 783750.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a crash when items in the language-list are removed. See SVN commit 775859.


  • Do not pass empty arguments to gpg on file decryption which would break this operation completely. Fixes bug 159378. See SVN commit 786393.
  • Fix filename of decrypted files to be in the same directory like the input file and not one level above. See SVN commit 786397.

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