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KDE 3.5.10 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.10

kdeadmin [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add support for Debian Lenny 5.0. See SVN commit 824461.

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix the authentication-dialogue being put behind the application's window. Fixes bug 121803. See SVN commit 849216.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix zmodem download dialog not starting. Fixes bug 145177. See SVN commit 846506.


  • Add a little margin around big applet icons. See SVN commit 839328.
  • Use a themed simple arrow button in applet handles, panel scroll buttons and system tray. See SVN commits 839328 and 839825.
  • The applet handle margin is now just one pixel. See SVN commit 839347.
  • Kicker now automatically restarts when the kde widget style changes. See SVN commit 839366.
  • The taskbar background pixmap is not partly copied in each applet container anymore. See SVN commit 839721.
  • The background of panel buttons and applets is now refreshed during a move. See SVN commit 839721.
  • Use "simple" buttons like panel buttons in the quicklauncher applet, the lockout applet and the naughty applet. See SVN commits 839752, 848270 and 848804.
  • Fix the run applet whose minimum width was too low. Now it does not shrink smaller than its label. See SVN commit 839811.
  • Make the menu applet always immutable, so that it cannot be removed. See SVN commit 844919.
  • Make the taskbar not flicker anymore on desktop changes. See SVN commit 846570.
  • When a panel has a background image that is colorized according to the global palette, its border is colored the same way. See SVN commit 846700.
  • When moving a panel, the frame is now drawn with top-level unmanaged windows, using the title bar color. See SVN commit 847603.
  • When the mouse enters a taskbar button in transparent mode, a shadow is drawn instead of the standard button background. See SVN commit 848322.
  • In the pager applet, a shadow is drawn when the mouse enters a pager button, unless in elegant mode. See SVN commit 848323.
  • Pager buttons do not flicker anymore. See SVN commit 848323.
  • When the panel is locked, the "configure panel" menu entry is hidden only if it has been disabled by Kiosk. See SVN commit 848803.
  • In transparent mode, do not draw themed applet handle, but a transparent rectangle shadow. See SVN commit 848806.
  • Remove the delayed layout when using the mouse wheel on the clock applet. See SVN commit 848971.
  • Fix the kicker add applet dialog layout. Fixes bug 108602. See SVN commit 839328.
  • Fix the anti-aliased clock applet drawing routine. See SVN commit 839347.
  • When the global palette is changed, the clock applet date does not lose its transparency anymore. Fixes bug 164139. See SVN commit 839385.
  • Some buttons could not be dragged from the applet dialog. See SVN commit 839571.
  • Fix the behaviour of drag & drop on scrollable panels. See SVN commit 839659.
  • Fix transparency management in panels, taskbar, media applet et minipager. Fixes bugs 118617 and 144170. See SVN commit 839721.
  • The minipager now draws the desktop names with a shadow in transparent mode. Fixes bug 133166. See SVN commit 839721.
  • The drag & drop indicator background is now refreshed correctly. See SVN commit 839721.
  • The quicklauncher applet transparency was fixed. See SVN commit 839752.
  • The quicklauncher layout algorithm was fixed. See SVN commit 839752.
  • Fix the system tray applet transparency management. See SVN commit 839825.
  • Fix the system tray layout algorithm. See SVN commit 844828.
  • Fix the background transparency of the menu applet. See SVN commit 844919.
  • Fix the frame style in the clock applet. It was incorrectly set. See SVN commit 846692.
  • The taskbar viewport palette is correctly refreshed when the global color settings are changed. See SVN commit 848591.
  • The clock applet finally answers correctly to global palette changes. Fixes bug 98398. See SVN commit 848935.
  • Correctly initialize the timezone foreground color in the clock applet. See SVN commit 848971.


  • Kate is finally restored on the correct desktop. The opened files progress window displayed at session restore is now put on the current desktop now, so that the user can see it. Fixes bug 117618. See SVN commit 846328.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Re-add Norvegian nb keyboard file fixed. See SVN commit 825873.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash on some broken files. Fixes bug 157777. See SVN commit 774669.
  • Fix crash due to a off by one memory write. Fixes bugs 158387 and 158549. See SVN commit 785716.
  • Fix crash on some PDF using JBIG2 streams. Fixes bug 164568. See SVN commit 822788.
  • Fix crash on malformed documents while showing the Properties dialog. Fixes bug 166145. See SVN commit 836688.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • In New From Template menu, show list of template names in sorted order. See SVN commit 801392.
  • Fix Find not working with a new search text after a failed search. See SVN commit 804054.
  • Fix recurrence count being lost when using alarm templates. See SVN commit 800279.
  • Display default font correctly in alarm edit dialog sample text. See SVN commit 844773.
  • Fix recurrence count shown in alarm edit dialog once alarm has triggered. See SVN commit 801402.
  • Show background color selector for file display alarms. See SVN commit 848952.

kdetoys [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add Belarus stations. See SVN commit 825901.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix potential crashes due to wrong object deletion. See SVN commit 818283.
  • Fix memleak when loading key images in key info window. See SVN commit 818284.
  • Fix exporting multiple keys to keyserver at once. Fixes bug 154528. See SVN commit 822717.
  • Fix problems when communicating with Onak keyservers. Fixes bug 139774. See SVN commit 830494.
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