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KDE 3.5.9 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.9

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make all the triangles of the Union Jack flag of Manitoba should be blue. Fixes bug 157206. See SVN commit 771746.
  • Make all Canada islands in Hudson belong to Nunavut. Fixes bug 157206. See SVN commit 771754.


  • Euclidean grid: draw it for all the visible area; use the same scale for X and Y lines. Fixes bug 154814. See SVN commit 754321.
  • When exporting text labels to XFig, pass the correct reference point. Fixes bug 153629. See SVN commit 754360.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Don't close with no further notice when trying to allocate too much memory. Fixes bugs 150693 and 153949. See SVN commit 728256.
  • Fix crash on some PDF with empty property strings. Fixes bug 152710. See SVN commit 740624.
  • PDF passwords are Latin1, so encode them correctly. Fixes bug 138997. See SVN commit 731536.
  • Allow to exit the presentation mode using the shortcut used for starting it. Fixes bug 154778. See SVN commit 753996.
  • Do not download remote documents again when saving them. Fixes bug 121785. See SVN commit 761840.
  • Draw underlined links correctly. Fixes bug 151359. See SVN commit 765387.
  • Fix crash on PDF that specify masks with parts outside the page. Fixes bug 157000. See SVN commit 769259.
  • Support PDF with name tokens bigger than 127 altough the specification says they can not be longer as Acrobat does. See SVN commit 772156.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • New option to specify reminder times in minutes. See SVN commit 762752.
  • Prevent multiple identical error messages accumulating for the same alarm. See SVN commit 750640.
  • Remember main window show/hide options when KAlarm last closed, instead of setting them in the Preferences dialog. See SVN commit 750753.
  • Replace simple repetitions with recurrence sub-repetitions, to reduce confusion. See SVN commit 765439.
  • Simplifications and improvements to the alarm edit dialog layout and controls. See SVN commits 764999, 765439 and 765455.
  • Fix crash when saving Preferences, if 'xterm' is not installed in the system. Fixes bug 152564. See SVN commit 747283.
  • Fix failure to trigger some recurring date-only alarms (e.g. after suspend-resume) See SVN commit 732115.
  • Fix date-only alarms repeating every minute from midnight until the start-of-day time. Fixes bug 146952. See SVN commit 732115.
  • Fix KAlarm hanging especially on startup, and potentially freezing the system for a while. Fixes bug 141803. See SVN commit 735153.
  • Fix deferral of non-recurring alarms not working. Fixes bug 152325. See SVN commit 738322.
  • Fix inability to reactivate deleted alarms which still have repetitions to go. See SVN commit 736787.
  • Fix sendmail error "Sender verify failed (in reply to RCPT TO command)" on some systems. See SVN commit 764057.
  • Prevent error messages while typing a date value, until the user has finished entering it. See SVN commit 734070.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make sound level adjustment work when the laptop's master sound device is not device 0. Fixes bugs 134820 and 157026. See SVN commit 756071.

kdewebdev [ all SVN changes ]

Quanta Plus

  • Insert literal character entities if possible. Fixes bug 129520.
  • List the plugin in the Open With context menu.
  • Fix crashes when using XDebug.
  • Do not keep an empty, Untitled document opened when opening new files. Fixes bug 151682.
  • Fix crash when closing a plugin and no other document is opened. Fixes bug 156728.
  • Make HTML forms work in the internal preview.
  • Fix deadlock in CSS editor when the propery contains ":". Fixes bug 153221.
  <h4><a href="" name="kommander">Kommander</a></h4>
  <div class="product" style="padding-left: 20px;">
    <li class="feature">Support executing of widget slots.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add execute method for PushButton.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add possibility to pass parameters for ScriptObject.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "return" command to get back the result of a ScriptObject.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "createWidget" function for on-the-fly widget creation.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "widgetExists" function.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "execBackground" function.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "connect/disconnect" function for on-the-fly signal/slot connection.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add indexed array functions: "array_indexedFromString, array_indexedToString, array_indexedRemoveElements, array_indexedInsertElements".</li>
    <li class="feature">Make "a="Label1"; a.setText("foo")" work.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "TreeWidget.selectedIndexes".</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "Table.setCellWidget/cellWidget".</li>
    <li class="feature">Add "Table.selection" to get back the selection coordinates.</li>
    <li class="feature">New widgets: "AboutDialog, DatePicker, PopupMenu, ToolBox"</li>
    <li class="feature">Use the new parser by default for new dialogs.</li>
    <li class="feature">Support shebang ("#!/path_to/kmdr-executor") in the beginning of the .kmdr files.  Running .kmdr files is possible directly if you make them executable.</li>
    <li class="feature">Warn if a dialog file is not executable.</li>
    <li class="feature">Store Kommander version in the "VERSION/_VERSION" global variable.</li>
    <li class="feature">Add experimental Kommander KPart (Kommander dialogs can be embedded in other KDE applications).</li>
      <li class="improvement">Make "input_color" and "@Input.color" accept a default color argument.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Make "TreeWidget.selection" work in multi selection mode.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Make "TreeWidget.setSelection" show the selected item.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Make "CheckBox.setChecked" accept as argument false, "false", true, "true",
  0 (meaning false), everything else meaning "true".</li>
      <li class="improvement">Optionally quote the strings inserted via the function browser.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Use combobox for booleans in the function browser.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Use multiline insert box in function browser.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Add highlighting for the new parser.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Make possible to open more associated editors at once.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Make it possible to run external script in a ScriptObject.</li>
      <li class="improvement">"execute" DCOP call returns a string.</li>
      <li class="improvement">The editor does not save the dialog on running.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Create backup files every 5 minutes.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Rework the plugin system.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Set new functions only available to new parser such as createWidget to not be shown in the function browser if the old parser is run.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Show all available functions in the function browser.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Insert the functions using the syntax of the new parser if #!kommander 
  is specified in the associated text.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Return the result of a division in floating form if the result is not an integer.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Update the handbook.</li>
      <li class="improvement">Install examples that are easily reachable from the editor.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix "exit" command.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Make "dcopid, pid, parentPid" work in the new parser.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix problem with losing the parser type status in the editor when working with multiple dialogs.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">"@Array.fromString" should append the new elements to the array, just like it did before and how "array_fromString" does.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix @eval for addition/substraction and handle division by zero.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Process code written in external script using the old parser.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix many cases when the code was executed altough it was in a codepath that should not be executed.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fixed the bug in the input text dialog where entering a default value returned the caption.</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">Fix the for loop parsing if end &lt; start.</li>

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