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KDE 3.5.7 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.7

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Implement heuristic cyr encoding detection. See SVN commit 634922.
  • Implement support for textContent(). See SVN commit 642894.
  • Indicate near mouse pointer if a link wants to open a new browser window. See SVN commit 653022.
  • Harmonize document.href and .pathname of about:blank windows with other browsers. See SVN commit 632484.
  • Fix jumping to the top right before loading a new page. Fixes bug 140768. See SVN commit 628618.
  • Make frame name lookup locale-independant. Fixes bug 137380. See SVN commit 632575.
  • Make valueOf() and toString() accessible across sites. Fixes bug 75426. See SVN commit 632670.
  • Make setValue() work on radio button and checkboxes.
  • overrideMimeType() implementation. Fixes bugs 142265 and 143489. See SVN commit 656608.
  • Fix various crashes and bugs.


  • Support named function expressions. Fixes bug 108536. See SVN commit 632362.
  • Support for localeCompare() function. See SVN commit 635792.
  • Caller property implementation. See SVN commit 636735.
  • Unreserve class keyword as it's often used as an identifier by JS programmers. See SVN commit 636322.
  • Disable UTF-8 validation in libPCRE, since it's incredibly slow. See SVN commit 636952.
  • Support unicode escape sequences in identifier names. Fixes bug 104478. See SVN commit 633009.
  • Parse null characters. See SVN commit 634407.
  • toExponential() fix for negative numbers. See SVN commit 636737.
  • Fixed off-by-one digit error in toFixed(). Fixes bug 144115. See SVN commit 656293.


  • Update cmake highlighter.
  • Fix bug in search and replace, placeholder did not work correctly. See SVN commit 628855.
  • Make cursor in inactive views behave correctly. See SVN commit 632665.
  • Update selection after paste. Fixes bug 133937. See SVN commit 633268.
  • Multiple views are usable again. See SVN commit 634932.


  • Fix buffer overflow during writing xview files. Fixes bug 141670. See SVN commit 634159.

kdeaccessibility [ all SVN changes ]

Monochrome icon set

  • More icons.

kdeaddons [ all SVN changes ]

Web archiver

  • Fix minor privacy issue. See SVN commit 626814.

Web validator

  • Fix wrong default URLs. Fixes bug 140539. See SVN commit 640363.

Kate C++ Symbol Viewer

  • Improved C++ and Java support. See SVN commit 646108.

kdeartwork [ all SVN changes ]



kdebase [ all SVN changes ]

KDE base

  • Various DragonFlyBSD fixes.
  • Removed "Serbia and Montenegro" (yu), added "Serbia" (rs) and "Montenegro" (me).


  • Added option to change the font color used by the taskbar applet. Fixes bug 118460. See SVN commit 636638.


  • Fix not honoring current locale in some situations. Fixes bug 140929. See SVN commit 631968.


  • Allow changing of font colors for taskbar. Fixes bug 118460. See SVN commit 636638.
  • Fix various crashes on KHotKeys. Fixes bugs 115109 and 139962.


  • Use mkfontscale/mkfontdir to create fonts.scale/fonts.dir - as opposed to custom code. See SVN commit 630298.
  • Make kdesktop_lock honour kiosk switch user restriction. Fixes bug 143597. See SVN commit 648097.


  • Option to turn off alt+tab outline. Fixes bug 134703.
  • Support for new windows types for compositing. See SVN commit 655778.
  • Fix bug in dead program detection in 64 bit architectures. Fixes bugs 137431 and 143545. See SVN commit 652600.
  • Fix crash on consecutive 'Show Desktop'. Fixes bug 145147. See SVN commit 662906.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Show numeric values in local format. Fixes bug 122760. See SVN commit 645428.
  • Visually select the new item when switching to another item through the References links. Fixes bug 112414. See SVN commit 633229.


  • Python 2.5 support. See SVN commit 624715.


  • Fix capital of Myanmar. Fixes bug 142329. See SVN commit 638362.


  • Fix settings of accessibility keys: new key settings were not kept.


  • Low Saxon support. See SVN commit 632028.
  • Fix language setting: when you changed language, it was not kept in config.


  • Fix displayed level in statusbar. See SVN commit 654215.




  • Fix magnitude calculation. Fixes bug 139676. See SVN commit 645106.

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make command toolbar usable again. See SVN commit 640692.


  • Fix reception of more than one message at once. See SVN commit 653143.


  • State of Terror: a new KGoldrunner game. See SVN commit 651729.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]

PDF metainfo plugin

  • Free memory and file descriptor as soon as possible after reading the metadata. See SVN commit 652398.


  • Show the tooltip of a link when hovering on them. Fixes bug 131361. See SVN commits 648272 and 648280.
  • Add the possibility of rasterize the file to image before printing it. See SVN commit 651906.
  • React to the commands for opening the TOC pane, and for expanding the subtrees of the TOC. Fixes bug 104081. See SVN commit 654682.
  • Fix unability to open some files. Fixes bug 140482.
  • Fix keyboard navigation when switching tabs in konqueror. Fixes bug 136702. See SVN commit 628869.
  • Fix wrongly asking for password. Fixes bugs 121142 and 130022. See SVN commit 641456.
  • Render pstricks psgrid correctly. Fixes bug 135936. See SVN commit 641456.
  • Fix some transparency issues. Fixes bug 138945. See SVN commit 641456.
  • Accept image width and height to be reals even if standard mandates integers. Fixes bug 143322. See SVN commit 645533.
  • Fix problems with deletion of message boxes of already closed documents. Fixes bug 143612. See SVN commit 648173.
  • Restore the previously open pane in the side toolbox after reloading a watched document. Fixes bug 116771. See SVN commit 656308.
  • Improve selected page size detection when printing. Fixes bug 144935. See SVN commit 663027.


  • Add "File / Scan...". See SVN commit 633952.
  • Save local files atomically - KolourPaint will no longer truncate an existing file if the KImageIO library for the file format is missing or if you run out of disk space. See SVN commit 661688.
  • Add global session save/restore. Fixes bug 94651. See SVN commit 663465.
  • Make "File / Open Recent" work consistently when multiple windows are open. See SVN commit 663751.


  • Fix crash when pressing delete without having anything selected. Fixes bug 143412. See SVN commit 646111.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Tell Google not to send JavaScript when we request images to reduce errors in the cover art search, and make sure that images we request have the appropriate http:// protocol. See bug 116181. See SVN commit 628971.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Increase the use of passive popups. See SVN commit 627017.
  • Huge performance improvement in chat rendering. See SVN commits 634872 and 636734.
  • Fix crash after creating an ICQ account. Fixes bug 139719. See SVN commit 625072.
  • Fix webcam-freeze when more than one people are watching the cam (Yahoo! protocol). See SVN commit 632590.
  • Fix crash when launched with AIM quasi-url. Fixes bug 143032. See SVN commit 643048.
  • Fix linebreaks showing up as <br /> (Yahoo! protocol). Fixes bug 139503. See SVN commit 658500.


  • Fix 100% CPU usage with first connection. Fixes bug 135013. See SVN commit 636245.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Disable java and javascript in the article viewer. Fixes bug 140306. See SVN commit 637063.
  • Partially fix "javascript:" links in the browser tabs. Fixes bug 110308. See SVN commit 637065.


  • Add support to search in custom fields. See SVN commit 640533.
  • Don't deselect all previous selected items on a RMB click, otherwise it's impossible to send all selected contacts via mail or delete them at once. See SVN commit 630087.
  • Changed the category editor to use an inline editing, that makes the usage a lot more userfriendly and less confusing. Fixes bug 140876. See SVN commit 630151.
  • Fix crash when importing addresses from Konqueror twice. Fixes bug 137269. See SVN commit 628656.
  • Export Home Address and Business Address when exporting to CSV. Fixes bug 138640. See SVN commit 630157.
  • Fix importing some fields from CSV. Fixes bug 116980. See SVN commit 630659.
  • Change non-modal dialogs into modal ones to prevent the user from closing the contact editor dialog before the category editor dialog. Fixes bug 112449. See SVN commit 631975.
  • Fix crash when adding picture to contact. Fixes bug 141305. See SVN commit 631989.
  • Move the IM Address field into the IM section, so it's shown when you enable the 'Show IM Addresses' option. Fixes bug 141339. See SVN commit 633250.
  • Always select the first entry of the view on startup. Fixes bug 94253. See SVN commit 633292.
  • Use proper encoding for URLs in contact data. Fixes bug 130676. See SVN commit 633301.
  • Add the formatted name according to the KAddressbook settings. Fixes bug 118932. See SVN commit 633308.


  • Add test play button to sound file selection dialog. See SVN commit 646028.
  • Show Simple Repetition and Special Action statuses by means of button states, in alarm edit dialog. See SVN commit 663080.
  • Prevent pre-alarm actions being executed multiple times when the alarm is triggered. Fixes bug 144040. See SVN commits 653810 and 653990.
  • Only execute pre-alarm actions when the main alarm is initially triggered, and post-alarm actions when the alarm is finally acknowledged (after any deferrals). Fixes bug 143891. See SVN commit 654800.
  • Display advance reminders for each occurrence of recurring alarms. Fixes bug 144711. See SVN commit 659180.
  • Prevent repetitions triggering again if KAlarm is restarted. See SVN commit 639243.
  • Prevent recurring alarms being triggered on exception days. See SVN commit 635257.
  • Fix start-of-day time being ignored for date-only alarms. See SVN commit 628406.
  • Fix failure to save "Execute in terminal window" option in Preferences dialog. See SVN commit 636859.
  • Fix Undo of deletion of active alarms. See SVN commit 662718.
  • Fix attachments not being sent with scheduled emails when using KMail as email client. Fixes bug 144958. See SVN commit 663344.
  • Ensure up-to-date menus are displayed if user has a customised toolbar. See SVN commit 638858.
  • Make the alarm times shown in the system tray tooltip take account of alarm repetitions. See SVN commit 662618.
  • Disable Defer button in new message window when deferral limit has been reached. See SVN commit 625991.


  • In case of stale lock files, do not start timing, but warn. Fixes bug 140881. See SVN commit 629651.


  • The OpenSync based Kitchensync is being used now. See SVN commit 638780.


  • Make it possible to disable TLS. See SVN commit 636159.


  • IMAP Quota feature. See SVN commit 631698.
  • All folders can be copyied or moved now. See SVN commit 648059.
  • Drag 'n drop of one or multiple folders. See SVN commit 648059.
  • Copy/cut/paste actions for one or multiple folders. See SVN commit 648059.
  • Drag 'n drop of messages from the search result window to the folder tree. See SVN commit 648059.
  • Copy/cut/paste actions for messages (in the header view and search result window). See SVN commit 648059.
  • IMAP: exclude some folders from syncing, allowing you to use online and disconnected IMAP on the same account for a disjoint set of folders. See SVN commit 649622.
  • Inline-viewing of TNEF attachments. Fixes bug 94724. See SVN commit 650109.
  • kmail --view can also handle *.mbox files (such as the ones saved by kmail) See SVN commit 651064.
  • Adds support for accepting image drags to the composer window and also now accepts pasting images with Ctrl+V so that it does not write a temporary file. See SVN commit 651174.
  • Add icons for context menu on address in reader window. See SVN commit 627763.
  • Show the User-Agent or X-Mailer value in fancy headers if so configured. See SVN commit 645242.
  • Show preferred email addresses first in auto completion. Fixes bug 131176. See SVN commit 647586.
  • Allow the user to cancel kmail connection attempts when the account settings are incorrect. Fixes bug 93199. See SVN commit 653900.
  • Many crashes were fixed regarding IMAP. Fixes bugs 96498, 113329, 115713, 117991, 117785 and 126715.
  • Fix pasting in addressee fields. Fixes bug 54020. See SVN commit 626915.
  • Do not ask to store the SMTP password outside KWallet everytime you want to send a mail. See SVN commit 630633.
  • Typo in the antispam wizard definitions, which caused CRM114 to be always displayed as available. See SVN commit 630850.
  • Fix crash after creating a disconnected IMAP account. Fixes bug 117935. See SVN commit 631934.
  • Make sure that a corrupted .ids file does not allocate huge amount of memory by checking consistency of file length vs. number of items expected. Fixes bug 71549. See SVN commit 633012.
  • Copying messages is faster. See SVN commit 636466.
  • Honor umask of the user when saving attachments Fixes bug 79685. See SVN commit 639336.
  • Fix "deleting maildir does not delete associated .index.ids file" Fixes bug 140195. See SVN commit 639786.
  • Updates of libgpg-error and gpgme in order to fix serious security issues. See SVN commit 640120.
  • Don't allow base64 or qp encoding for message attachements, such as when forwarding. See SVN commit 640496.
  • Make sure attached emails are never encoded in anything but 7 or 8 bit. See SVN commit 640496.
  • Don't base64 encode forwarded messages. See SVN commit 640496.
  • Special characters are not lost if the HTML message was saved in the drafts folder and opened again. See SVN commit 653332.
  • Prevent that the local folder contents changed while the IMAP search was working. Fixes bug 113885. See SVN commit 645363.
  • Don't crash when deleting an account while jobs for that account are still pending. Fixes bug 137302. See SVN commit 645389.
  • Disallow closing the composer window whilst performing a sign operation, this causes a crash when using the non-gpg-agent PGP backend. Fixes bug 113580. See SVN commit 645446.
  • Fixing Outlook compatibility with attachments that have umlauts in the filename. See SVN commit 645628.
  • Fix crash when opening KMail's configuration while another Kontact component is active at that time. Fixes bug 118060. See SVN commits 645673 and 645680.
  • Prevent crash when moving mail to an IMAP folder with a filter. Fixes bug 121863. See SVN commit 645830.
  • Fix kmail crash when creating index Fixes bug 143866. See SVN commit 650987.
  • Remember the SMTP password. Fixes bug 48461. See SVN commit 653892.
  • Send MDN when this is requested. Fixes bug 91252. See SVN commit 658035.
  • Fix "attendee in CC-field are missing from an invitation if the own email address could not be found". Fixes bug 131029. See SVN commit 659861.
  • Fix for "MultiPart message plain/text body encoding" bug. Fixes bug 144779. See SVN commit 660183.
  • Fix sending invitations to Outlook users. See SVN commit 661269.
  • Give original style answers about meeting attendance. Fixes bug 145091. See SVN commit 662660.


  • More tolerant parsing of broken headers. See SVN commit 626312.


  • Add holiday file for South Africa. See SVN commit 635969.
  • Ukrainian national holidays added. See SVN commit 655028.
  • Support Pascha (Orthodox Easter) in holidays files. Fixes bug 144347. See SVN commit 655833.
  • When there are too many entries in the journal, make a scrollbar appear. Fixes bug 113749. See SVN commit 624681.
  • Don't write out empty, invalid or superfluous fields in the calendar. Fixes bug 140624. See SVN commit 627230.
  • Fix newlines in calendar files to comply to RFC 2445. Fixes bug 140419. See SVN commit 627419.
  • When loading any URL/URI make sure we load it as UTF8 and not as Latin1. Fixes bug 140688. See SVN commit 627541.
  • Fix issue that journal title was not shown when searching for journals. Fixes bug 132947. See SVN commit 628136.
  • Properly sort list view when using AM/PM notation. Fixes bug 140469. See SVN commit 632256.
  • Disable time and date edits when no due date is given, and set the due date to someting sensible (not in 200000 years). Fixes bug 141360. See SVN commit 633025.
  • Fix 'spurious reminders from korgac', bug #200859 at See SVN commit 635257.
  • Make "Edit Categories" button open the editor again. See SVN commit 638869.
  • Bugfixes regarding recurring events in combination with timezones. See SVN commit 636608.
  • Save resources upon modifications, in order to fix reliability problems with KPilot. Fixes bug 143511. See SVN commit 650427.
  • Fix "Working days views won't follow the configured work days". Fixes bug 128435. See SVN commit 654061.


  • Cleanups in memofile conduit; using new OS5 database if it's present, otherwise falling back to legacy one. See SVN commit 654396.
  • As a first step to combatting the "kpilot ate my future" e-mails (read: data loss), we now use a CUDCounter (Create/Update/Delete). Step 1 is to track these and report on them to the user in their sync log. See SVN commit 654396.
  • Bug fix in popconduit... making sure we always have a sent date ( See SVN commit 654396.
  • Bug fixing in vcalconduit... long-time bug that existed in libkcal that caused every calendar resource save to mark every calendar event as modified. Now kpilot won't have to sync every record every time. Fixes bug 144166. See SVN commit 653655.
  • Changing KPilotDeviceLink to use a separate thread, dedicated to doing device communication. This is much better design as a start, but fixes the problems kpilot was having (and widely talked about) where kpilot would hang and crash if our user was using "usb:" or "net:any" devices because of how these new "device"s operated (allowed immediate opening, even though there is no physical device connected, and then hung indefinitely until the real device connected). Fixes bugs 124197, 133183, 140375, 92773, 84305 and 111826. See SVN commit 654396.
  • Icon naming bug fix. Fixes bug 122582. See SVN commit 654396.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Improve layouting of the CVS log dialog. See SVN commit 648562.


  • Fix random crashes on Catalogmanager. Fixes bugs 119222 and 129152. See SVN commit 651172.


  • Fix parsing of dot output on some cases. Fixes bug 124406. See SVN commit 629875.


  • C# Code Generation and export. Fixes bug 53368.
  • Java interface inheritance, abstract classes and generics in code generation. Fixes bug 53376.
  • Operations of the Interface are implemented in the class automatically. Fixes bug 111593.
  • Java 5 generics support. Fixes bug 140669.
  • Code generation ignores unidirectional association. Fixes bug 72042.
  • %date% and %time% not being parsed. Fixes bug 96612.
  • Relationships for entities do not live outside of the diagram. Fixes bug 125146.
  • Multiplicity labels often are placed incorrectly. Fixes bug 127628.
  • Association role labels are duplicated. Fixes bug 130172.
  • Crash on adding operation to class with Advanced Code Generators enabled. Fixes bug 131528.
  • Javascript wrong Code Generation. Fixes bug 135527.
  • Javascript/ActionScript Code Generation creates bad format methods. Fixes bugs 135540 and 144738.
  • Sequence diagram object size incorrect after toggling "Draw as Actor". Fixes bug 136869.
  • Support duplicating sequence diagrams. Fixes bug 139856.
  • Incorrect Association Properties text. Fixes bug 139872.
  • Buttons are not displayed. Fixes bug 139913.
  • Impossible to reuse same use case in a use case diagram. Fixes bug 140150.
  • Crash on creating various types of associations. Fixes bugs 140693, 141073, 141106 and 141277. See SVN commit 627460.
  • Fix displacement of sequence line on initial drag/drop of a class from the list view to a sequence diagram. See SVN commit 629858.
  • Support copy/paste of attribute or operation in the list view within the same class. See SVN commits 630086 and 630088.
  • Associations not updated during move of class on diagram. Fixes bug 140709.
  • Fix unclickable diagrams. Fixes bug 140870. See SVN commit 630936.
  • ERD not saved correctly, rendered unusable. Fixes bug 141385. See SVN commit 631744.
  • Improve loading of XMI files from older versions (see attachment at bug 141279). See SVN commit 631369.
  • Package contents always shown empty in package properties dialog. See SVN commit 631974.
  • Subsystem or component may realize interface in component diagram. See SVN commit 646253.
  • Crash when deleting the link between a package and a class. Fixes bug 141602.
  • Ada95 Code Generation Errors for Aggregation. Fixes bug 141644.
  • Unable to delete multiplicity information or label from an association. Fixes bug 141813.
  • C++ code generator does not correctly define namespaces. Fixes bug 141876.
  • Ada code generator generates "withs" in both directions for certain associations. Fixes bug 141956.
  • Ada code generator always generates methods abstract even if abstract box not checked. Fixes bug 142093.
  • Missing "with" on Ada code generation for aggregation. Fixes bug 142392.
  • Operation Properties "Type" combo box too small. Fixes bug 143319.
  • Allowing to duplicate diagrams. Fixes bug 143581.
  • Crash on changing multiplicity in an association in ERD. Fixes bug 143909.
  • Class diagram in folder not loaded correctly from xmi. Fixes bug 144119.
  • Sequence diagram crashes on inserting message. Fixes bug 144293.
  • No synchronization of comments when round-tripping. Fixes bug 144346.
  • Crash on loading xmi with actor as object of sequence diagram. Fixes bug 144442.
  • ActionScript/JavaScript association code generation error. Fixes bug 144788.
  • XMI file contains massive duplications of <UML:Stereotype>. Fixes bug 144924. See SVN commit 663112.
  • Segmentation fault on loading corrupted file. Fixes bug 145035.
  • Crash when moving all elements in a sequence diagram. Fixes bug 145202.
  • Fix crash while adding class via class wizard. See SVN commit 662968.
  • Various dialog layout fixes. New Top/Bottom arrowbutton in Activity subdialog of state properties dialog. See SVN commits 663009 and 663013.

kdetoys [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add possibility to define the text color. Fixes bug 80445. See SVN commit 636720.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Handle correctly files bigger than 4GB. Fixes bug 144133. See SVN commit 654281.
  • Do not crash with files starting with "/". Fixes bug 129446. See SVN commit 654322.


  • Fix problem filling .xsession-errors with lots of warnings. See SVN commit 629304.


  • Fix number of steps from 0 to 100% beign different than ones from 100 to 0%. See SVN commit 624936.
  • Do not assume KDE is on /usr/bin. See SVN commit 642833.


  • Allow themes to receive mouse wheel events on meters. See SVN commit 655860.

kdewebdev [ all SVN changes ]

Quanta Plus

  • Autocompletion for member variables. See SVN commit r634153.
  • Fix directory creation in some ftp servers. Fixes bug 141232. See SVN commit 630937.
  • Fix crash when dropping a document template on an Untitled empty document. Fixes bug 141908. See SVN commit 637709.

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