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KDE 3.5.6 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.6

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Treat specific attribute values case-insensitively during style matching. With these changes, KHTML becomes the first rendering engine to thoroughly pass the 578 tests of the excellent Automated CSS3 Selectors Testsuite ( Fixes bug 135505. See SVN commits 595962 and 597587.
  • Implement CSS3 extension text-overflow: ellipsis. Fixes bug 137262. See SVN commit 604482.
  • Implement overflow-x/y as many websites use it now. Fixes bug 68291. See SVN commit 604643.
  • Fix overflow sometimes not painted/repainted. Fixes bug 135599. See SVN commit 595245.
  • Fix incorrect margin for some tables. Fixes bug 102536. See SVN commit 595493.
  • Fix crashes on some AJAX pages. Fixes bug 128015. See SVN commit 595496.
  • Fix background no-repeat image wrapping. Fixes bug 87336. See SVN commit 595508.
  • Fix instanceof ecma operator not working on DOM objects. Fixes bug 134771. See SVN commit 595530.
  • Fix some pages appearing empty or missing content. Fixes bug 135639. See SVN commit 595832.
  • Fix table caption rendering on some pages. Fixes bug 82266. See SVN commit 596875.
  • Make innerText much faster fixing freezes on some web pages. Fixes bug 135988. See SVN commit 597736.
  • Fix crash on javascript manipulated tables. Fixes bug 86221. See SVN commit 598668.
  • Fix all links gettinh underlined while hovering over just one link on some malformed web pages. See SVN commit 599348.
  • Let floats overflow the left border when they should. Fixes bug 135160. See SVN commit 599349.
  • Fix cursor in input field not disappearing when setting focus to another input field. Fixes bug 63384. See SVN commit 599826.
  • Prevent crash-inducing recursion of detach due to blur events happening when widgets with focus get destroyed. Fixes bugs 124342 and 135384. See SVN commit 599857.
  • Fix border collapse not working in tables. Fixes bug 108047. See SVN commit 600141.
  • Fix ∉ displayed as ¬in;. Fixes bug 122047. See SVN commit 601019.
  • Make max-height and max-width: none work correctly. See SVN commit 605929.
  • Fix memory leak when using deleteRule. See SVN commit 606299.
  • Fix crash when resolving a stylesheet imported from external one. Fixes bug 136120. See SVN commit 606304.
  • Fix an infinite relayout on msdn. See SVN commit 606388.
  • Fix computed line-height beign incorrect. Fixes bug 138394. See SVN commit 610820.
  • Fix crash race on various sites with popup ads. See SVN commit 612786.
  • Reset hover text when mouse leaves khtml view. Fixes bug 17846. See SVN commit 617626.
  • Whenever the content changes, recheck if the mouse cursor shall show some other shape to correctly match it to the content below it. Fixes bug 21855. See SVN commit 617643.
  • Immediately redraw visited links with the respective color when the page got loaded and inserted into the history. Fixes bug 24820. See SVN commit 617941.
  • Fix tables sometimes intruding floats on dynamic restyle. Fixes bug 138146. See SVN commit 618830.
  • Fix conflicting priorities in font shorthand parsing leading to wrong line-height computation. Fixes bug 139205. See SVN commit 618831.
  • Do not crash when finding backwards. Fixes bug 139488. See SVN commit 619552.
  • Fix infinite recursion happening when changing style from overflow:scroll to auto. See SVN commit 619812.
  • Fix initial size of input type=FILE form control. Fixes bug 115141. See SVN commit 620584.
  • Make vertical-align text-top/bottom CSS 2.1 compliant. Fixes bug 103039. See SVN commit 620739.
  • Fix ecma alert() dialog formatting it's output as a single huge line without line breaks. See SVN commit 620956.


  • Add actionscript highlighting. See SVN commit 600294.
  • Add some pseudo-elements that khtml supports, but FireFox doesn't. See SVN commit 603151.
  • Fix wrong indentation at top of source file in cstyle indenter. Fixes bug 135409. See SVN commit 594276.
  • Fix memory leaks and accessing uninitialized variable. See SVN commits 595938, 595939 and 595947.
  • Fix endless loop in cstyle indenter. Fixes bug 137157. See SVN commit 605213.
  • Fix crash using comment commands. Fixes bug 137555. See SVN commit 607385.
  • Java Highlighting: Correctly highlight comments after import lines. See SVN commit 607951.


  • Change asterisks on passwords to bullets. See SVN commit 612399.


  • Fix printing of files with accentuated characters in filename or in the path. Fixes bug 135186. See SVN commit 601573.
  • Fix showing names of non local files in kprinter. Fixes bug 97342. See SVN commit 601577.


  • Don't crash when creating a job for an invalid URL. Fixes bug 135456. See SVN commit 594522.
  • Hide the progress dialog while displaying the password dialog. Fixes bug 89951. See SVN commit 596498.
  • Fix wrong "Couldn't receive DCOP signal" errors on RMB menu. Fixes bug 122020. See SVN commit 599200.
  • Fix statusbar having more than one line. Fixes bug 15876. See SVN commit 604220.
  • Fix possible data loss when using kioexec. Fixes bug 127894. See SVN commit 614397.


  • Properly propagate some exception values. Fixes bug 135735. See SVN commit 596534.
  • Fixed Number.toPrecision(n) calls on negative zero. See SVN commit 601970.
  • Allow changing the internal value of invalid dates. Fixes the BBC UK Weather page. Fixes bug 136992. See SVN commit 603351.
  • Fix Unicode support in RegExp handling, and also be more robust vs. embedded nulls. Fixes problems with some cyrillic characters in gmail and makes google calendar somewhat work. Fixes bugs 135246, 101398 and 116512. See SVN commit 604411.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • More support for compiz as a window manager.
  • Pick up timezone changes when reconfiguring. See SVN commit 597446.
  • Prevent the systray from flickering e.g. when a new window is opened/closed. See SVN commit 600748.


  • Claim _NET_WM_CM_Sn compositing manager selection when compositing. See SVN commit 603311.
  • Fix mouse dragging in dual-head non-xinerama mode. Fixes bug 88506. See SVN commit 608812.
  • Fix crash while switching show desktop state. Fixes bug 117677. See SVN commit 613275.
  • Avoid focus problems with non-click-to-focus policies. Fixes bug 135250. See SVN commit 594159.
  • Fix click-raise with a compositing manager running. Fixes bug 128648. See SVN commit 603293.
  • Fix X resources leaks in kompmgr. See SVN commits 603872 and 603904.
  • Fix click-raise interaction with panels. Fixes bug 137119. See SVN commit 605394.
  • Avoid possible race condition when withdrawing windows. See SVN commit 609063.


  • Fix crash when typing "56+" in minicli (i.e. when bc gives a parse error). See SVN commit 593700.
  • Fix F5 not doing anything on the desktop. See SVN commit 594871.
  • Fix OpenGL screensavers rendering. Fixes bug 120811. See SVN commit 608486.


  • Install the Games/Kids Games file with the correct filename. See SVN commit 594649.


  • Added session chooser panel applet and KMenu extension. See SVN commit 604959.


  • DCOP support for splitting the view. See SVN commit 609022.
  • Make the konqueror main window a group leader to ensure modal dialogs from one window do not block other konqueror main windows. Fixes bug 24735. See SVN commit 617678.
  • Dynamically enable/disable "Empty Trash" entry. See SVN commit 608301.
  • Fix crash when scanning for new plugins, then changing plugin settings. Fixes bug 118361. See SVN commit 617216.
  • Fix crash after a lot of cut&paste operations in tree view. Fixes bug 136958. See SVN commit 610419.


  • Correct calculation of colour values in 256-colour mode. See SVN commit 609838.
  • Fix crash when saving history twice. Fixes bug 138521. See SVN commit 611528.
  • Fix crash if setting font to a size which is larger than the terminal display. See SVN commit 616760.


  • fish:/ kioslave is now able to handle files > 2GB. Fixes bug 79573. See SVN commit 601776.
  • Fix correct display of file size transfers > 2GB in smb:/. Fixes bug 97073. See SVN commit 608111.
  • Fix files that start with # showing as folders in fish:/. Fixes bug 122455. See SVN commit 601999.
  • Symlinks in trash now show symlink size instead of file size. Fixes bug 136876. See SVN commit 602619.
  • Fix correct calculation of percent diskfree. Fixes bug 132269. See SVN commit 611855.


  • Fix URL usage with filenames including special chars. Fixes bug 121806. See SVN commit 607835.
  • Show a user-friendly URL in the "Look in:" field. Fixes bug 90953. See SVN commit 607846.


  • Only show the penguin for linux systems. Otherwise use the system icon. See SVN commit 607474.
  • Set the focus to the search line when started with ctrl+esc. Fix the tab ordering. Fixes bug 128252. See SVN commit 608084.
  • Fix various stability problems. Fixes bugs 136119 and 132579. See SVN commits 595928, 598023, 603308 and 608993.
  • Fix when you reorder the sensors. Fixes bug 66941. See SVN commit 608196.
  • Number of horizontal lines in the plotter was off by one. Plus it tries hard to show the top bar when asked to. Fixes bug 135381. See SVN commit 608911.
  • Fix (mostly) the selection of processes. Fixes bug 135760. See SVN commit 608934.
  • Make the setting dialogs non-modal, so it doesn't freeze kicker when you use them. Fixes bug 98708. See SVN commit 610286.
  • Displaying a number (LCD style) now works even with tiny kicker. Fixes bug 130564. See SVN commit 610290.
  • Make the connection to ksysguardd more robust. This should fix quite a few bugs. For example if you "killall ksysguardd", it barely even blinks now. As opposed to screwing it up for now-and-forever as it did :( In particular: * Automatic reconnection to the host if disconnected * If the connection dropped then there might be some incomplete data. Deal with this cleanly. * If the configuration file is corrupted and doesn't have a <host> (easy state to get into :( ) then assume all "localhost" connections go via ksysguardd daemon. See SVN commit 610904.


  • Fonts settings module by default does not affect system-wide font rendering settings. See SVN commit 613655.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix Canada map, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are not separate by water. See SVN commit 599588.
  • Fix results dialog not having the division name translated. See SVN commit 607220.
  • Fix Cape Town is not the only capital of South Africa. Fixes bug 139554. See SVN commit 619911.
  • Correctly show the translated names of divisions in the result dialog of 'Division by flag' quiz. Fixes bug 139616. See SVN commit 620012.


  • Fix typo in Cabri filter error message. Fixes bug 135291. See SVN commit 598858.
  • Do not silently convert to an encoding different than UTF-8 when saving. Fixes bug 135564. See SVN commit 607078.
  • Preserve the order of the parameters when creating a script. See SVN commit 598853.
  • Do not export to LaTeX lines of garbage when exporting conics. See SVN commit 609985.
  • Export to LaTeX cicles with sane sizes. See SVN commit 612268.
  • When exporting ellipses to LaTeX, close their shape so they look like ellipses. See SVN commit 612274.


  • Fix Hungarian training file encoding. Fixes bug 135580. See SVN commit 607116.
  • Fix Hebrew keyboard layout. Fixes bug 128266. See SVN commit 607114.
  • Fix Slovenian keyboard layout encoding. Fixes bug 135569. See SVN commit 607461.


  • Recognize again the 'else' keyword. Fixes bug 115555. See SVN commit 620554.


  • Apply word wrapping when printing. See SVN commit 608615.
  • Make sure a quiz is correctly restarted when several vocabularies are open. Fixes bug 138132. See SVN commit 609467.

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make actions for increase/decrease speed repeatable, not toggle. Fixes bug 135144. See SVN commit 593791.
  • Fix game-engine deadlocks. See SVN commit 595343.


  • Fix problem when using the keyboard. Fixes bug 133257. See SVN commit 596638.


  • Make KNetWalk appear on the K-Menu. See SVN commit 615224.


  • Fix two actions using Ctrl+N as shortcut by default. Fixes bug 128797. See SVN commit 612829.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash triggered by rapidly deselecting the selection after drag-scaling it. Fixes bug 117866.


  • Show only the filename instead of the whole path in the KPDF window caption. Fixes bug 103362. See SVN commit 603921.
  • Make viewport scroll when selection reaches the viewport border. Fixes bug 107803. See SVN commit 606296.
  • Put the right title when generating PostScript documents (e.g. when printing). Fixes bug 122147. See SVN commit 622742.
  • Show a 'keep password' checkbox when using a wallet so the user can decide if he wants the password saved in the wallet. Fixes bug 122605. See SVN commit 599720.
  • Allow to cancel selecting by pressing Esc. Fixes bug 126359. See SVN commit 600007.
  • Preload next and previous page if threading is enabled and memory usage setting is not low. Fixes bug 132029. See SVN commit 609253.
  • Fix kpdf ignoring user defined margins when printing. Fixes bug 124192. See SVN commit 605710.
  • Fix crash when using the mouse wheel over the page view with no document opened. Fixes bug 126614. See SVN commit 599376.
  • Fix crash on some broken pdf files. Fixes bug 135417. See SVN commit 594669.
  • Finally fix session restoring. Fixes bug 135373. See SVN commit 606774.
  • Fix presentation mode not beign kept when a watched file changes and presentation mode is open. Fixes bug 135578. See SVN commit 595680.
  • Fix presentation mode times beign strange when having auto-advance on and changing pages manually. Fixes bug 137971. See SVN commit 608521.
  • Fix some small memory leaks. See SVN commits 606144, 606194 and 606198.


  • Fix handling of filenames with non-ascii chars. Fixes bug 136590. See SVN commit 604390.


  • Fix crash when clicking anywhere in the open file dialog in fullscreen mode. Fixes bug 111517. See SVN commit 602388.
  • Fix off-by-one issue during parsing certain ps files. See SVN commit 605598.


  • Show an error messagebox when indexing failed. See SVN commit 607303.
  • Check for a valid gift installation and disable the indexing GUI if not found. See SVN commit 607360.


  • Improve exif information reading. Fixes bug 110038. See SVN commit 607778.
  • Fix endless recursion with malicious input files. See SVN commit 609687.

kdepim [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add session management for browser tabs. Fixes bug 100964. See SVN commit 607497.
  • Fix KhelpCenter entry and start a handbook. Fixes bug 95050. See SVN commits 610044 and 612438.
  • Fix folder name encoding when RSS feeds are added from the outside. Fixes bug 136559. See SVN commit 600663.


  • Fix renaming distribution lists. Fixes bug 134423. See SVN commit 592321.
  • Fix adding new categories to addressbook. Fixes bug 115401. See SVN commit 592324.
  • Fix links to online maps at and . Fixes bug 139941. See SVN commit 622755.


  • Tidy up preferences dialog (Run mode options and sound type options). See SVN commits 596945, 597539 and 597672.
  • Fix crash when an alarm triggers while the user is answering the confirmation prompt when deleting it. Fixes bug 138124. See SVN commit 609441.
  • Fix crash when saving Preferences dialog on some systems (due to Terminal for Command Alarms option setting). Fixes bug 138459. See SVN commits 612906 and 613703.
  • Fix editing of 29th February alarm options for non-leap years. See SVN commits 605738 and 606175.
  • Fix Find always using the first search text entered even after entering a new one. See SVN commit 615288.
  • Fix "Start alarm monitoring at login" value shown in preferences dialogue. See SVN commit 597672.
  • Fix deselecting "Start alarm monitoring at login" when daemon not running. See SVN commit 597672.


  • Session times can be copied to clipboard. See SVN commit 601026.


  • Introducing KMail templates: you will be able to build templates for new messages, replies, or forwards. The templates can be universal or identity-specific or folder-specific. The template language is very customizable (similar to The Bat! mailer). There will also be a templates folder from which you can store templates and new messages can be created from these. Fixes bug 1015.
  • Added CRM114 support to anti spam wizard. Fixes bug 136261. See SVN commit 600501.
  • Background filtering enhancements. See SVN commit 600586.
  • Add "Open With..." for attachments view. See SVN commit 593064.
  • Handle command line parameter --header correctly. Fixes bug 135461. See SVN commit 594735.
  • Do not crash when deleting a message while saving it. See SVN commit 598927.
  • Fix saving expiry settings. Fixes bug 103287. See SVN commit 599816.
  • Correctly detect a URL that ends with '-' or '_'. Fixes bug 81281. See SVN commit 600981.
  • Get attachment icon from file name if not available from Content-Type. Fixes bug 35836. See SVN commit 608103.
  • Handle multiple To: header lines. Fixes bug 80747. See SVN commit 603228.
  • Some changes to make menubar and popup menus more consistent. Fixes bug 92905. See SVN commit 609393.
  • Add keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S for "Save As" action in reader window. Fixes bug 106478. See SVN commit 609393.
  • Fix wrong checkbox in the layout when adding attachments to the composer. Fixes bug 113458. See SVN commit 602752.
  • Fix for attachment display in editor: "sort by size" sorts alphanumerically, not by size. Fixes bug 119526. See SVN commit 602752.
  • Fix to update identities with renamed transports. Fixes bug 88369. See SVN commit 606743.
  • Open on double click to attachments. Fixes bug 101469. See SVN commit 592883.
  • Put KDE Wallet dialog on top when KMail requests a password. Fixes bug 133861. See SVN commit 593938.
  • The "Emtpy Trash" action was not always enabled when it should be. Fixes bug 108523. See SVN commit 596184.
  • Disable the shortcut definition if the filter is not going to be added to the menu. Fixes bug 135752. See SVN commit 596291.
  • "Exclude important messages from expiry" should also exclude todo messages. Fixes bug 78159. See SVN commit 596423.
  • Fix for changing the identity transport when changing an identity. Fixes bug 132560. See SVN commit 596514.
  • Fix mail sorting in POP filter dialog. See SVN commit 603378.
  • Suppose headers charset from content-type header if headers not properly encoded. If content-type charset is "us-ascii", use "utf-8" instead. Write maildir and mbox indexes in right encoding. Fixes bug 98079. See SVN commit 603142.
  • Moving messages is faster. Fixes bug 87857. See SVN commit 620346.


  • Prevent crashes when *.rc files for KNotes are missing/unreadable. See SVN commit 607183.


  • New Summary menus for appointments and to-dos that allow quick access to edit, delete, and mark completed (to-dos only) See SVN commit 603909.
  • Session management framework for Kontact plugins. Fixes bug 100964. See SVN commit 606761.
  • Fix changing startup view not working. Fixes bug 103287. See SVN commit 599823.
  • Fix lost occurences when recurring events were shown by the Summary widget. Fixes bug 136221. See SVN commit 601750.


  • Add command line options to 1) Open the URLs in a separate window (--open, -o) 2) Merge the events of the URLs into the standard calendar (--merge, -m) 3) Add the URLs as new resources (--import, -i) If no command line option is given, korganizer will ask which of these actions should be taken for each URL. If no URL is given, the standard resource calendar is displayed. See SVN commit 612905.
  • Can print individual Event or To-do on a single sheet of paper Fixes bugs 35241, 83930 and 123628.
  • Various improvements on printouts. See SVN commits 613997, 614012 and 615050.
  • Make calendars in the left sidebar respect the First Day Of Week setting, defined in the control center Fixes bug 111931. See SVN commit 602340.
  • Make the reminder dialog somewhat more usable when working with they keyboard. Fixes bug 137177. See SVN commit 604038.
  • Show anniversaries of all contacts. Fixes bug 106782. See SVN commit 605983.
  • Brazilian and Greek holidays added. Fixes bug 134971. See SVN commit 591471.
  • Fixes in Swedish holidays. Fixes bug 137219. See SVN commit 604200.
  • Fix applying templates on to-do items. Fixes bug 118082. See SVN commit 598910.
  • Prevent infinite loops with some cases of recurring todos. Fixes bugs 103761 and 129474. See SVN commit 599882.
  • Write proper DTEND data when a time is associated to an event. Fixes bug 124820. See SVN commit 600170.
  • Fix Copy To menu for to-dos, assign date to copy when the original did not have a due date. See SVN commit 600193.
  • Some crashes fixed when opening iCal files from Apple. Fixes bugs 88840 and 127095. See SVN commit 600496.
  • Don't crash when "select resource folder" was cancelled. See SVN commit 605088.
  • Endless loop fixed in todo editor. Fixes bug 101696. See SVN commit 614095.
  • Do not crash so easily when KOrganizer is embedded inside Konqueror. Fixes bugs 130280 and 130290. See SVN commit 615849.
  • Record completion of recurring todos in journals. Fixes bug 131597. See SVN commit 616160.
  • Fix a bug in Kontact that Ctrl-N did not honor the selection in the agend view. See SVN commit 619561.
  • Fix loading journals from Kolab resources. Fixes bug 108982. See SVN commit 621721.
  • Fix crash when pressing OK in event editor while the resource selection dialog is open. Fixes bug 123350. See SVN commit 622165.


  • Inclusion of CMake standalone build system. See SVN commit 611839.
  • Backup options made more granular. Users can choose to always update backups or to only do so on demand, instead of being forced to do so on every HotSync. See SVN commit 611839.
  • Raising minimum requirement for kpilot to pilot-link 0.12.0. This addresses many long-standing bugs caused by previous versions of pilot-link regarding database-size limitations. See SVN commit 611839.
  • Fixes for data-loss problems for users of all distros that distributed kpilot with pilot-link 0.12 (Ubuntu, Mandrake, and Debian amongst others). See SVN commit 611839.
  • Fix for "Reminders from outlook invites are set to unknown in exchange resources". Fixes bug 136954. See SVN commit 614667.
  • Fix compilation when NDEBUG is on. Fixes bug 137928. See SVN commit 619524.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Subversion 1.4 support for catalog manager. Fixes bug 135795. See SVN commit 614865.
  • Fix bookmarking. Fixes bug 128457. See SVN commit 602374.
  • Fixed loading of project files with very long lines. Fixes bug 113822. See SVN commit 602716.
  • Avoid endless loop if focus is taken away before "find next" operation. Fixes bug 112350. See SVN commit 604049.
  • Fix broken replacement of marked text with e.g. ctrl-m. Fixes bug 132846. See SVN commit 604274.
  • Work with media:/. See SVN commit 612674.
  • Use the same project for all Find/Replace in Files operations as catalogmanager. Fixes bug 117308. See SVN commit 616403.
  • Fix problems when no default project is found. Fixes bug 128939. See SVN commit 606520.


  • Association line nodes don't drag along with multiply-selected classes. Fixes bug 57878.
  • Accessor methods are private instead of public. Fixes bug 85553.
  • XMI file contains deleted associations. Fixes bug 129859.
  • Crash when opening a document. Fixes bug 135749.
  • Shift+Left and Shift+Right causes SIGSEGV. Fixes bug 136288.
  • Umbrello saves too many copies in XMI. Fixes bug 135606.
  • XML scheme: mixup of attribute names: *color and *colour. Fixes bug 136061.
  • Crashes on closing/opening files created with previous umbrello versions. Fixes bug 136940.
  • Faulty behavior when a class inside of a package is modified. Fixes bug 137497.
  • Artifacts of a component diagram are erroneously placed in Deployment folder. Fixes bug 137564.
  • Fix incorrect export to SQL. Fixes bug 138139. See SVN commit 609424.
  • Saving trashes model, classes lost. Fixes bug 138344. See SVN commit 610682.
  • Fix segfault in UMLClassifier::checkOperationSignature(). See SVN commit 601434.
  • Fix segfault on XMI close when a class uses a template. See SVN commit 601508.
  • Fix hang/crash in Tcl code generation. See SVN commit 603939.
  • Fix saving/loading of association widgets for collaboration diagrams. See SVN commit 606778.
  • Fix crash in ToolBarStateArrow destructor on document close. See SVN commit 609711.
  • Note widget is now always drawn on top of all widgets. See SVN commit 608561.
  • Fix display icon for enum literals in list view. See SVN commit 610185.
  • Optimized printer margins. See SVN commit 611554.
  • Improved code import for Ada and Pascal. See SVN commits 621845, 622128, 622396, 623316, 623421 and 624257.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Improved 7zip support. See SVN commit 596246.


  • Kcalc did not paste all hex values correctly. Fixes bug 133421.
  • Wrong DEC to HEX conversion on 64-bit CPUs. Fixes bug 133720.
  • modulus of a pasted number is always 0. Fixes bug 137137.
  • Default constants like pi displayed wrong digits. Fixes bug 137585.
  • Decimal symbol could change during typing. Fixes bug 137963.


  • Show keyservers in search dialog on first run, if no server present in .gnupg/options. See SVN commit 603438.


  • Optionally show battery level percentage over the systemtray icon. See SVN commit 595065.


  • Fix KMilo/KMix interoperability issues. Fixes bugs 134820 and 134604. See SVN commit 610844.


  • Fix problem displaying non ascii characters. Fixes bugs 117272 and 114553. See SVN commit 612312.
  • Fix infinite theme reloading when the theme code is changed. Fixes bug 122236. See SVN commit 612312.

kdetoys [ all SVN changes ]



arts [ all SVN changes ]

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<h3 id="kdebindings"><a name="kdebindings">kdebindings</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="3_5_6/kdebindings.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>    

<h3 id="kdemultimedia"><a name="kdemultimedia">kdemultimedia</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="3_5_6/kdemultimedia.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>    

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<h3 id="kdevelop"><a name="kdevelop">kdevelop</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="3_5_6/kdevelop.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>    

<h3 id="kdewebdev"><a name="kdewebdev">kdewebdev</a><span class="allsvnchanges"> [ <a href="3_5_6/kdewebdev.txt">all SVN changes</a> ]</span></h3>    
<div class="module" style="padding-left: 20px;">
  <h4><a href="" name="quanta plus">Quanta Plus</a></h4>
  <div class="product" style="padding-left: 20px;">
    <li class="bugfix ">show Find in Files menu if KFileReplace is installed Fixes bug <a href="">132530</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">fix various crashes in the debugger Fixes bug <a href="">137483</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">fix crash when editing a &gt;style&gt; CSS area</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">use the correct encoding in the file dialogs Fixes bug <a href="">138343</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">don't lose upload profile settings in certain cases</li>
    <li class="bugfix ">fix symlink handling in Project Rescan, New Project adding files/folders Fixes bug <a href="">138107</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">do not set the current project mark to a project that could not be opened Fixes bug <a href="">137186</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">allow closing of an untitle editor tab when an image is previewed inside Fixes bug <a href="">134534</a>. </li>
    <li class="bugfix ">fix problems with the automatic backup system</li>

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KDE is an international technology team that creates free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. Among KDE's products are a modern desktop system for Linux and UNIX platforms, comprehensive office productivity and groupware suites and hundreds of software titles in many categories including Internet and web applications, multimedia, entertainment, educational, graphics and software development. KDE software is translated into more than 60 languages and is built with ease of use and modern accessibility principles in mind. KDE's full-featured applications run natively on Linux, BSD, Windows, Haiku, and macOS.

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