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KDE 3.2.3 to KDE 3.3.0 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible the additions and corrections that occured in KDE between the 3.2.3 and 3.3.0 releases.





	<li>Per window settings and improved &quot;Store window settings&quot;

(#36377,#15329,#75433) Lubos Lunak <>

  • Decoration API support for more buttons in titlebars (#60369) Sandro Giessl <>
  • </li>
    	<li>More types supported for arguments (QSize, QPoint, QRect,

    QColor, QPixmap) Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>

  • Show applications icons. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • </li>
    	<li>Tabbar button for closing tabs <em>Kurt V. Hindenburg</em></li>
    <li><h4>LDAP ioslave</h4>
    	<li>Writing support, SASL authentication and SSL/TLS support
         <em>Szombathelyi György &lt;;</em></li>


    	<li>Rewriting most of the kalziums code <em>Carsten Niehaus &lt;c&#x6e;&#x69;ehau&#115;&#0064;&#107;de.&#111;&#00114;&#x67;&gt;</em></li>
    	<li>Make it possible to choose the unit of some

    datasets. For example it is now possible to choose between Fahrenheit, Degree Celsius and Kelvin Carsten Niehaus <>

  • Offer two periodic tables: the simplified for younger pupil and the full PSE will all 110 elements Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Rewritten plotting with more options Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Update doc Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
  • </li>
    	<li>Add ability to manually step clock once per keypress <em>Jason Harris</em></li>
    	<li>Add proper motion of stars <em>Jason Harris</em></li>
    	<li>Add text labels to equator, ecliptic, and horizon

    lines Jason Harris

  • Tool to measure angular distance between two points. Pablo de Vicente
  • Add Equinox and Solstice calculator module Pablo de Vicente
  • Add Planet Positions calculator module Pablo de Vicente
  • Add ecliptic to/from equatorial conversion calculator module Pablo de Vicente
  • Add more data to the details window: hour angle, airmass, distance from Earth/Sun, angular size, multiple/variable stars Jason Harris
  • Add airmass to details window. Jason Harris
  • Use KXConfig to handle options Jason Harris
  • Add popup-menu links to Wikipedia articles on specific objects. Jason Harris
  • Transient object label when mouse hovers on object (need to make it work when clock is stopped) Jason Harris
  • Semi-transparent or opaque background option for on-screen info boxes Jason Harris
  • Add Constellation Boundaries to the map Jason Harris
  • Define Constellation lines with star names, rather than independent points on the sky Jason Harris
  • Display Altitude/Azimuth in status bar, along with RA/Dec Jason Harris
  • Make the "Night Vision" color scheme adjust the KStars window colors as well Jason Harris
  • Add true Full-screen mode Heiko Evermann
  • Add support for CCD cameras Jasem Mutlaq
  • Add FITSViewer Tool, which includes many image reduction and analysis tools Jasem Mutlaq
  • ExtDate, KStarsDateTime classes for handling dates outside of QDate range Jason Harris
  • Batch mode in remaining astronomial calculator modules Pablo de Vicente
  • KStars startup wizard with integrated download of 'extra' data Jason Harris
  • Add support for "Video4Linux" devices and webcams Jasem Mutlaq
  • DCOP functions for adjusting colors Jason Harris
  • DCOP function for exporting or printing image Jason Harris
  • Add new DCOP functions to ScriptBuilder tool Jason Harris
  • Add Moon's illumination fraction to popup menu/details window Jason Harris
  • Add option to dump mode for specifying time/date Jason Harris
  • ImageViewer: Add label with optional text describing image or crediting its author. Jason Harris
  • Calculator module to compute angular distance between two arbitrary sources. Pablo de Vicente
  • </li>
    	<li>Ability to draw numeric integrals with Euler&#039;s

    method. Fredrik Edemar <>

  • Avoid unnecessary repainting. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Ability to select background color. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Automatic scaling. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Zoom mode. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Save version number so we can support loading old Kmplot files. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Popup menu for plot-graphs when clicking on the right mouse button Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Tool menu: area between plot and x-axis. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • export to BMP, PNG, and SVG format Klaus-Dieter Möller <>
  • Tool menu: maximum, minimum, y value of a given x value. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Changing the parameter a function depends on by a QSlider. Matthias Meßmer <>
  • Navigate by keyboard in trace mode. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Port the configuration dialogs to KConfig XT. Matthias Meßmer <>
  • Redesign of the function edit dialog: handling the extensions by dialog widgets. Matthias Meßmer <>
  • Recently opened files. Matthias Meßmer <>
  • User defined constants: Editor and import/export from/to KCalc. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Progress bar and cancel button for plots taking much time (status bar, see KMail). Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Localization of the decimal seperator. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Angle modes: radian (default) and degree. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Custom color and line width for each derivatives and anti-derivatives. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • Function editor dialog: values of parameters a function depends on can be importet from a text file. Fredrik Edemar <>
  • </li>
    	<li><strong>NEW IN KDE:</strong> KWordQuiz is the KDE version of

    the flashcard and vocabulary learning program WordQuiz. KWordQuiz is still in early development.

          KWordQuiz supports opening, editing, and saving of vocabulary files

    (format kvtml). It allows Flashcard mode, Multiple Choice and Question & Answer through a friendly Quiz mode. Peter Hedlund <>

  • A context menu for the editor Peter Hedlund <>
  • Joining multiple files Peter Hedlund <>
  • Tooltips Peter Hedlund <>
  • </li>
    	<li><strong>NEW IN KDE:</strong> KLatin is a program to help revise

    Latin. You can be tested on vocabulary, grammar and verb and the doc includes a revision section. George Wright <>

  • Tooltips and QWhatsThis help George Wright <>
  • Add doxygen comments to headers George Wright <>
  • </li>
    	<li><strong>NEW IN KDE:</strong> KTurtle is an educational

    programming environment using the Logo programming language. This makes KTurtle suitable for teaching kids the basics of math, geometry and... programming. The commands used to program are in the style of the Logo programming language. The unique feature of Logo is that the commands are often translated into the speaking language of the programmer.

          KTurtle features an integrated Logo interpreter (no need to download

    any other program), a powerful editor for the Logo commands with intuitive syntax highlighting, line numbering, etc, context help for all Logo commands... Cies Breijs <>






    <li><h4>File Sharing</h4>
    	<li>Create an advanced fileshare Control Center module, based on

    KSambaPlugin and KNFSPlugin Jan Schaefer <>

  • Create an advanced Konqueror properties dialog plugin, based on KSambaPlugin and KNFSPlugin Jan Schaefer <>
  • </li>


    	<li>Add support for choosing a different encoding for reading the

    files or diff output. Otto Bruggeman <>

  • Add support for more diff options. Otto Bruggeman <>
  • Added support for showing the differences in a line. Otto Bruggeman <>
  • Added support for the -x and -X options to diff in the Settings dialog. Otto Bruggeman <>
  • Make the divider draggable Jeff Snyder <>
  • </li>
    	<li>GUI for projects <em>Stanislav Visnovsky &lt;&#118;&#x69;&#115;n&#111;vs&#107;y&#064;k&#100;e.&#0111;rg&gt;</em></li>
    	<li>Use of KConfigXT <em>Stanislav Visnovsky &lt;vis&#00110;&#x6f;vsky&#64;kd&#x65;&#x2e;&#x6f;&#x72;&#x67;&gt;</em></li>