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Plasma 6.1.2 Complete Changelog

  • Switch to pkgconfig to find libgcrypt (allows building with libgcrypt 1.11). Commit. Fixes bug #489303
  • Backends/drm: disable triple buffering on NVidia. Commit. Fixes bug #487833
  • Don't assert on null output. Commit.
  • Quicktiling: Reset layout when last quicktile ceases to exist. Commit. Fixes bug #465937
  • Wayland: Bump default max buffer size to 1 MiB. Commit.
  • Plugins/qpa: set deprecated functions option correctly. Commit. See bug #486460
  • Plugins/kdecoration: Fix MenuButton not accepting button press events. Commit. Fixes bug #488993
  • Plugins/colorcorrection: simplify the effect, merge the shader files and support color management. Commit.
  • Opengl: Reset OpenGlContext::currentContext() if it's destroyed. Commit. Fixes bug #488830
  • Window: adhere to window rules in checkWorkspacePosition. Commit. Fixes bug #489117
  • Plugins/hidecursor: show the cursor on tablet events. Commit. Fixes bug #489009
  • Revert " Revert "update version for new release"". Commit.
  • Revert "update version for new release". Commit.
  • 3rdparty: Reformat xcursor.{h,c}. Commit. See bug #489241
  • Utils: Load Xcursor themes using QFile. Commit. Fixes bug #489241
  • 3rdparty: Drop xcursor write hook. Commit. See bug #489241
  • Plugins/hidecursor: Set minimum to allow disabling hiding cursor on inactivity; set maximum. Commit.
  • WindowHeapDelegate: Label text background. Commit. Fixes bug #483016
  • Plugins/backgroundcontrast,blur: correct support checks. Commit.
  • Opengl/glframebuffer: handle missing support for blits on Wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #484193
  • Opengl: glBufferStorage is not supported on GL ES by default. Commit. See bug #484193
  • Core/renderloop: assume high render times if the last frame has been a while ago. Commit. See bug #488843
  • On applet destroyed go out of configure mode. Commit. Fixes bug #488977
  • Workaround to possible infinite reize loops. Commit. Fixes bug #488974
  • Quick/dialogbackground: Ensure we delete the SVG item. Commit. Fixes bug #486743
  • Create bell.oga symlinked to the existing bell sound. Commit. Fixes bug #489231
  • Create bell.ogg symlink to current bell sound. Commit. Fixes bug #488968
Plasma Desktop
  • [kcm/keyboard] Add missing GENERATE_MOC to kconfig_add_kcfg_files. Commit.
  • Kcms/keyboard: fix width and immutability of layout table headers. Commit. Fixes bug #488957
  • Make panel config tooltips ask for focus after each applet change. Commit. Fixes bug #487640
  • Kcms/access: Bump the minimum cursor magnification factor. Commit. Fixes bug #489333
  • Kcms/access: fix list item highlighting. Commit. Fixes bug #489206
  • Always center "Add Widgets" button on empty panels. Commit. Fixes bug #488789
  • Panel: Fix it not being full-width at a certain width. Commit.
  • Kcms/wifi: Fix toggle not updating the first time. Commit.
  • Envmanager: Ensure KConfigGroup being written to is not derived from const. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Libtaskmanager: improve efficiency when window icon frequently changes. Commit. Fixes bug #487390
  • Do not hide panel settings when a panel-parented dialog takes focus. Commit. Fixes bug #487161
  • Daemon/controllers: Reintroduce a mutex around ddca_open_display2(). Commit. Fixes bug #489169
  • Ddcutildisplay: give some time before changing brightness after the monitor resumes. Commit.
  • Core: reload actions on brightness controller changes. Commit. See bug #482713
System Settings
  • Fix sub-category view remaining visible when moving to a top-level KCM. Commit. Fixes bug #434345