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Plasma 6.1.1 Complete Changelog

  • ApplicationsListPage: move busyIndicator inside container, center it. Commit. Fixes bug #488267
  • Packagekit: Add support for new action info enum values. Commit. Fixes bug #488219
  • KCM: move system updates "apply immediately" radio button into system updates layout. Commit.
Dr Konqi
Plasma Addons
  • Ensure WinPR version matches FreeRDP version. Commit.
  • SessionController: add missing include for flatpak build. Commit.
  • Kcmkrdpserver: if properties change when server settings are open, check server running. Commit. Fixes bug #488360
  • SessionController: instead of using default quit action, implement our own. Commit. Fixes bug #488359. Fixes bug #488362
  • PortalSession: If portal is closed, raise error. Commit.
  • SessionController: remove SNI status; keep it always passive. Commit. Fixes bug #488365
  • Greeter: Fix Shader Wallpaper plugin and possibly others. Commit.
  • Ksldapp: add a signal for when the greeter is (re)started. Commit.
  • Greeter: don't start authenticating during the grace lock time. Commit. Fixes bug #476567
  • Raise required plasma-wayland-procotols minimum version to 1.13. Commit.
  • Opengl/eglcontext: bail out early if we can't use complex shaders. Commit. Fixes bug #482868
  • Scripting: Add a temporary workaround to fix build without global shortcuts. Commit.
  • Scripting: Port gesture handlers to native gesture apis. Commit.
  • Scene: Drop ItemRendererOpenGL::RenderNode::scale. Commit.
  • Tiling: Add fallback path for the first Polonium tile. Commit. Fixes bug #488898
  • Plugins/shakecursor: Harden cursor theme loading logic. Commit.
  • Utils: Fix XCURSOR_PATH envvar parsing. Commit.
  • Plugins/shakecursor: Include high resolution breeze cursor themes. Commit.
  • Utils: Allow specifying XCursor theme search paths. Commit.
  • Plugins/shakecursor: Display default cursor shape. Commit.
  • Make FocusChain ignore closed windows. Commit.
  • Opengl: Remove code that prints gl platform details. Commit. Fixes bug #489000
  • Core/renderloop: also log the predicted render time. Commit.
  • Plugins/screencast: test creating a dmabuf with the real modifier list. Commit.
  • Core/renderloop: log frame statistics into a file. Commit. See bug #488843
  • Plugins/slidingpopups: adopt input panels from when they're added. Commit.
  • Inputpanelv1window: polish window states. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: Fix DrmCrtc::queryCurrentMode() accidentally resetting m_crtc to null. Commit.
  • Plugins/glide: Subdivide window quad grid. Commit. Fixes bug #488840
  • Plugins/zoom: do colorspace conversions between the screen textures. Commit. Fixes bug #488839
  • Add closed window guards in X11Window::doSetXYZ() methods. Commit.
  • Plugins/shakecursor: Ignore animation speed. Commit. Fixes bug #488813
  • Wayland_server: create a new screen locker connection when the greeter gets restarted. Commit.
  • Plugins/eis: Make input capture activation ids unsigned. Commit.
  • Autotests: add Xwayland scale changes to the output changes test. Commit. See bug #487409
  • Workspace: also update xwayland scale when not changing the output order. Commit.
  • Sync xwayland eavesdropping default in kwin.kcfg. Commit.
  • Remove code that updates the focus chain in Window::setSkipTaskbar(). Commit.
  • Get rid of extra string allocations in src/inputmethod.cpp. Commit.
  • Wayland: Fix buffer ref'ing in org_kde_kwin_shadow.commit. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: don't do direct scanout when HDR brightness isn't 1. Commit.
  • Plugins/nightlight: Guard against invalid timings in the config. Commit.
  • Plugins/nightlight: Remove premature optimization in updateTransitionTimings(). Commit.
  • Plugins/screencast: Check compositing type. Commit.
  • Plugins/nightlight: Make Night Light more robust to QTimer firing slightly earlier. Commit.
  • Make Window::closeWindow() noop if the window is already closed. Commit.
  • Also wake up screens on tablet interactions. Commit. Fixes bug #451359
  • Plugins/nightlight: Ensure the target temperature remains within reasonable bounds. Commit.
  • Avoid sending X11 sync request if new logical geometry doesn't change the device geometry. Commit. Fixes bug #488223
  • Autotests: Add a missing mock definition of Xcb::toXNative(QRectF). Commit.
  • Cmake: increase minimum plasma wayland protocols version to 1.13. Commit.
  • Plasma/pluginloader: Repair loading plasmoid plugins on add from explorer. Commit. Fixes bug #488592
  • Don't delete containment if appletDelete is on one of children. Commit.
  • Don't double delete PlasmoidItems. Commit.
  • Init at componentComplete. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Do not hide panel edit mode dialog when Widget Explorer is closed. Commit. See bug #488571
  • Widget Explorer: ask for focus after drag and drop. Commit. Fixes bug #488571
  • Applets/taskmanager: Properly size Task icons. Commit. Fixes bug #488733
  • Read "padding" instead of "margin" of dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #488901
  • [kcms/keyboard] tastenbrett: more correct handling of xkb_keysym_*. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: Fix grid layout for forced multiple rows/columns. Commit. Fixes bug #488702
  • Panel: fix adaptive opacity not reacting to maximized windows. Commit. Fixes bug #488736
  • Use the proper translation domain. Commit.
  • Sddm-theme: Make the thing translatable. Commit.
  • Applets/kickoff: support styled text in label again. Commit.
  • Revert "Moved old wallpaper, added new one, updated previews". Commit.
  • Moved old wallpaper, added new one, updated previews. Commit.
  • FolderView Positioner: fix dragging files across screens. Commit. Fixes bug #481254. Fixes bug #466337
  • Volumeosd: Fix missing import. Commit.
  • Statusbar: Fix volume indicator not being visible. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Fix favourites delegate dragging. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Port away from singletons to support multi-display. Commit.
  • Fix: code error. Commit.
  • Fix: Changing the power settings does not take effect in time. Commit.
  • Add setInitialized(true) after set ipv6 settings. Commit.
  • Force to set ipv6 method to auto. Commit.
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Don't install symlink. Commit.
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • EditablePage: position loading placeholder overlay correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #488044
Plasma Workspace
  • Don't emit appletDeleted 2 times. Commit.
  • Applets/systemtray: Read "padding" instead of "margin" of dialog. Commit. See bug #488901
  • Mapping for mouse events considering transforms. Commit. Fixes bug #488173
  • Enforce formfactor when changing location. Commit. Fixes bug #488174
  • Kcm_regionandlang: fix incorrect paper size example for some locales. Commit. Fixes bug #488083
  • Revert "Moved old wallpaper, added new one, updated previews". Commit.
  • Moved old wallpaper, added new one, updated previews. Commit.
  • Shell/kconf_update: don't remove shortcut added in 6.1. Commit. Fixes bug #488494
  • Revert "applets/systemtray: Fix shortcut activation for hidden applets". Commit.
  • Applets/systemtray: Fix shortcut activation for hidden applets. Commit. Fixes bug #480173
  • Revert "Moved old wallpaper, added new one, updated previews". Commit.
  • Moved old wallpaper, added new one, updated previews. Commit.
  • Fix initial UI state of Battery protection setting. Commit. Fixes bug #488954
  • Daemon: Limit KAuth backlighthelper calls to only one at a time. Commit. Fixes bug #481003. See bug #470106
  • Skip ddcutil initialization when POWERDEVIL_NO_DDCUTIL is set. Commit. See bug #488373
System Settings
  • Remove dup appstream version. Commit.
  • Remove dup appstream version. Commit.
  • InputCapture: Fix retrieving of cursor position out of QVariantMap. Commit.
  • InputCapture: activation_id needs to be unsigned. Commit.