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Plasma 6.0.5 Complete Changelog

  • Flatpak: don't trip over nullptr remotes when installing a flatpakref. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Check specifically installed files when looking up installed ones. Commit. Fixes bug #482518
  • Notifier: Assume online if no QNetworkInformation instance available. Commit.
  • Kns: drop provider part of the url. Commit. Fixes bug #486330
  • Packagekit: return empty license array when unknown. Commit. Fixes bug #486037
  • FwupdBackend: Set user agent from client. Commit. Fixes bug #486726
  • Flatpak: Do not report regressions on transaction progress. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Do not use QIcon to check if an appstream icon exists. Commit.
  • UpdatesPage: Fix invisible delegates taking up space and causing a ghost section header. Commit. Fixes bug #478253
  • UpdatesPage: Port from custom QSortFilterProxyModel subclass to KItemModels. Commit.
Dr Konqi
  • Postman: don't run too often. Commit.
  • Backtracegenerator: refactor process resetting. Commit.
  • Backtracegenerator: don't crash when the debugger crashes. Commit. Fixes bug #485669
  • Coredump/polkit: return early when excavation failed. Commit.
  • Coredump/polkit: put tmpDir on the stack. Commit.
  • Coredump/polkit: don't allow anything that looks like paths as input. Commit.
  • Dumpexcavator: fix dbus timeout handling. Commit.
  • Be more strict in rejecting useless traces. Commit.
Plasma Addons
  • Alternatecalendar: respect numbering system from libicu. Commit. Fixes bug #485373
  • Wallpapers/potd: fix dragging preview image in Qt6.7. Commit.
  • Postpone processing KSycoca to the next event loop cycle. Commit.
  • Output: Use dedicated Rectangle for panel orientation indicator. Commit.
  • Osd: Make dbus-send wait for a reply. Commit.
  • Revert "osd: show main window immediately after the application starts". Commit.
  • Osd: show main window immediately after the application starts. Commit. See bug #482642
  • Osd: fix actions not being applied in OSD. Commit. Fixes bug #482642
  • Handle wl_display_create() failing. Commit.
  • CI: Add missing dependencies. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: adapt the color factors to the target colorspace. Commit. Fixes bug #483801
  • Plugins/screenshot: Snap pixel grid for rectangular screenshots. Commit.
  • Plugins/screenshot: Round texture size. Commit.
  • Compositor_wayland: properly handle moving the cursor plane failing. Commit. Fixes bug #487037
  • Backends/virtual: Fix linux dmabuf feedback. Commit.
  • Backends/wayland: Fix present() because beginFrame() has not been called or failed. Commit.
  • Backends/wayland: Check whether it's possible to create a swapchain with the given format+modifier. Commit. Fixes bug #485496
  • Wayland: Fix security context failing to create a client. Commit.
  • Disconnect Workspace::outputsChanged from InputPanelV1Window when it's closed. Commit.
  • Plugins/screencast: fix damage region position. Commit.
  • Core/renderlayer: don't implicitly truncate width and height of the geometry. Commit. Fixes bug #482987
  • Effect: Fix clip region in AnimationEffect. Commit.
  • Workspace: fix syncing the stacking order with Xorg. Commit. Fixes bug #478556
  • Placementtracker: fix restoring of windows in custom tiles. Commit.
  • Placementtracker: fix quick tiled windows not being restored correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #461886
  • Fix vertically maximized windows sometimes being moved out of the screen. Commit. Fixes bug #476037
  • Placementtracker: fix vertically maximized windows being misplaced. Commit. See bug #476037
  • Dpmsinputeventfilter: Don't wake screens up on warp events. Commit. Fixes bug #480026
  • Backends/drm: Prevent "recently disconnected" screen wakeup more aggressively. Commit. Fixes bug #480026
  • Workspace: don't touch output configs on Xorg. Commit. See bug #477268
  • Backends/drm: fix udev event KWIN_DRM_DEVICES check. Commit.
  • Plugins/screencast: Avoid resetting m_dmabufParams when resizing the stream. Commit.
  • Plugins/zoom: Center cursor on active screen on shortcut. Commit. Fixes bug #435108
  • Plugins/screencast: Use steady clock to generate last sent timestamps. Commit.
  • Plugins/screencast: Make frame throttling less strict. Commit.
  • Plugins/screencast: Reset last sent timestamp when the stream resumes. Commit.
  • Plugins/screenshot: Fix monitor screenshots on x11. Commit.
  • Outputconfigurationstore: don't overwrite output settings with kscreen configs. Commit. Fixes bug #485353
  • Backends/drm: use dumb buffers for the cursor on virtual machines. Commit. Fixes bug #485827
  • Ci: Switch to suse_tumbleweed_qt67. Commit.
  • Scene/workspacescene: don't check direct scanout candidates for a pixmap. Commit. Fixes bug #485639. Fixes bug #485730. Fixes bug #485712. See bug #477016
  • Fall back to breeze_cursors if neither configured nor default can be loaded. Commit.
  • SensorFaceController: Create QQmlEngine for configs at class initialization. Commit.
  • SensorFaceController: use a separate QQmlEngine in createConfigUi. Commit. Fixes bug #483689
  • Fix linecharts and bar charts for small sizes. Commit. Fixes bug #483529
Plasma Desktop
Plasma SDK
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • FaceLoader: use qmlEngine for configEngine. Commit. See bug #483689
  • Applicationstable: Use FirstCellDelegate for the first cell in details table. Commit. Fixes bug #479235
Plasma Workspace
  • Systemmonitor: create configEngine for config items. Commit. See bug #483689
  • Kcm/fonts: use correct signal handlers for UI controls. Commit. See bug #486699
  • Applets/systemtray: Fix wrong icons color in settings window. Commit.
  • Remove nasty processEvents() which led to a crash on exit. Commit.
  • Initialize member vars to avoid using uninitialized values. Commit.
  • Applets/clipboard: Show appropriate placeholder message with no search results. Commit. Fixes bug #486300
  • Kcms/icons: filter out GNOME's Adwaita and High Contrast icon themes. Commit. Fixes bug #486409
  • Applets/kicker: fix potential crash when modifying preferred applications. Commit.
  • Components/calendar: respect numbering system from local language. Commit. See bug #485373
  • Kcmodule: Hide profile load/unload fields if battery profiles are absent. Commit.
  • [osd] Force Plasma styling. Commit. Fixes bug #480254
System Settings
  • Fix subcategory pane opening when exiting search. Commit. Fixes bug #487156