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Plasma 6.0.2 Complete Changelog

  • Remove scrollbar groove completely. Commit.
  • Fix ecm dep version. Commit.
  • Bump version ahead of next release. Commit.
  • Respin 6.0.1 tar. Commit.
  • Don't require a non-existent ECM version. Commit.
  • Fix appstream warnign url-homepage-missing. Commit.
  • Kns: Make sure we don't emit twice the same resource. Commit. Fixes bug #482095
Plasma Addons
  • Runners/converter: start timer in main thread. Commit.
  • Kdeplasma-addons: add Website to metadata to fix appstreamtest. Commit.
  • Fix set_package_properties to the match find_package call. Commit.
  • Include all deprecated functions by default. Commit. Fixes bug #482712
  • Add URL to the appstream metadata. Commit.
  • Move cmake_minimum_required to the top of CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Fix version. Commit.
  • Bump version ahead of new release. Commit.
  • Cmake: Add missing " to unbreak the build. Commit.
  • KCM: Make sure HDR UI elements aren't shown when HDR isn't available. Commit. Fixes bug #482748
  • Plugins/screencast: fix the cursor being offset after changing the scale. Commit.
  • Xkb: fix testing if on keypad. Commit.
  • Wayland: Only send artificial mouse up events for xwayland drags. Commit.
  • Wayland: Only partially revert send pointer leave on drag. Commit.
  • Properly intersect the shape with clipRect. Commit.
  • Core/colorspace: fix ColorDescription comparisons. Commit. Fixes bug #482809
  • Utils/xcbutils: Don't call toXNative with unsigned integer. Commit. Fixes bug #482687
  • Backends/drm: handle dumb buffer target correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #482859
  • Port IdleDetector to QBasicTimer. Commit. See bug #482077
  • Add timeout assert in IdleDetector. Commit. See bug #482077
  • Xdgshellwindow: Always update window position and size along all axes when fully miximizing window. Commit. Fixes bug #482086
  • Fix sending window to all desktops. Commit. Fixes bug #482670
  • Backends/drm: also set legacy gamma after VT switches. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: don't set gamma with legacy unless really necessary. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: ignore ctm support on legacy. Commit. Fixes bug #482143
  • Rename Workspace::updateClientArea as Workspace::rearrange. Commit. See bug #482361
  • Wayland: Fix windows shrinking when output layout changes. Commit. See bug #482361
  • X11window: Skip strict geometry checks in isFullScreenable(). Commit.
  • Xwayland: Use correct key for key release events. Commit.
  • Xwayland: Send to xwayland even when no window is focussed. Commit. Fixes bug #478705
  • ContainmentItem: set correct constraints when wallpaper is ready. Commit. Fixes bug #482267
  • ContainmentItem: report correct isLoading status. Commit.
  • Remove old focus workaround. Commit. Fixes bug #481967
  • Resultsmodel: Read plasma settings for KRunner favorites. Commit. Fixes bug #480750
Plasma Desktop
  • Filter out enter. Commit. Fixes bug #482123
  • Appiumtests: match screenshot to test wallpaper DBus API. Commit.
  • Kcm/keys: fix custom shortcut alignment. Commit. Fixes bug #483169
  • Panel: Don't take keyboard focus when one of its widgets is activated. Commit. Fixes bug #479084. Fixes bug #482653
  • Appiumtests: add test to make sure ShellCorona gives ready signal to KSplash. Commit. See bug #482267
  • Folder Model: Handle invalid URL in desktop file. Commit. Fixes bug #482889
  • Kcms/landingpage: load theme preview image asynchronously. Commit.
  • Rework logic to know who is the first visible results view. Commit. Fixes bug #482736
  • Do not let ConfigOverlay cover the toolbox. Commit. Fixes bug #482218
  • Kcms/mouse: Don't crash when no supported backend is found. Commit. Fixes bug #482048
  • Don't overwrite files in the model positions on drop. Commit. Fixes bug #482302
  • Don't truncate filter name containing parenthesis. Commit. Fixes bug #483350
  • Widgets/mediacontrols: Fix base model reference. Commit.
  • Widgets/mediacontrols: Fix uncentered icon in buttons. Commit.
  • Lookandfeel: Sync with breeze, fix default cursor theme. Commit. Fixes bug #482863
  • Widgets/mediacontrols: Ensure multiplexer does not show. Commit.
  • Revert "volumeosd: Experiment with porting to Plasma.Dialog". Commit.
  • Revert "allow input on dialog". Commit.
  • Allow input on dialog. Commit.
  • Volumeosd: Experiment with porting to Plasma.Dialog. Commit.
  • Envmanager: Set Placement mode for KWin to skip window maximize animation when not in docked mode. Commit.
  • Taskswitcher: Fix navigation panel position when in landscape mode. Commit.
  • Initialstart/time: Fix search box getting unfocused on every key press. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Fix start button behaviour, ensure windows are minimized and it's not triggered in docked mode. Commit. Fixes bug #482870
  • Taskswitcher: Do not show apps marked as "skipSwitcher". Commit.
  • Kwin/convergentwindows: Don't maximize xwaylandvideobridge ghost window. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Improve performance of wallpaper blur, and enable by default. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Prevent items from being added to favourites area if it's full. Commit.
  • Systemdialog: Update to match plasma-workspace implementation, and simplify UI. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Fix deleting delegates from folder not working. Commit.
  • Fix low inertia scrolling with shell flickables. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Fix widget full representation being shown when starting drag and drop. Commit.
  • Homescreens/folio: Delete empty page at end if last delegate is deleted. Commit.
Plasma Nano
  • Move cmake_minimum_required to the top of CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
Plasma Audio Volume Control
Plasma SDK
  • Add homepage here to. Commit.
  • Add URL to the appstream metadata. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Appiumtests: skip touch gesture tests in the CI. Commit.
  • Kcms/wallpaper: check if config ui has saveConfig. Commit.
  • Kcms/wallpaper: format main.qml. Commit.
  • Shell: properly demarshall DBus argument for color. Commit.
  • Libkmpris: always update active player index on rows inserted. Commit. Fixes bug #483027
  • Libkmpris: work around nonstandard players. Commit. Fixes bug #482603
  • [applets/systemtray] Load icons with Plasma palette. Commit. See bug #479712. Fixes bug #482645
  • Applets/battery: hide battery percentage option when no batteries available. Commit. Fixes bug #482089
  • Wallpapers/image: save the last position for slideshow on exit. Commit. Fixes bug #482543
  • PanelView: Remove redundant reading of the same config key. Commit.
  • Fix panels being set to floating by upgrades. Commit.
  • Libkmpris: assert active player always matches active index. Commit. See bug #482756
  • Libkmpris: set active player index to -1 when no player matches active player. Commit. Fixes bug #482756
  • Libkmpris: fix container not being deleted when its identity is empty. Commit.
  • Runners/services: Increase category relevance when service name starts with query. Commit.
  • Libkmpris: prevent an empty icon from being used. Commit. Fixes bug #482908
  • Appiumtests: move kcm tests to their own folder. Commit.
  • Shell: read wallpaper config from plugin instead of local file. Commit. Fixes bug #481741
  • Wallpapers/image: remove unused connection. Commit.
  • Shell: Avoid reserving a screen edge if no surface role has been created yet. Commit. Fixes bug #482399
  • Kcm/regionandlang: fix Setting LANG to C mangles preview strings. Commit. Fixes bug #482234
  • Move cmake_minimum_required to the top of CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Actions/dpms: Ignore turn-off triggers when action is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #481308. Fixes bug #482077
  • Actions/powerprofile: guard against empty profiles list in readProperties. Commit. Fixes bug #483216
  • Check if idle inhibitor is active before blanking the screen. Commit. Fixes bug #482141
  • Make OSD labels translatable. Commit.
  • Move cmake_minimum_required to the top of CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • GlobalShortcuts: Fix shortcut register on session load. Commit.
  • GlobalShortcuts: Load existing shortcuts at session creation. Commit.
  • GlobalShortcuts: Set shortcuts in BindShortcuts. Commit. Fixes bug #474741